“Islam in Two Americas”, a cultural dilemma. Comments on Ross Douthat’s NYT article

My reply to New York Times op-ed columnist Ross Douthat’s article: “Islam in Two Americas”

Ross, you are spot on with your evaluation of the reality of two Americas that make us who we are. Thomas Jefferson and his colleagues are applauding your brazen public reminder.

This country has always been one of tension between our cherished and timeless constitutional ideology and our cultural pressure upon newcomers for conformity to the realistic traditional American lifestyle based upon our ideology. You are quite correct in directing readers toward accepting the concept that America needs cultural solidity, not fragmented and confusing mindless diversity just for the sake of variety. There needs to be a standard by which all must conform and abide.

Some of the comments from Muslims in disagreement with you were heart-wrenching and almost drew my sympathy, but I quickly re-aligned my thoughts with the knowledge of that ploy as extremely deceptive appeals to naive emotion. The people contesting your evaluation need either to leave this country or somehow accept the truth of life here. Most Muslims have no clue of the backroom Islamic goal of world unification under one religion – Muslim, of course. They are totally blind to the historical and present day examples of Islamic ideological and physical aggression. They will not believe that the terrorists are the covert military wing of the overall subversive Muslim plan for world domination. Islam is a stringent ideology using a religious façade for appearances of legitimacy and leverage for abusing constitutional protections.

When Islam finally gains control of America women will be subjugated and other freedoms will be curtailed or eliminated. Christians will be persecuted and eventually, if remaining in America, exterminated. Moreover, it will then be a simple matter to “drive Israel into the sea” and remove all American troops from all countries of their choice. Once the U.S., “the great satan”, is united under Islamic rule, the entire world will fall easily to their empire. The beast of bible prophesy is revealed.

Best regards,
Jerry Clifford, the Word Guru
Read Ross’s common sense article at: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/16/opinion/16douthat.html

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One Response to “Islam in Two Americas”, a cultural dilemma. Comments on Ross Douthat’s NYT article

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