The Raw and Vulgar Truth Behind the LGBT Crusade

The LGBT crusaders for gay marriage legality and their misguided allies practice widespread reprehensible deception that hides their true motives. They magnanimously, but dishonestly claim that their campaign is all about civil or human rights, love, and equality. They fiendishly brand reasoned and intelligent opposition as bigotry and hatred. They whine about discrimination and feign an innocence that beguiles the unthinking and uninformed. Moreover, it is seriously grievous that they exploit the young who have yet to fully understand our culture, ethics, and history. However, all that meritorious sounding rhetoric is nothing more than a diabolical scheme that hides a subversive campaign to corrupt the moral fabric of our society. Take a hard look at the insidious attitude and mentality of these hate-mongers and sexual terrorists that is the driving force behind the gay siege upon American traditional morality.

After 41 years of study and research of history, politics, and the Christian life coupled with the last 4 years of research and advocacy in the attempt to inform Americans of the threat to our societal fabric from the degrading perversion of homosexuality, I have compiled a list of quotes from LGBT activists who have replied to my writings. The quotations are representative of the far more numerous quips that I have not included. It’s a compendium gallery of insult, mockery, hatred, bigotry, ignorance, atheism, vulgarity, and gross immorality. They have reviled or ridiculed me for my efforts, which is understandable; however, I am not claiming victim status or looking for sympathy here, this is purely an exercise in revelation of the true nature of the LGBT movement. They love, and strive for, a surface appearance of respectability, tolerance, and intelligent advocacy, but once questioned by reasonable opposition and unable to respond with comparable reason, common sense, knowledge, and intelligence, they quickly retaliate using various quite uncivilized and dishonorable personal denigration. I comment publicly and in doing so render myself wide-open to criticism; therefore, I am willing to accept whatever response no matter how derogatory or vile.

One must also realize that during the first 6 months of my research, I sympathized with their plight and wrote several articles championing their right to marriage benefits as long as society does not have to bestow any legitimacy to the LGBT orientation or classify it as marriage. However, I soon realized that the LGBT crowd wanted no part of my suggestions for civil unions that they claimed demeaning as the “segregated restrooms” of the Black civil rights era; therefore, because of their vehement rejection of common sense and experiencing such widespread vile antagonism, I abandoned my support and threw all my weight behind total opposition to their deceptive crusade. Please understand my intent; I do not make this personal. Gays, as part of humanity, are people worthy of love and compassion if they so choose it. I have adopted the philosophy of Jesus, who hates the sin, but offers love, compassion, and forgiveness for those trapped in immoral behavior such as homosexuality, and who desire assistance, forgiveness, or healing. Those who enjoy their perversion, subversion, or crimes and stubbornly refuse compassion or forgiveness only condemn themselves in that they refuse assistance from Jesus or anyone else. By rejecting the God of the universe, they will therefore pay very unfortunate consequences not found in the desire of Jesus or within my wishes as well.

In the numerous response examples set forth at the conclusion of this article, you will clearly see how these people are completely ignorant of how America was founded, and have no clue concerning the 6,000 years of world history of morality and law. They have been thoroughly and unknowingly brainwashed by a leftist/progressive/communist ruling elite with an agenda for eliminating any influence of God in our society and transforming anything immoral into normal, accepted, and legal behavior. These people are so deceived that they actually, without a doubt, believe that God’s morals are wrong – that they are dark-ages evil. They reject the truth that our constitution and bill of rights were formulated according to the moral principles found in the bible; they really feel that sexual immorality is normal and healthy. Moreover, you will have a deep gaze into the depraved heart and mind of those who are attempting, by a scorched-earth policy, to mock and trash Christianity and traditional American moral values in order to establish a Nazi-like regime of perverted sexual conduct that will eventually aid significantly to the corruption of our society. Many prior civilizations like Rome and Babylon have collapsed from the weight of immorality. My aim is to prevent America from experiencing the same calamitous fate. Please review and absorb the following quotes and contemplate the state of our nation, our people, and then take some time to formulate an appropriate response for action on your part for the necessary preservation of America as astutely designed by our founding fathers who were significantly influenced by the moral principles of God.

Moreover, America, by design, is not a theocracy and I am not advocating such foolishness, however, whether one does or does not believe in God, all governments and societies must have solid moral and ethical values to remain healthy, vigorous, and prosperous. Though Jefferson, in the Declaration of Independence, refers to Him as the “Creator”, God’s name does not appear in the constitution for the specific purpose of maintaining a distance from religious oppression. Furthermore, one must not mistakenly interpret the first amendment language as rejection of God’s moral code; it is solely a restraint upon Man’s tendency to establish religious tyranny apart from God’s approval. It is not a prohibition on implementing God’s essential morality in conducting our lives in government, business, or privately. Whether one accepts it or not, the constitution is, though not specifically mentioning God, forged entirely from wise biblical principles.

