Allah, be with Us?

Important note: prior to absorbing this post, I recommend perusing my introduction page for a proper preface of my diplomatic advocacy mission.

Allah certainly appears to be with us. And if my observations are correct, He is represented by the Islamic faithful who have found positions of power and influence in all segments of our society and government. In addition, a rapidly growing number of adherents own and operate a significant number of little neighborhood food stores, gas stations, and numerous other enterprises we often patronize. Moreover, not only do we coexist with these indirect visible bastions of ethnicity, we now face an even larger influential presence in the form of sizable real estate projects that directly display the Muslim religion such as the proposed construction of a Mosque at New York’s hallowed ground zero site and another in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, near Nashville.


A heated face-off between Murfreesboro residents (mostly staunch Christians) and the Muslim leaders raises significant questions about ethnic / religious tolerance and even a down-to-prime inquiry into God’s true identity. Is he Christian or Muslim? He might be a hybrid of the two or do I dare mention a third possibility that he has Jewish blood, oh, and maybe he’s part Hindu or any number of other global possibilities. It is a fundamental piece of the intricate puzzle in progress; therefore, I will address it later in this article.


The immediate pressing concern is social welfare, religious freedom, prejudice, political policy, and survival of American tradition – social welfare because of instability caused by protests against Muslim community intentions, and religious freedom because of the intensity of the protests. Prejudice is dictionary defined as: “a partiality that prevents objective consideration of an issue or situation”. How we earthlings thrive on that often distasteful attribute. The word “prejudice” has little to do with animosity; it is basically an exclusionary process. However, in common usage it has become associated with emotions as deep as hatred with which we are so agonizingly familiar because of this country’s necessary struggle over the deserved civil rights of the Black community. And finally, political policies are in jeopardy and American traditions are threatened as a result of these community debates along with the ensuing socio-religious conflicts.


My parents, as Liberal Californians, reared me without apparent racial, religious, or ethnic bias though I realize that, after more than 50 decades of life here on earth, I, my parents, and most people have some degree of slant against something or someone for myriad reasons, good or bad. It is simply human nature to hold preferences, though it is obvious that often those preferences assume unethical proportions.


I like to think of myself as living in freedom from, and harboring no unwarranted prejudice or animosities, but it frightens me to consider that I might be a closet partisan when it comes to this unique problem of the growing relentless tide of Islamic influence. It would be diametrically opposed to my philosophy, desires, and lifestyle, but my current introspection, of which I am often inclined to exercise, was sparked by the Tennessee Mosque controversy news report, 18 June 2010, on ABC World News tonight with Diane Sawyer and the ongoing heated debate over the Ground zero construction site.

These projects are but two of many proposed and existing Mosques in America and worldwide. Intrinsically, these structures, though architecturally inappropriate with the surrounding community, are essentially benign. It is the zealous philosophy of Islam and the intense, determined global expansion evangelism found within the rug-strewn interior that triggers the alarm. The planned 52,000 SF residential area complex includes a pool, gym, school, and of course, a soccer field and supposedly met all of the necessary zoning rules and building plan requirements; therefore, the Muslims, even with the county review board’s approval possibly based on fear of the appearance of transgression of the law prohibiting religious bias in the decision process, may legally proceed with construction of the facility. But, upon hearing the details, suddenly all of the voluminous history of belligerent Islamic action cascaded in upon me. I was grudgingly provoked towards regretful negative feelings against Muslims – not a desirable knee-jerk reaction, yet one of widespread and escalating occurrence in American society.


This Gordian scenario begets serious thought for the direction of American social and governmental policy in in this extremist Muslim terrorist era. These Mosque projects, coupled with the ubiquitous Middle Eastern ethnic presence in our business lives and general society have given rise to hefty consternation in an ever increasing segment of our population. Are we on the precipice of a serious ethnic backlash and a regretful regression from the advances of social tolerance? Are we, as a nation, bound for an official reversal of our historical melting pot tradition? Or have we reached the threshold of cultural subversion and submission to a foreign ideology fully permeating every aspect of our traditional lifestyle?


As for policy, the United States, though unfortunately established on precious land allegedly stolen from the Native Americans, was built by diverse cultures and has for nearly 200 years stood as a firm beacon for freedom and welcome for all nationalities and religions. It should be noted that the Christian religion was a dominant formative factor and, though not adopted (and rightly so) as the official State creed, was a significant factor in the formulation of this Union. The Founding Fathers were adamant about preventing the debilitating European disease known as State Religion and curbing the power and influence of any religious entity.

