Welcome to the unique universe of the Word Guru. If you sincerely desire the truth, you will experience a pleasant oasis of refreshment for soul and spirit through the power and beauty of words. However, those who cannot handle the truth or erroneously insist that their peculiar pseudo-enlightenment eclipses or nullifies that which God has so kindly allowed me to acquire, will experience any of these possible emotions: bewilderment, sorrow, resentment, anger, and hatred. Herein, you can find stimulation, motivation, and enlightenment; you will be subject to the results of my significant study, effort, and dedication to God, honor, ethics, morality, accurate information, historical precedence, and wordcraft professionalism. It is a literary adventure in commentary covering social, political, religious advocacy based on my solid relationship with Jesus, the physical manifestation of God for Man’s eternal welfare, as well as considerable study in biblical literature, history, politics, and business management. I am the sole author of all the material on this site unless I specifically credit another; however, that is rare.

Readers should realize that the call sign, “Word Guru” represents a spiritual and philosophical goal of discipline, reason, common sense, and honorable samurai service unto Jesus for the good of humanity, not an inflated sense of my own literary or philosophical prowess. I am positive that there is an infinite universe of writers with far more talent than I could ever hope to possess.

My commentary springs from a passionate belief that the issues addressed are of significant concern for Christianity and the protection and preservation of American tradition and society. I realize that many readers might experience shock and incredulity upon reading these works because the concepts, known to me for a significant period of study and contemplation, might be totally new and initially difficult to believe. Moreover, it appears that a significant number of those under age 50 have been literally brainwashed for a new mind-set and world view that discounts the importance of morality, rejects the precepts of God as dark-ages tyranny, and have forgotten or have never been taught America’s founding principles that are based on that alleged “dark-ages tyranny”. Therefore, though they are blind to these facts and are in essence, unwitting enemies of American values, most of these new age clones honestly believe they are the patriots and I am the intolerant, bigoted, ignorant, and hateful enemy of 21st century progress, freedom, and equality. Hence, I suggest patience for thoughtful consideration and refrain from speedy judgment. If one wisely allows adequate time for honest evaluation, it often paves the way for new and correct understanding.

I strive to expose the moral, political, and religious deception that is pervasive in our modern culture by boldly presenting my perception of the truth. I target the errant and immoral philosophies and practices of individuals and organizations, but responsibly refrain from vitriol, profanity, or personal debasement and attacks. However, that courtesy is unfortunately utterly foreign to most of those who respond to my critique of their error or moral corruption.

I believe that the basic inherent equality of all men and women requires the rendering of respect for their humanity and their status as the crown jewel of God’s miraculous creations. In addition, I subscribe to the philosophy and exercise of “tough love”. I believe the resort to abrupt, brazen, or intense confrontation is often necessary to open clouded eyes and hearts. Those who have invested significant amount of time in God’s program to cleanse their hearts and lives, and learn proper discernment between good and evil, must diplomatically reprove those who engage in or advocate erroneous or immoral philosophies or activities. But more important, because of the considerable deterioration of our society, we must encourage responsible citizens to engage in greater activism and awaken the latent goodness in others in order to inspire positive contributions to the moral and ethical healing and health of American society.

Please understand my intent: Gays, Muslims, politicians, etc. are basically all people worthy of love and compassion if they so choose it. I have adopted the philosophy of Jesus, who hates the sin, but offers love, compassion, and forgiveness for those trapped in wayward behavior and who desire assistance, forgiveness, or healing. Those who enjoy their perversion, subversion, or crimes and stubbornly refuse compassion or forgiveness only condemn themselves in that they refuse assistance from Jesus or anyone else. By rejecting the God of the universe, they will therefore pay a very unfortunate eternal penalty not found in the desire of Jesus or within my wishes as well.

All opinions expressed in this venue are based on the common sense principles found with the pages of the world’s most profound body of literature, the bible. However, I have a stringent aversion to much of modern church interpretation of that book of life. The established denominations and multitudes of wayward followers have unfortunately twisted biblical truth into misleading ideas and dogmatic rules of repression, intolerance, bigotry, and ultimate death. I fully agree with Thomas Jefferson who, though many from vague and ignorant assumptions accuse of being a Deist, was strongly influenced by the teachings of Jesus, the sound lessons of religious history, and the relevant, poignant social and governmental philosophy of John Locke, a staunch believer in God. Jefferson questioned the full deity of Jesus, yet diligently adhered to His sound biblical guidelines in his work as one of America’s great founding fathers by acknowledging God’s hand and sovereignty in the affairs of Men. However, he was appalled by the established colonial religious leaders like the Anglican Church who corrupted the life-giving water of the bible and seriously abused their power to the detriment of society.