These Twitter based responses are but the tip of the iceberg gathered during four years of my research. There have been thousands more similar retorts that I have not included, but I will begin with a recent dialogue between “@Brick_AOD” and me:

@Brick_AOD: So your entire argument is based on religion, seem kinda hypocritical coming from someone who doesn’t follow everything “god” said

@Brick_AOD: your argument mentioned god several times, and that in itself ISN’T what america was founded on god had nothing to do with America

Me: U R totally ignorant of American history. Our founding fathers all believed in God’s morality and built America on those precepts If you read “Thomas Jefferson, an intimate history” by Fawn M. Brodie, U would see your error. Link to purchase Brodie’s inexpensive paperback, Thomas Jefferson, an intimate history:

@Brick_AOD: and I’m very sure you have no clue what god wants, ever met the guy ?? Your pathetic hiding your bigotry behind a god

Me: Advocating morality comes nowhere near bigotry.

@Brick_AOD: you are what you hate the most your just a scared little pathetic faggot who want to punish everyone just because you hate youself

Me: Your attempt at Freudian logic is laughable and your obvious hatred disqualifies any legitimacy you might claim. Resorting 2 vulgarity and accusations of bigotry/hatred is clear sign of a twisted immoral mind lacking ability 4 sensible argument

@Brick_AOD: your cute

Me: Well then, have your immoral fun now because after judgment day you will suffer greatly for your poor choice of who to follow

@Brick_AOD: Hey every single one of my 4,703 followers I want you all to know that @wordguru loves cock and thinks sodomy is moral !! #LGBT #bigot <3

@Brick_AOD: @wordguru well shit you only live once why not fill it with immoral choices heavy drinking and casual anal sex with strange men

Another typical Twitter dialogue between @LewHarding666 and me:

@LewHarding666: Its not a gay couple, its a couple. Its not gay marriage, its marriage. Its not gay rights, its HUMAN RIGHTS.

@Wordguru: @LewHarding666 You are so deceived. It must be called “gay” marriage because it totally violates centuries of history and orig America values

@LewHarding666: @wordguru i do not care, its still marriage, if two black people got married should we call it ‘black marriage’? No! Its just marriage

@Wordguru: @LewHarding666 U R so ignorant. A Black man and a Black woman marrying is traditional marriage which for centuries has been defined as M/F only

@LewHarding666: @wordguru there is called frog marriage or pig marriage but at the end of the day its STILL MARRIAGE SO SHUT THE FUCK UP

@Wordguru: @LewHarding666 #Gay #marriage not about human rights; it’s a deplorable deception 2 promote sexual perversion: #LGBT

@LewHarding666: @wordguru how the fuck is being for gay marriage being ‘vile’?!?! You should be ashamed of yourself, everyone is human! Karma!!!

@LewHarding666: @wordguru well god loves everyone, and who gives a fuck what god thinks, he aint real, and how will gay marriage destroy america?! Retard

@Wordguru: @LewHarding666 Your ignorant and vulgar ranting prove the immorality and evil of your cause. Congratulations !!

@LewHarding666: @Wordguru so what, anyway God does not exist.

@Wordguru: @LewHarding666 Do you have proof that God does not exist? You are just a selfish rebel against any moral standards-dangerous to society

@LewHarding666: @wordguru btw gay people will one day take over this world and the first thing we will do is eliminate god

@Wordguru: @LewHarding666 So are you #gay, or just a deceived supporter of their immoral deception?

@LewHarding666: @wordguru no im gay and this isnt a joke. Gay people are humans, we all deserve the same equality and respect. God is WORDS, I WANT PROOF

@Wordguru: @LewHarding666, #Gays deserve respect as humans, but they demand rights that have never, in 5,000 years, been included in “human rights” def

@LewHarding666: @wordguru well the time is now

@LewHarding666: @wordguru i really couldnt care, WE WILL ONE DAY

Random Twitter responses:

@JerryIsSecute: @wordguru since when was you the boss of my twitter? Never, so shut the fuck up irrelevant cunt.

@JerryIsSecute: @wordguru and I must be doing something right with my twitter because I have 1600 more followers than you bitch.