Now, that is not to say that because God, as defined by, and referred to, by the many branches of the Christian faith, was a prime formative element, that we Americans should preclude or prevent other beliefs from enjoying the benefits of life in this country. What I do suggest is that we rethink the situation in the light of our homeland’s great peril at the hands of a world-encompassing ideology representing itself as a religion that harbors a significant portion of adherents bent on destruction of our way of life. Iranian Muslim radicals brand us as the great Satan. Al-Qaeda, the Taliban and other Islamic whackos vow our demise. The Palestinians hate us because we justifiably support Israel. With the overwhelming tide of revolutionary faction Middle Eastern sentiment against us, how should the average American citizen and their Congressional Representatives respond in thought, legislation, and action? Furthermore, why should average Muslims be outraged at the increasing prejudicial attitude of Americans?

I must preface my remarks with a disclaimer: although I cast a jaundiced eye at Islamic intentions, I do not condone any anti-Muslim sentiments that would lead to hatred or violence against the Islamic community. I am not specifically anti-Muslim purely for primal prejudice against persons or things foreign. I am prejudiced against blackmail, immaturity, foolishness, insolence, ignorance, dual-standards, flagrant public displays of religious or ethnic contrast in dress or rituals, religious fanaticism, deception, and terrorism that Islam displays world-wide. As a Christian, I greatly desire harmony with everyone, but as Jesus said, we need to be “wise as serpents, but harmless as doves”. We need to act prudently in this potentially volatile atmosphere. However, those things that I’m against appear to be what Muslims are perpetrating actively or simply by default, which realistically is equally distasteful.

Nevertheless, I do urge both sides to seriously consider why each party reacts as they do. After far too much violence and murder throughout the world, mainly directed against the U.S. and her allies’ interests, fomented by the Muslim terrorists, why should Americans NOT react negatively towards anything that represents that terror threat? Notwithstanding, we should always remember that, although the devastation is monumental, it is appears basically a minority, though a sizable one, of the Islamic faithful that are perpetrators of these heinous acts. If that is true then, why is it that we should resist Muslim ventures such as the Tennessee or New York Mosque?

I believe the answer is intertwined with the well-known quote by the English philosopher Edmund Burke who so pointedly quipped, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” The mainstream Muslim world appears to do absolutely nothing to repudiate the radicals of their faith. If they would at least bravely speak out in public forum against the violence, most of us would embrace some measure of respect for them. In addition, for the sake of their reputation, they should undertake far more than verbal rebuke, they should be up in arms against the shameful stain upon their creed. Why do they refrain from this noble cause? Are the mainstream, non-violent followers of Mohammed pitiful hostages of the hard-core Islamist fascists? That is quite possible. There are continual reports from media representatives who, unlike the mainstream media, are dedicated to truth and full disclosure in journalism, that the leadership within these mosques preach vehemently against our government and American tradition. They even raise funding for terrorists abroad who hold little regard for who they maim or kill in pursuit of their myopic and fierce revolutionary goals. Are the average everyday Muslims, desirous of the advantages of U.S. life, but steeped in the cowardly fashion of battle against all things American and pro-Israeli, simply blind to the basic creed of Islamic global aggression, or are they subterranean supporters and admirers of the “heroic freedom fighters”?

There is no ground here for grey areas. This is black and white territory. The Biblical axiom, “He who is not for us, is against us” holds considerable relevance because if mainstream Muslims cannot or will not make a stand against their extremist factions they are as guilty as the terrorists and therefore should be afforded no eligibility for religious freedom. In this stressful era it is not allowable to hide behind a façade of ambiguity. Either take action to denounce and eradicate the violent elements or join them in their demonic endeavor! For our cherished way of life, the later speculation, if it has any foundation in reality, represents ominous storm clouds approaching on the horizon. Moreover, excusing Islamic violence because of the misconception that it’s not Islam, but only the twisted actions of a few is a terribly disingenuous argument because all the power is based in the Muslim leadership who support and encourage the malicious actions of the dominant and extremely dangerous “few”. It matters not how sincere and innocent the majority may be when the minority defines the game. Mainstream Muslims chanting the tired mantra of discrimination only adds insult to injury, for their hollow tantrums effectively serve to enhance the foundation for eventual oppression of all our citizens if Islam gains dominance and the Muslims establish Sharia law for subjugation of all Americans. Women must be especially aware of their targeted status as slaves to Muslim men. Furthermore, to seriously compound the problem, it is miserably disconcerting to realize that most Americans are completely blind to this serious threat to our way of life. They believe it to be, in the simplistic view, merely a First Amendment freedom of religion issue or with others, it is suspect as a “James Bond” conspiracy theory fantasy. We must somehow awake to the absolute possibility of this internal corruption and assimilation of Western society. One only needs to look at Europe where Islam has a strangulation hold on those countries.

