Islamic Threat Details

The following was an in-depth and detailed Islamic deception comment on an article on Pam Geller’s excellent Atlas Shrugs website:

From: Jew Lover
To: Ms. Pamela Geller at
Cc: World
Subject: Islamic World Domination Threat
Date: 10 Mar 2011

Dear Ms. Geller:

Political correctness (PC) has turned well-intentioned but misguided language usage into a death sentence. Words are chosen for their specific meaning to convey a particular message. PC has required parties to infer meaning from words unspoken and has eliminated one of human’s greatest strengths – language. Language without meaning is useless. Evil is not good, and wrong is not right. Women saying “No” to sexual advances don’t mean “Yes.”

Truth should never be hate speech even if it is hateful. For protected groups unencumbered by PC, should we not believe Muslims when they call us, per their Koran: diseased (2:10), evil (2:99), deaf dumb and blind (2:171), can’t be our friends (3:28), are our enemies (4:101), losers (5:53), pigs and apes (5:60), evil (5:59), worst beasts (8:55), filthy (9:28), perverts (9:30), and the vilest of creatures (98:51)?

The American saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me” is wrong concerning Muslims. Names will not only hurt us, names will result in our deaths. As will cartoons and thousands of other non-violent acts. Tens of millions of people, over 1400 years, have been slaughtered by the sword (Jihad) made valid through the pen (Koran). We have been killed solely because we chose to believe differently while Muslims have killed us in accordance with Mohammed, Koran, Hadith, and Sira.

If we are not to believe Muslims’ words, should we not believe their actions against us? Muslims are allowed or required to do the following against us non-Muslims (Infidels) per Mohammed, Koran, Hadith, and Sira: Pre-Pubescent Child Rape (65:4), Sex Slaves (4:24), Rape (24:13), Amputation and Crucifixion (5:33), Beheading (8:12, 47:4), Wives Beating (4:34) and Wives Raping (2:223), Theft and Robbery (entire Chapter 8 of Koran called Booty), Extortion (9:29), Lying (3:28, 5:51), Stoning to Death for Adultery (Sahih Muslim 17.4206),..etc.

Should we not examine Mohammed, an “excellent example of conduct” for Muslims (Qur’an 33:21) when as a 54-year old man (Mohammed) he raped a 9-year old girl (Aisha)? Should we not look closely at Mohammed who helped behead hundreds of captive Jews in one day in 628 A.D. in Medina, Saudi Arabia, including young boys for the capital offense of having public hairs? Should we ignore Islam because it calls itself a religion, even though it allows activities that the FBI says are felonies?

Is the FBI wrong when they say the following acts are serious felonies under 21st Century Western Law deserving of punishment?:
Are Muslims right when they say the following acts are allowed in Islam today based on 7th Century Shariah Law?

The FBI says homicide is a crime, Islam says it’s OK (2:191, 8:12, 9:5, 9:111, 47:4).The FBI says robbery, burglary, larceny/theft are crimes, Islam says it’s OK (Koran – Entire Chapter 8 called Booty).The FBI says rape is a crime, Islam allows pre-pubescent child rape (65:4), Gang Rape (24:13), Sex Slaves (4:24).The FBI says motor vehicle theft is a crime, during Mo’s time, they didn’t have cars, they just stole women, boys, men, camels, etc.

Moral relativists and multiculturalists often say, “Who are we to judge?”
If we DO NOT JUDGE, then it is impossible for good and evil, love and hate, right and wrong to exist.
We MUST JUDGE to know good from evil, love from hate, and right from wrong.

Is hatred of vegetables, fruits, and foods that can do us no harm a “hate crime?”
Is hatred of a food (peanut allergy) that can kill us a “hate crime?”
Is hatred of a Islam that allows Muslims to harm, torture, rape, enslave, or kill us a “hate crime?”
Why would hatred of something that can do us no harm be OK yet hatred of something that can kill us be a hate crime?

Are minorities guilty of hate crimes for hating the KKK? Are minorities KKKphobic?
Are Jews guilty of hate crimes for hating Nazism? Are Jews Naziphobic?
Are Infidels guilty of hate crimes for hating Islam? Are Infidels Islamaphobic?
are Muslims guilty of hate crimes for hating Infidels? Are Muslims Infidelaphobic?

Finally, The deadliest Muslims are those who appear to be the most innocuous. Before terrorists commit atrocities, they do their very best to fit in, becoming model citizens that everyone admires.

Mohammed Atta and other 9/11 hijackers were law-abiding, outstanding citizens up to Sept. 11th when they changed in an instant revealing their true intentions that were so marvelously disguised.

Atta and Jarah were filmed in Afghanistan on Jan. 18th, 2000 while Clinton was President giving their last will and testament, for the well-planned 9/11 which was to come 20 months later.Jara was smiling ear-to-ear during his last will and testament as they were both about to get 72 hymen-regenerating virgins in heaven as THE ONLY GUARANTEED WAY TO GET TO HEAVEN FOR MUSLIMS IS TO KILL INFIDELS (Koran 9:111).

Actor James Wood (MIT graduate) mentioned to authorities a week before 9/11 suspicious behavior of a 9/11 dry run, but “authorities” just said, don’t worry, be happy.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to print/copy/distribute as you’d like.

Jew Lover from posted WITHOUT permission from Human Rights Leader Pamela Geller of

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