@JerryIsSecute: @wordguru haha fuck you whore. your tweeting me like I actually care what your saying

@KasandoraRusu: If you have something against gay marriage and you support the denial of someone’s partners basic civil rights, fuck you.

harry supports gay marriage that doesn’t mean he’s gay i support animal rights do i look like a fucking alpaca to u

Anyone in the mood to lock horns with a hateful, homophobic Jesus Freak tryna force himself on the whole planet?#SpiritualRapist @wordguru

Dude love is love, natural is fake and overrated If two people love each other, it doesn’t matter what’s down below

How is two people loving each other dangerous? What are they going to do, kill us all with their emotions

It’s basically the same as heterosexual sex just with different gender parts. It’s not exactly going to corrupt society

And you’ve been brainwashed by religious incorrectness and bigoted preachers

Denying people their rights is immoral.

it’s time for small minded people such as yourself to fill the closets that gays are coming out of!

@WordGuru it’s sad that your marriage is so fragile that mine might collapse it.

I was just tweet-messaged by a religious fellow who charmingly equates gay sex with bestiality. :( @WordGuru

Sigh! This is not an ‘important work’ it is the ramblings of a bigot who is unable to reconcile reality with his preconceptions.

in fact you’re just another right wing nutter, so I won’t waste any more time on you. Remain sad, frightened and impotent. Adios!

@WordGuru Kindly keep your crap to yourself #annoyedwiththejudgemental. Seriously.

my God loves. You worship one that has forgotten how to.

@WordGuru This guy is just full of hate and fear. I almost feel sorry for him. But no, not worth the effort.

@WordGuru what is gay immorality? Being attracted to, loving, trying to make a life with someone you care for? Caring for your children?

@WordGuru Those who fail to defend human rights, you give your tacit approval to this: Killing of lesbian a hate crime

@WordGuru Mate, just admit it. You are a bigot. Only you can change that.

@WordGuru Did your school expel you when they found out you were straight? Did you cry a lot? How did you manage to survive?

@WordGuru So when did you ‘come out’ as straight? Was it difficult? How did your parents take it? Did your friends stand by you?

@WordGuru …and that their civiland human rights are being trashed because MAWM-WASPs like you fear them – quite unneccesarily.

You claimed to me days ago to be on the side of #LGBT. You are not. You’re a #bigot & probably #gay yourself. @WordGuru

Wow, you seem to tweet more often about #LGBT than the actual gay community does! Are you SURE you aren’t hiding anything? @WordGuru

Writers & self-proclaimed artists like @wordguru perplex me when they are so vehemently against rights for #LGBT. A #Bigot Artist = oxymoron

@Barkingskwerl @randallr01 @WordGuru Fuck tradition. #NoH8

Tradition does not equal correctness. Slavery was tradition. Selling women was tradition. Burning “witches” was tradition. #lgbt @WordGuru

@WordGuru I don’t know, I have better things to do with my time than read the vitriolic rants of a hopeless bigot.

I disagree, @WordGuru. Tweeting about love is never wasted energy.

@WordGuru and 1 other thing noh8 is a gr8 campaign changing pples lives, y waste ur energy hating and ps hate is UGLY!

@WordGuru you’re an ignorant fool

@WordGuru how? What makes gay immoral?

#Ignorance gets you nowhere. @WordGuru.

Bla bla bla bla; you ignore trends & facts. Please, remain on twitter for a few years so I can laugh in your face. #LGBT @WordGuru

@WordGuru A real marriage survives bigotry and fear of others. Stay out of other people’s bedrooms and lives & focus on your own :)

@WordGuru You don’t know what freedom is. We’ve never had true freedom. People like you have made sure of that. #TheOwners #HatewontWin

@WordGuru My life revolves around the debate for gay marriage. People like YOU who think I am less, make me sick. Run along loser. #LGBT

@WordGuru To think you are doing great work to promote civil unions, laughable. #LGBT

@WordGuru You are a bigot. I bet you love little boys!

we both know youre afraid of gay marriage b.c, should it become legal, you’ll be able to indulge your own gay fantasies.

@WordGuru <————————– .Makes Glenn Beck look like a genius..#moron

@WordGuru is not gonna be swayed by thoughtful arguments. he answers to a higher power: hate.

@WordGuru But more importantly, how does something as basic & simple as giving gays the right to marry who they love affect you?

@WordGuru Nobody’s going to run up and sodomize you just because gay marriage/civil unions become legal.

@WordGuru Because all the sinner’s can’t handle their own sins so they choose to pick out unimportant things in the bible. Grow up.

Courtesy of @WordGuru: have a read of one of the silliest arguments against #gay #marriage: ever written.

@WordGuru You already must live with it, you moron. Gays aren’t going away. Get used to it.

