Islam desperate for Past Glory

This article was found as a comment on Pam Geller’s excellent website, “Atlas Shrugs”:

Frank wrote:

Islam seems to inculcate into its believers a sense of entitlement, as well as delusions of grandeur and persecution. There is a paranoid (delusions of grandeur and delusions of persecution) aspect to the culture.

Many Muslims look to recreate a past glory, such as the Caliphate. Arnold Toynbee, in his Study of History, notes that such an obsession with past glory is a sign of a dying culture. Civilizations that are dying no longer create new ideas, nor tolerate new ideas and opinions, and elites in them are very likely to persecute and kill anyone who questions the culture. Such civilizations become stagnant, repressive, as they seek to recreate the past by force.

The Muslim Mideast cannot feed itself, has no world class secular education system, does not export any creative technology, and is about about to slam into the wall of economic reality. Rising food prices (worldwide, largely due to increased demand from a more affluent Asia) may bring famine to the region.

If there is a country that serves as a model for the future in the Muslim Mideast, it is Israel. The people in Israel have done very well in creating a wealth producing society of the first order-largely due to high-tech. It is a Jewish state with a secular government. In every way, the Muslim world, especially the Arab Mideast, should be looking to Israel for their future survival. Instead many Muslims want to destroy Israel.

Muslim culture produces nothing, but it does spit hate and sneer at Unbelievers. Soon Mideast and North African Muslims will be demanding the Unbelievers feed them while they blame their food plight on the Jews.

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