Let us thoroughly consider the whirlwind issues swirling around this insidious looming maelstrom. Because one major aspect of our terrorist affliction is our proper and necessary support of Israel, we should consider the significant history between Muslins and Jews. There is no way, in this work, to recount the voluminous cause and effect record of the mistakes, confrontations, conflicts, and war concerning these two Nations and religions spanning nearly six thousand years. However, it should be flatly accepted that political, social, and religious bastions built in that protracted period of time are solidly entrenched in bedrock. Therefore, resolution of that age old struggle is likely unattainable in our lifetime. Our serious and diligent efforts must be fully engaged in the crafting of effective strategy to counteract the caustic residue left in the wake of the six millennium war.

The New York ground zero project is of utmost importance in the complex quandary of formulating a prudent response and policy formation. The proposed Mosque will occupy the hallowed ground of far too much blood shed by innocent Americans as a result of Islamic insurgency and Jihadist violence. I believe it to be an egregious insult to our country and especially reprehensible to the survivors of 9/11 and the families of the victims needlessly slaughtered in the barbarous carnage. Moreover, the haughty attitude of the Islamic project developers in justifying their abomination amounts to gross insolence beyond tolerable limits. No matter how currently legal this proposal may be, no permission should be granted for construction! Yes, this violates the law, but such pungent and revolting precedence will be established that prohibitive action is absolutely necessary to protect our future.

We, unfortunately, are caught in a snare of our own device. If we prohibit the building of this Muslim Shrine on hallowed ground, we face an onslaught of protest from the global Islamic community, miscellaneous rights activists, and, of course, the inevitable morass of legal challenges to that action. In addition, the U.S. will face embarrassing worldwide denunciation for reneging on its basic freedom creed, and furthermore must brace itself for the possible resultant escalation of terror campaigns. Conversely, if we allow the offending edifice to desecrate the sanctified soil of ground zero, we are shackled like unfortunate extremist held hostages to the catch 22 conundrum of what is morally right vs. what is amorally legal. It condenses down to this starkly simplistic apparent result: Islam, though overtly claiming otherwise, is covertly pushing hard for dominance!

The Muslim world will revel in the victory of monumental historical renovation. They successfully employed the proverbial wrecking ball to our illustrious twin towers, a first class symbol of American life and business, for the express purpose of belligerently erecting their symbol of life and religion. And for further audacious screw turning, the Mohammedans, from the very heart of global enterprise, will tauntingly flaunt this incongruous shrine as a showcase of Muslim wealth and power before every nation on earth. Their will is to worship on their prayer carpets strewn cavalierly upon the spilled blood of myriad ruthlessly murdered Americans. Their feigned respectful kneeling might as well be outright violent trampling of our collective spirit, soul, and body. God forbid, but if that occurs, we might as well offer posthumous amnesty to Osama Bin Laden and extend the hand of love and acceptance to all his infamous cohorts as well as appoint them to governmental policy making positions complete with exorbitant pay, extensive health benefits, and lucrative investment and retirement plans. Is this what we want? Can we allow any of these chilling or ignominious scenarios? A line must be drawn! Moreover, the Obama administration, from it’s earliest days has rolled out the welcome mat for Islamic infiltration of our government and has laid the groundwork abroad for Muslim aggression.

Gripping our throats is the menacing specter of paralyzing indecision born from the import of such an apparently intractable enigma. We must make a wise and brazen choice in a timely manner in spite of the devastating consequences. No matter what choice is made, there will most certainly be hell to pay. Nevertheless, a decision is essential. I believe that we need to bite the bullet – take the risk of prohibition and endure the ravaging flack of universal criticism, legal conflict, and likely deadly conflict to secure a brighter future. After all, that is exactly what our Founding Fathers faced and endured to gain our prized freedom. Of course, there were differences in the situation, but as the Fathers were, we are challenged by an identical gargantuan risk and an intensely difficult determination of sacrifices and appropriate action. I have listed our current risks, but one must recall the major repercussions that were assuredly in store for the early Colonists if their noble cause failed, not to mention any concurrent reprisals during the events leading to the famed independence declaration.