@WordGuru You have no evidence of any of your claims, you spout bigoted homophobic propaganda and you are not anti-gay?.. Fuck You

With respect: @WordGuru saying one group deserves #rights more then another defeats the whole idea of #equality for all. you’re a hypocrite

@WordGuru shut up moron. Stop hiding behind your bible

@WordGuru by labeling others as deviant and denying legitimacy, you are in action, defining intolerance.

@WordGuru My morality is probably more sound than yours, being not a bigoted moron. As for not believing in idiotic fairy tales, well…

@WordGuru The only foolishness I see is in your timeline. You’re just a bitter, ignorant clown. Nothing more. You’re pathetic.

@WarriorBanker is this @wordguru for real? I bet he is secretly gay and regrets not majoring in English.

@WordGuru Miss Clifford. Some more “don’ts” for you: Don’t read retweets as endorsements. Don’t get all precious, & don’t be such a bitch.

@WordGuru You’re kind of an unreconstructed moron. Don’t Tweet to me. I do not brook hate speech. Go be a bigot somewhere else.

me too!! sodomy_bot: I love sodomy! RT @ShinjitsBakudan: @WordGuru Nobody’s going to run up and sodomize you jus…

@WordGuru Well spoken & oft repeated babble of the deluded. Good job, slave.

@WordGuru No thanks. What you describe is impossible unless we lose all personality. If god existed, I wouldn’t want anything to do w/him.

“Americas cherished moral values?” Whose? Irish-American? African-American? Latino? Chinese-American? …. Buddhist? Catholic? Protestant….? Stop hiding behind meaningless generalizations. My values aren’t yours and they don’t have to be. Despite your mellow tone, you are just a racist bigot.

@WordGuru I contend that you, your hateful religion, and the forged scriptures which forms the basis of your deluded beliefs are immoral.

@WordGuru You mean not “bully coercision/deception” like the religious have been doing to deny those rights? We’re better than that.

Fun fact: ironic that someone called “@WordGuru” manages to produce some of worst manglings of English I’ve ever seen – incomprehensible.

@WarriorBanker @baristaman I see what you mean about @WordGuru mangling English & dodging questions.

.@baristaman I asked @wordguru to explain some of his rather nonsensical statements yesterday. All I got back was preachy nonsense.

@Meanfluff @baristaman Credit where due, @wordguru’s blog is hysterically funny. I don’t think it’s meant to be though. But it is.

@WarriorBanker @baristaman Oh, you’re right @wordguru’s blog is funny! That’s definitely not intentional tho’. Lol

@WordGuru @meanfluff More bafflegab. I asked you a simple, direct question. What right does marriage equality strip you of, as you claim?

@WordGuru @meanfluff Moreover, how does gay people being able to marry the people they love affect you in any way at all.

@Meanfluff @wordguru I saw a shirt once that said “I Support Gay Marriage As Long As Both Chicks Are Hot”.

@WarriorBanker lol Perhaps we should get that t-shirt for @wordguru !
@WordGuru Since there is no possible way for THEIR marriage to impact YOUR marriage, you are just a bigoted douche.

@WordGuru People spew hate at you, rightly, because of your ACTIONS… not who you are. Go fuck yourself.

@WordGuru I’m not gay fuckhead. I’m just not a fuckhead like you.

@WordGuru The majority doesn’t get to suppress the minority in this country just because they don’t like them. You disgust me.

@WordGuru Calling a fuckhead like you a fuckhead is far from a disgrace. Get used to it.

@WordGuru why do u have to judge and play god with matters that don’t directly concern you again? You snoop around gay people’s BR windows?

@WordGuru if you are against sexual deviancy, you should probably first work to clean up your churches of child molesters.

@WordGuru right, because it is okay to shit on the constitution that guarantees equality when it suits your religiously bigoted dogma.

@WordGuru you have no right to say anything about supposed gay immoralities, when your own priests can’t keep their dicks out of kids.

@WordGuru give just one good reason why Muslims shouldn’t hate the existence of Israel.

@WordGuru if the European union came along and forced everyone out of Texas and gave it back to Mexico would you hate it?

@WordGuru well good for you. I’m an advocate against ALL religion based bullshit, including your bigotry against gays, etc.

“@moronwatch: RT @wordguru: #Gays R immoral, but need rights < Next question? Why is anal sex immoral?

@WordGuru haha, classic dictionary definition ad hominem argument. You’re an idiot!

@GaryWinstanley @WordGuru a quick scan of his blog confirms your suspicions. Fucking christians like him are no better than the Taliban

@WordGuru I’m not gay you stupid, ignorant, festering cuntbucket. Now put the dictionary down and fuck off back to church you inbred hick Author’s note: this guy was tweeting in support of gay marriage.