Therefore, though largely unaware of it, Jefferson was the spearhead of God in the struggle to liberate America not only from England’s political and economic tyranny, but from the beastly oppression by religion as well. As a result, we have the wise and essential first amendment to the United States Constitution that prevents the government from establishing a religious monopoly or restricting any free exercise of any religion. Of course, there are those who, beyond reason, stretch the “elasticity” of our founding document, by claiming erroneously that the first amendment separates church and state to the degree that no religious organization may display their activities on government or public property. Or that a nativity scene must not be erected in the park at Christmas. Or that there cannot be prayer in schools, but it nevertheless stands as an essential benchmark for sound government when interpreted in the proper light that the founders intended.

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The Word Guru


I need and desire constructive comments of any kind, for they are a necessary educational and enlightenment process. Please visit the comment section at the bottom of this page and follow the guidelines for legitimate response.


15 Responses to Introduction

  1. Michael E. Herman says:

    “the social issues I address spring from passionate belief that they are significant issues of concern for Christianity and the protection and preservation of American tradition and society.”

    These two items contradict one another. You’re a very confused individual.

    American tradition has always been that of freedom- freedom of religion, freedom of choice, freedom of privacy. You pushing your personal faith on everyone is the exact OPPOSITE of American Tradition. Our nation was founded by pilgrims seeking religious freedom from the persecution of the Church of England. This is why we have the 1st Amendment- to prevent America from becoming what we declared our independence from in 1776.

    You have a lot to learn about US History, and you need to start by putting down your bible- it’s giving you delusions of grandeur.

    • Yes, this reply is so belated that it is nearly posthumous; however, because this type of comment is in such unfortunate current popularity, and for the sake of enlightening future readers, I shall address this wayward soul’s ignorant drivel. It is almost comical that Mr. Herman really believes he has a solid handle on American history. He either has been duped by revisionist historians, or he has not studied the original. Moreover, his flawed critique displays a failure to apply reasonable care while reading my work.

      He claims that Christianity and American founding tradition are opposed to each other. Apparently, Mr. Herman lacks basic English language skills or he conveniently employs blinders to avoid any content that contradicts his erroneous agenda. My article clearly explains why and how Christianity and American founding tradition are closely intertwined. In fact, if one studies Jefferson’s life through his hundreds of existing letter archives, it would be clear that America’s establishment was totally based on the Christian precepts of Jesus of which Mr. Herman obviously has no clue. An excellent paperback that defines Jefferson’s life through his letters is “Thomas Jefferson, an Intimate History” by Fawn Brodie, available on-line for $1.00.

      Herman then levels a preposterous accusation that I “push” my “biblical delusion” that constitutes a first amendment violation. This is a classic I.Q. gap. Excuse me, but the first amendment protects and encourages my right to express my opinion on this blog site. I encourage adherence to honor and ethical Christian conduct, not establishment of a theocracy. I am sure that Mr. Herman, if he had an opportunity to wield heavy-handed power as a government official, would set aside that right to quash my voice. Hmmmm, his version of freedom sounds an awful lot like communism.

      In conclusion, Mr. Herman is typical of far too many modern Americans possessing no clue of American founding history or having proper knowledge of Christianity. Jay Leno incorporates a poignant segment on his program where he interviews random people on the street employing questions about our history. Most of these American citizens cannot correctly answer simple questions about our history or government. Likewise, I believe Mr. Herman is a pawn in the game of liberal media brainwashing, an unwitting student of an errant education system, and a victim of reprehensible examples of pseudo-Christianity as displayed by the wayward Catholic Church that places ostentatious ceremony over practical truth. That extremely influential cult departed from the teachings of Jesus 1,500 years ago. Overall, the church system in America, Protestants included, has lost its way. Its god is money, power, & control, not truth and ethical, proper conduct as Jesus intended.