This Muslim extremist issue is already considerably well acknowledged; however, we have no clue for revelation of how much remains asleep awaiting a rude and monstrous awakening. We now view the tip of the iceberg – the enormous submerged hulk lies as a deadly ninja lurking in the shadows poised for a sudden massive attack. It is a notorious giant IED placed by the world’s roadside! We must act for the essential preservation of our way of life for this generation and all those to come. As an example of how Islamic philosophy differs with dangerous doctrine is the perverted practice of violating their young women’s sex organs to prevent pleasure and therefore possible infidelity. This barbaric ritual is abhorrent. Who knows what other inhuman defilements they will perpetrate in the name of God? We must stand against this criminal behavior and the power behind it!

Yes, this seems to be overly alarmist, fringe-like propaganda rattling forth from a ranting, unheard-of myopic whacko, but what normally accepted method can be effectively employed to sound the clarion wake-up call necessary to jolt an apathetic or ultra-distracted population to awareness? I fully understand how we all are terribly consumed by the complexity of modern daily life: the avid pursuit of business and pleasure, the struggles with problems and people, but I cannot emphasize enough this salient point: that all that we know of today can be irrevocably lost if we fail to recognize the significance of what appears to be simply a religious rights event is in reality the powerful embodiment of a distinct subsurface harbinger of approaching severe weather.

Yes, local New York Muslims may have verbalized their vexation, that helps, but it is basically worthless in the global scenario. Yes, Mayor Bloomberg, America is, as you say, a place for tolerance and openness, but are we tolerant an open to the Muslim terrorists? NO! So then, why must we be tolerant an open to those who could stop the violence, but do nothing in that regard? Again, evil triumphs when good men do nothing! There have been flowery statements claiming the ground zero mosque will promote community welfare and healing, but that is nothing more than deceptive hype and subterfuge for obtaining dubious goals.

We must take a hard look at a stark reality and realize that Islam is a subversive and dangerous ideology like Communism and Fascism, not a religion. Muslim leaders use their pseudo-religion as a foil to abuse our cherished first amendment freedom. Allah is a false god invented by a war-like and corrupt ideologue named Muhammed in the early 7th century. Everything Allah says in the Quran contradicts what the real creator God says in the bible. The Muslim tide, though awash in many “good” people, as a whole, because they turn a deaf ear and close their eyes to the terrorism inflicted by their radical elements have acted as accessory to these crimes. By withholding the exercise of their enormous power and influence that they could wield against their evil minority, they are guilty of collusion. Our criminal elements often find themselves charged with this violation of U.S. law. Moreover, it is terribly tragic for the good element to be framed as equal to the radicals and as well, it is completely unjust for everyday peaceful Muslims to suffer the stigma of association because their leadership fails to stand and act against the violence, but it appears that they, by default, have made that choice. They publicly decry bias against them, but have failed to place adequate pressure on their leaders for a solution. Hence, because of this negligence, or in some cases devious connivance, the entire Muslim faith must, for our national security, be held accountable and viewed with respectful suspicion. Therefore, they should not be afforded our cherished American tolerance and openness until they prove worthy by cleaning their own house of all radical factions!

For the majority of Americans, it is extremely difficult to determine the truth of the controversy set forth above, or to effectively consider, or create prudent countermeasures to the ongoing and seemingly unsolvable Middle Eastern and Islamic influence conundrum. But in conclusion, I vigorously suggest that we as a nation must decide upon a comprehensive policy that will protect us against this new age epidemic of radical Islamic insurgency that could likely severely cripple our culture or quite possibly destroy us entirely if we do not act appropriately to the sinister siege laid against us. It will likely require bold tactics in contrast to our treasured customs; however, when menacingly confronted by those with no respect for law, order, and cherished American traditions, it may be that, for pure survival, it is essential that we adopt special rules outside of our standard legal principles. May the Christian God (Whom I believe in and adhere to) help us resolve this crisis for the welfare of all nations, and religions.

I believe God is real, fully embodied in Jesus. And that He is scornful of religion as man’s futile attempt at justification with Him by selfishness and gross error! I make every effort to question all pontifications of organized religions(real or false) and to examine and purge them in the bounteous light of all that Jesus taught. Religion, for centuries, has been a prime cause of, or reason for myriad murderous and barbaric acts of man perpetrated in the name of God and Islam is the leader of the pack in this regard. It is time for realism with our Creator, awakening to the real danger, and reversing the Islamic subversion of America!

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For truth, justice, God’s morality, honor, and the original American way,
The Word Guru

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    • Thank you Mose, I really appreciate that you took the time to comment. I have been out of the loop for a short time because we were hit partially by hurricane Earl here on St. Thomas, so there is a lot of clean-up & repairs to do. I should be back to writing in a week or two. Where do you live?
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