@annihilist well pretty much that somes up all the bible work of fiction doesn’t it bible+truth =oxymoron @WordGuru

“@moronwatch: RT @WordGuru: @AlyxCat The bible happens 2 be the guidebook 4 all morality”–> Where’d I get my morals from? #atheistparents

@WordGuru Or just read Article 6 of the Constitution. @AgingGothMom

@WordGuru you need to revisit your American history. Our country was not founded on any biblical principle. Read Jefferson. #atheist

@moronwatch it’s too bad @WordGuru will NEVER answer to the slavery-and-genocide handbook nonsense in their bible @AlyxCat

@moronwatch @WordGuru @AlyxCat eat shellfish? gather sticks on the sabbath? fornicate with your mum?

@moronwatch @WordGuru @AlyxCat how about the idolatry bits? got a crucifix? got saint statuettes/pics in your house?

RT @WordGuru: @AlyxCat The bible just happens 2 be the guidebook 4 all morality << Including the rape, genocide & stoning parts? #WhatFun

“@WordGuru: @AlyxCat The bible just happens 2 be the guidebook 4 all morality & …” @moronwatch another moron for you

.@AlyxCat @WordGuru 1796 treaty with Tripoli states that the United States was “in no sense founded on the Christian religion”

.@AlyxCat @WordGuru “Christianity neither is, nor ever was, a part of the Common Law.” Thomas Jefferson

Found out from @WordGuru that I got my morals from the devil. So I’m spending the day coveting my neighbor’s ass. And slothing. #idiot

@WordGuru So that means the devil has exactly the same morals as the Bible. Well, how about that! Who would have guessed? #atheistparents

@WordGuru Without exception, it’s guys like you that are the biggest cock suckers out there. You think about gay sex all the time. #fact

@WordGuru It must be tough to be a closet case. Keep up the hate my friend, you’re doing a great job.

.@WordGuru I’ve read the bible and live with a bible scholar. Jesus never existed & the character was a violent racist psychotic.

@WordGuru Coming from a Fucktard teabagger, your rant is comically embarrassing and empty rhetoric.

@DrMatthew just added you to the list @DrMatthew/anti-american-assholes

@WordGuru Jefferson was a deist, he did not believe in your bloodthirsty desert god.

@nondescriptdave @WordGuru Jefferson, like several of our other Founding Fathers was Deist and held the idiocy of Christianity in contempt.

@WordGuru but see I don’t have equality, I don’t have the same rights and treatment under the law you do, get off the sex issue.

@wordguru once upon a time liking any one outside your race was a perversion too. Open up your mind. I have awoke.

@WordGuru Shut the fuck up. It’s people like you who we’re fighting against. People should be allowed to be who they want to be.

@WordGuru for you 2 consider being gay an act of perversion shows your low IQ. You’re nothing but a #Bigot

It’s this type of sexual garbage sent to me by Twitter pervert @gareyparifl3 that will help destroy America:

@WordGuru I’m just ignore that cruel response their love is not perversion don’t bother replying because I’m blocking you anyway

@WordGuru Prejudice, racism, stupidity, & ignorance causes more societal corruption than anything else. I wonder which category you fit in.

@WordGuru <differently than the ‘straights’ do. Get your mind out of their bedroom and into the proper mindset in favor of basic humanrights

@WordGuru <as before when people made a big deal out of inter-racial marriage and it become legalized, so will gay-marriage. Deal with it.

@WordGuru What do you have against buttsex? So are you saying straights shouldn’t have anal sex either because its a perversion?

@WordGuru <—–block this ignorant SOB Ass.

@WordGuru like sucking Cock be a #CorkSoaker!!!

From @FockenDavid to @WordGuru you being a Virgin at your ages makes you better then the #Gay cause You deserve rights and pussy/dick. Bigdonky balls dick!

For @wordguru RT @benpatrick90069: I’m a gay Christian. The Bible didn’t mention homosexuality but spoke often of evil of moral judgment.

@WordGuru Your obsession w/gay sex is unnerving, your twitterblast invasive&unwelcome, and your similes false. It’s sad you can’t see that.

@donkeyfly69 just added you to the list @donkeyfly69/douchebags

@WordGuru Are you one of those libs who thinks the U.S. constitution mentions marriage? You are aren’t you! HAHAHAHA

@WordGuru Are straight couples questioned about anal or kinky sex in order to get marriage licence? No. Marriage equality isn’t about sex.

@MyHeroDemetria: “shut the hell up. I don’t need your fucking opinion. People like you is what makes this world fucked up. Shut the fuck up, like seriously. I have a life, not like you. Go to shit with your closed and fucked mind.”

@IwannameetNickJ: “Are you stupid, man? Fuck you. Hahahahaha I laugh in your face. Go to the madhouse.”