  2. John says:

    You need to go fucking burn in the “hell” that doesn’t exist, everyone in the world that has the same views as you will be dead soon anyways though.

    • John says:

      Third email? I’ve only commented once, and I’m sorry I was a little angry like many other people (as you can see). But still, your views are really messed up and old. You may think that gays having the right to public marriage would make “God” back lash against us or something, but in reality it wouldn’t affect us in anyway. How would you like it if you were born gay and people like you made you want to commit suicide? Just a thought.

  3. Smart says:

    You need to actually go to a gun shop, buy a shotgun, put it up to your neck and blow a hole in your head. Every single thing you’ve ever said on Twitter or on this site is completely false and ignorant, if there actually was a God he would accept gays. Jesus was also a middle eastern (not white) liberal, who also would’ve accepted gays. You have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about and the 0.00001% of the people who agree with you are all old people that will be dead along with their ancient views soon.

  4. Sunshine says:

    8===D *o*

  5. Tyler says:

    Jerry please do the world a favor and end your ignorant existence from it by jumping off a bridge, your nothing but a bible hugging bigot and a waste of the oxygen you breathe and the skin you live in. With such ignorant moralistic views, may I ask if your married? If yes, how does she put up with you? Does she believe the same ancient beliefs you do? If your not married, then where do you get to judge who can? Your level of ignorance is beyond comprehension, gays deserve as much rights as you or I, to think someone does not deserve the same equalities we do based on what they do in the privacy of their own homes is morally unjust and ethnically wrong. When the reaper comes a knocking, you better pray that your god forgives you for your unjust views on homosexuality.

    • Jerry Clifford says:


      I appreciate that you took the time to place a comment, but it is difficult to grant you any credibility because of your hateful attitude. I oppose immorality and don’t mince words in doing so, but I respect those that I choose to confront. I don’t intimidate them in the manner that you have done in wishing someone’s death because of their views.

      It appears that you, among many gays and supporters of your cause, are classic hypocrites in that you practice the very same things that you accuse your opponents of. You are bigoted because you are intolerant of another’s opinion. You spew hatred in wanting someone dead for their exercise of free speech. You display gross ignorance in your accusations that those like me are ignorant and old fashioned. You are the ignorant one in being blind to the corrupting consequences of sexual immorality shown throughout history and that you are actually the old-fashioned one by resurrecting the sexual perversion of the ancient world that the modern world worked hard to eliminate. Rome, Babylon, the Mayans, and more civilizations fell from within because of an over-abundance of sexual perversion.

      You rant against morality; however, you are totally ignorant of history and politics. All successful nations have been built on a moral standard that provides a continuing healthy society and the prime example is America. Our founding fathers new the importance of morality and they used God’s centuries old standards to craft our bill of rights. All wise leaders have stated that without good moral standards a country cannot last.

      You rage against morality because you have been brainwashed by the 40+ year campaign by the Left to rid our society of God and His moral standards. I am sure that you truly believe that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality, but that is purely because of the Leftist subversion and your willingness to reject God who clearly says that same-sex deviancy is sin. Jesus loves gays as much as straights and He wants them to experience His love, forgiveness, and healing, but they stubbornly refuse. They have sold their souls for a few moments of immoral sexual behavior. Yes, many claim it’s all about love and rights, but that is just a smokescreen. It all boils down to lust and the desire for the freedom to corrupt the normal and natural order of sexual relations and demand legality and social acceptance to ease the deep-down guilty conscience. I urge you to turn to Jesus for forgiveness and healing before it’s too late for you.

      Best regards,
      The Word Guru

  6. Ochotona Princeps says:

    Good lord, you are a pretentious writer. Aside from the typos caused by too much “brain work”, your writing is filled with unnecessary and misused words.

    To break down just one paragraph:

    “I strive to clear away deceptive smokescreens…”

    Smokescreens are inherently deceptive; using both words is awkward.

    “and boldly present my perception of the truth…”

    The “I strive” construction you started this sentence with carries across to both clauses, so this reads as “I strive boldly present my perception of truth.” You need to add another “to” to make the construction parallel. In any event, the phrasing is clunk; a better start would be:

    “I strive to clear away smokescreens. I boldly present my perception of the truth, but diligently refrain from vitriol, profanity, or personal debasement.”