@MrOzAtheist: A quick read of @WordGuru’s tweets makes me think someone might be in homophobic denial!

@no_springs: @WordGuru be as high and holy as you like, but i see your writings. there but for the grace of god go you & your stone throwing.

@TheSeperatist: @WordGuru hey…fucking die…I have many bullets with your name on them…cuntrag.

@TheSeperatist: @WordGuru oh no…I’ve plenty of gay friends…I didn’t check your link…I just hate spammers…so die…cunt.

@TheSeperatist: Fuck @WordGuru for trying to make me out as an intolerant anti gay cunt. Fuck him for assuming…get him! Piece of shit!

@izla_zandz: @WordGuru I think Jesus had people like you in mind when he said “Depart from me, I never knew you.” He wasn’t keen on stonethrowers.

@realstevegray: @WordGuru jesus will be too busy having his face fucked whilst i give god a reach around as i rim him. now that’s some good sinning x

@realstevegray: @WordGuru thous art god dude, i love and forgive you for being an ignorant dark souled fuckwad idiot who makes jesus puke

@realstevegray: @WordGuru stop spreading filth to your 160 followers you dumb fuck. you are perverting them and making god cry for your sins x

@realstevegray: @WordGuru leave innocent people alone shit for brains, direct your idiocy at me and leave them out of it x

@RedBessRead: @WordGuru I’m not going to read your hate-justifying rhetoric. All people have the same heart and spirit, regardless of how they live.

@RedBessRead: There is nothing at all about @realstevegray that needs to be healed. He is perfect exactly as he is.

@Zoodlemouse13: U seem to have a misconception about anal sex. I’m a heterosexual female. Anal sex is awesome. Not just for two men u know!!

@KaijaRose: “I know that one day, everyone will have equal rights and will be happy. it’s people like you who get in the way of freedom. shame.”

@KaijaRose: “They’re (gays) not perverted. They’re human. in the constitution it sates no matter whom someone is, they deserve every right.”

@politicsislife: “…I refuse to allow the kind of hatred @WordGuru is spreading go unchecked.”

@politicsislife: “…traditional morals also condoned: slavery, stoning ppl to death, the Klu Klux Klan…society learns & changes..time u did too.”

@politicsislife: “Bullshit….I most certainly do know my history and “traditional morals” were used to oppress minorities through out history.”

@politicsislife: “…”perserving morality 4 majority” what majority? The Christian majority..sorry, religion has no right to discriminate & teach hate.”

@politicsislife: “Healthy America? Banning McDonald’s french fries would have an impact on health of America not denying rights to LGBT community.”

@politicsislife: “Founding Father feared a country governed by religious dogma set separation of Church & State as central principle of OUR country.”

@politicsislife: “Tyranny is the oppressive or unjustly severe government. This is exactly what u impose when you deny rights for LGBT community.”

@politicsislife: “Based on religious dogma…just like today when you attempt to use your religious dogma to define what is moral or immoral.”

@politicsislife: “Do tell, Bill of Rights is based on Christianity? Freedom of Speech, Assembly, Religion, Speedy Trial,etc..God’s morals? Really?”

@politicsislife: “Us gays…See, we are your neighbors, children, bankers, business owners, teachers, lawyers, artists…no different than you.”

@DerekBakerMan: “you’re a douchebag. people like you try and mislead others from what is right by using creative wordplay and fool people into thinking you have an educated opinion and a deeper understanding on a subject when in reality you are trying to mask your own bigotry.”

@StrangerGirl2: “Sure u remember from history beliefs that woman & Blacks having equal rights would destroy society/America. Still upsets some.”

@StrangerGirl2: “Exactly how is every single gay person inherently immoral & deviant?”

@StrangerGirl2: “(gays are:) a. not destructive to society. b. normal. i’m not arguing anymore because I know I’m right.”

@Puss999: “U are a bigot. Smallminded creature wanting to control other ppl with yr pathetic morality. I am not gay. Just not a bigot.”

OK, whew! That is quite enough; I am sure you can grasp the gravity of the mindset and depravity in our society. Thank you for your patience. Now, I need and desire constructive comments of any kind, for they are a necessary educational and enlightenment process. Please visit the comment section at the bottom of this page and follow the guidelines for legitimate response or Please contact me by email:

I suggest reviewing the extensive list of many articles in the right hand column for advocacy on a wide range of issues.

Now, please click this link to send an email response:

For truth, justice, God’s morality, honor, and the original American way,
The Word Guru

I desire rational and constructive comments and intelligent debate, for they are part of a necessary educational and enlightenment process. Please visit the comment section at the bottom of this page and follow the guidelines for legitimate response or send an email at the address link displayed under my avatar.

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  1. Tapio says:

    “Respect others opinions” ???????? I have be told I am twisted, perverted, deviant, in the dark, going to hell, and a long list of other words and I am not even gay, I just hold an opinion contrary to yours. If that is what you call respect you need help my friend. If you respected my opinion you would argue and use “words” and compile them to make a reasoned response. I am yet to see that from you. You seem to think that “The Bible tells me” is a valid response. I have been a Christian for thirty years and hear the Bible telling me something different. If you think I am led astray by evil spirits that is fine, but tell me why my reasoning is incorrect. Throwing statements about anal sex and vulgar immorality is not argument it is fear mongering and it doesn’t work with a thinking man. Yes Romans 1 talks about swapping gender roles – why do you think it talks about a person who is born gay and not about the cultic practices of the Cybelian priests. Tell me why, use reason, not your abhorrence of anal sex.Prejudice has been well defined as reacting negatively to fact and you don’t know why – Facts are being presented to you Jerry and you do not respond with a coherant argument – in fact it is so incoherant that I notice one of your responders wasn’t sure whether you were serious. Jerry I hate to break it to you but you are embarrassing yourself and the Christian Church, seriously, get help.

    • If I say a Black man is black, is that disrespect? I would be respectfully saying that he is Black. If I say a man is perverted because of practicing things that for centuries the majority has deemed sexually deviant, is it disrespect to state that he is perverted when I have significant precedent as back-up? No. You have twisted morality and history to fit your own skewed agenda. Disrespect is, no, it’s more pure vulgarity, when gays and their misguided supporters display their bigotry and hatred of my exposing their sin by attacking my person with vitriol such as claiming I am an asshole, a fucktard, or some other creative, but cretinist insult. I don’t do that. That is the definition of disrespect wayward one. Disrespect is not honestly, without malice, calling a spade a spade. You have inverted reality.

      As for heading for hell, that is up to you to decide, not me. I merely repeat the bible’s warning that if one refuses the love and forgiveness of Jesus, and continues in the sin that God despises, then that person chooses his own path to hell. Jesus has done everything possible to save you from that terrible fate, but you refuse His mercy. You may excuse gay sin by warping the Roman’s passages that, to the open and moral mind, clearly spell homosexuality as sin, but you won’t be able to sell that lame excuse to Jesus when you stand before Him at judgment day coming soon. Repent before it’s too late. We are living in the last of the last days, so don’t let yourself miss out on a fantastic eternity with God on a new and perfect Earth. Is your sin worth losing that prize?

      • tapio says:

        I pray for you at this moment – I mean that…..

        Try to wear the insults like a man, homosexuals have been unfairly treated for centuries, turn the other cheek and ask yourself why they might be angry. Unfortunately I agree with the vitriol – you are acting like an asshole. I say that in love and anger.

        I was hoping for a reasoned response, but alas, the counter argument is basically summed up as this: “everybody else believes me” and then “I am choosing to go to hell ” can you not see that that is not counter argument. Anyways wish you all the best.

  2. JohnP says:

    Yep. People wanting equal treatment under the law (or even in the society as a whole) is nothing but a mass destructive conspiracy of some weird hive-mind that the actual individuals seem to know nothing about. I mean, what disadvantaged minority would ever want equality? It MUST be a ruse!!

    Tin foil hats for everybody!!!

    • JohnP says:

      PS: Since when could you correlate a liberation movement, gays in this case, to NAZIS? Forget that they arrested I believe like 100,000 gay people just for being gay, and murdered many of them … they fought for pretty much the opposite of broader equality (or some may say, multiculturalism).

      If anything, their leader often sounded like any modern Fire-And-Brimstone type evangelical preacher of today:

      “Today Christians … stand at the head of [this country]… I pledge that I never will tie myself to parties who want to destroy Christianity .. We want to fill our culture again with the Christian spirit … We want to burn out all the recent immoral developments in literature, in the theater, and in the press – in short, we want to burn out the poison of immorality which has entered into our whole life and culture as a result of liberal excess during the past … (few) years.” – Hitler

  3. Hana says:

    I really like what you wrote. I will keep on supporting you by God’s will. I can see that you really have a lot of haters, bt don’t worry, those are the product of the so-called freedom America is trying to put into the world. May God be with you. Keep it up.

  4. You have mentioned very interesting details ! ps nice web site . “Where can I find a man governed by reason instead of habits and urges” by Kahlil Gibran.