    That connects the ideas you are expressing in a more logical way. Also, “debasement” is typically something someone does to themselves or an institution; “denigration”, or even “personal attacks” or “ad hominem attacks” is the more correct word choice.

    ” I subscribe to the exercise of “tough love…..”

    Idiomatically, one subscribes to schools, beliefs,etc.; native speakers don’t naturally say “I subscribe to the exercise.” Try:

    “I believe that tough love can awaken the goodness in people and inspire them to make positive contributions to the moral and ethical foundations of American society.”

    You’ll note that in that edit I also fixed a typo and replaced the nonsensical use of “solidity.”

    Finally, use the direct, active voice in your writing. Not:

    “It is the errant or immoral philosophy or practices of individuals or groups that I target…”


    “I target errant or immoral practices,…”

    You also use “or” waaaaaaaay to much; decide what you mean, then say it. Trying to cover all your bases with a string of disjunctive clauses just muddies your meaning.

    Your last lines come close to being good writing, just pay attention to word order:

    “….rather than any particular person, for all men and women possess inherent equality [“basic” here adds nothing to the meaning; you are expressing a strong concept on its own] and deserve respect for their humanity [“for the sake of” adds nothing] and as the crown jewel of God’s miraculous creation [the plural here changes the meaning, “creation” fits better with the “crown jewel” construction]”.


    “I strive to clear away smokescreens. I boldly present my perception of the truth, but diligently refrain from vitriol, profanity, or ad hominem attacks. I believe that tough love can awaken the goodness in people and inspire them to make positive contributions to the moral and ethical foundations of American society. I target errant or immoral practices rather than any particular person, for all men and women possess inherent equality and deserve respect for their humanity, and as the crown jewel of God’s miraculous creation.”

    See how much better that is? The problem is that you use twice as many words you need, many of which sound as if you pulled them from the thesaurus at random. You should spend less time worrying about gay people, and more time trying to improve the clarity, precision, and economy of your writing.

    Good luck, and enjoy the islands. I hope your study of the gospel leads you to an understanding that poverty and injustice are far bigger problems than what kind of sex people are having.

    • Jerry Clifford says:

      Thank you for the critique, I will make revisions when time allows; however, it appears that you are either gay or liberal, or likely both; therefore, your rejection of God precludes any cognizance of the crucial importance of morality and ethics (which have their roots in God’s laws) in the health of society and a nation. Homosexuality and gay marriage are among the terribly perverted practices that will corrupt our country and must not be allowed legality and government sanction. Gays, as a minority, have the freedom to do whatever distasteful and nasty thing they want in private, but they must not impinge on the right of the majority to be free of public and legal immorality.

      Best regards,
      The Word Guru

      • phxflyguy says:

        “it appears that you are either gay or liberal, or likely both; therefore, your rejection of God precludes any cognizance of the crucial importance of morality and ethics (which have their roots in God’s laws) in the health of society and a nation.”

        Just FYI, Jesus was, by far, the biggest liberal in all recorded history.

      • Jerry Clifford says:

        You have no clue about Jesus. I could agree that He could be a John Kennedy Liberal, but that is a bit like current conservatism. Today’s liberal is in total opposition to nearly everything Jesus taught. You need to get to know the Lord better.

        Best regards, Jerry

        Jerry Clifford, the Word Guru Powerful persuasive business promotion, special interests advocacy, & social commentary Southwestern America 340-690-3459 Word Guru blog site: Social & spiritual commentary, short stories, and poetry. Word Guru Advertising & Political/Social Advocacy: Click here:!/WordGuru Facebook Click here:

  7. YankInSlough says:

    Typo in the first sentence of “Introduction”. Should be “… power and beauty OF words.” That said, I like your take on things. More later.

    • Jerry Clifford says:

      Hey, thanx much for the heads-up on the “of” omission. I do so much brain work that things like that get missed sometimes.

      Best regards, Jerry Jerry Clifford

      8525 Lindberg Bay, Unit 12 St. Thomas, VI 00802 340-690-3459 direct 340-776-2357 Main office 340-775-7400 Fax

  8. Pamela Hobbs says:

    You rock my friend.

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