  5. Paul says:

    Oh wow, you are prejudiced. I checked out the twitter posts, and most of the people that responded to you aren’t even gay. @moronwatch

    • Jerry Clifford says:

      Yes, you are absolutely correct. I am prejudiced against the immorality, sexual perversion, vulgarity, and the deception that the gay community stands for. Notice that I do not hate the people, just their behavior and attitudes that are harmful to a healthy social fabric. Jesus will forgive anyone for no matter what they have done as long as they sincerely repent and ask His help in restoration to morality.

      Best regards, Jerry

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  6. locksmith says:

    You are my breathing in, I possess few blogs and very sporadically run out from to brand : (.

    • Jerry Clifford says:

      I’m not sure what you mean.

      Best regards, Jerry

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  7. lola says:

    Ummm…I still don’t know if this is satire or not, which, again, speaks to how far conservatives have sunk recently.

    Be that as it may, re anal sex: I know of no society that fell because its members were practicing non-vaginal sex acts. Also, as far as I am aware, no civil rights group is pushing for legalizing public vaginal, anal, or oral sex.

    Re bigots: Bigotry’s defined as “a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.” If you believe that gays are morally inferior to straights, then you are a bigot. As far as gay “bigotry” against people who feel that gays are evil: If you’re gay, then you’ll speak against people who feel that you are depraved enough to bring about The End of Civilization. Re gay homophobia: many gays are self hating. It’s hard not to be if you live in a society which treats you like a pervert, at best as a comic relief, not to mention as a second-class citizen. Many gays, like many straights, are racist, anti-semitic, misogynist, etc. Basically, as human beings gays=straights. There’s no more of a difference between gays and straights than there is between those who prefer gingers to brunettes. None of that exculpates you from being a bigot, however.

    Re gays: It’s not a choice. Most of my gay friends knew that they were gay when they were in middle school. There were gays in Athens, Macedonia, and Rome, when being gay and male (so long as you were a top) did not carry the stigma it does today. There were gays in medieval and Renaissance Europe, when sodomy, top or bottom, carried the death penalty. There are gays today, when being gay equals social mockery and second-class citizenship. Being gay is not a choice. It just is.

    Re moral depravity destroying civilizations: This is difficult, as each civilization/individual has its/his own interpretation of what is morally depraved. Gibbon felt that Rome fell because Christian morality conquered a noble pagan empire. Christians feel that Rome fell because of orgies and peacock-tongue feasts. The best example of moral depravity leading to a fall might be the Aztecs, who found it hard to get allies in their war against the Spanish as they were aggressive, had few friends, and had the most unfortunate habit of sacrificing captives to their gods. The sad fact, tho, is that they would have fallen in any case, thanks to the technological superiority of the Spanish, and thanks, most of all, to the germs that the Spanish brought with them to the New World. Germs are neither moral or immoral. They simply are.

    ps., If you want to strike a blow FOR marriage, then forget gays, and start a blog against no-fault divorce.

    • JohnP says:

      I never understood the “moral depravity destroying civilizations” thread. Didn’t Rome, the primary example, become a Christian state that violently persecuted homosexuals well before it fell? The tolerance of gays realistically had nothing to do with Rome’s fall in either case … but if you HAD to make that argument that it did I think you would have to conclude that it was the anti-gay fascism, the change to no tolerance for gays, that brought Rome down.

      • Jerry Clifford says:


        I appreciate your civilized comments which is a much needed practice in the LGBT community. Do I assume correctly that you are gay? I don’t know where you picked up that totally erroneous revisionist history, but Rome in an attempt to restore some morality, for a brief period around 222 A.D. banned homosexuality and prostitutes, but it was not from Christian influence – they were being persecuted, instead it was a return to worshipping Jupiter. Rome was never a Christian state during the real Roman Empire era although Emperor Constantine relaxed the persecution of Christians circa 330 A.D. and in 380, Theodosius I proclaimed Christianity as the sole religion of the Roman Empire. His era came after the real Roman Empire was gone. It did corrode from immorality, but not strictly from homosexuality. It was a combination of rampant disregard for any ethics or morality at all. Christians were persecuted and killed for several periods spanning almost 300 years. This ill-conceived notion that the fall came from Christian persecution of gays is totally unfounded in Roman history.

        As for the Nazi-type regime, I strictly meant that the LGBT crusade is disingenuously claiming humanitarian good, but hiding the true agenda of installing its own morality to oppress all those in opposition who will be incensed by open and legal gay perversion. This is what the Nazis did. They initially claimed their new ideal would be beneficial to society, but we all know now just how “beneficial” it really was.

        Best regards, Jerry

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  8. lola says:

    Dude, that is one rambling mess. I can’t figure out if you’re a homophobe, or a person trying to satirize homophobia, so I don’t know how to respond. If you’re a satirist, forgive me. The conservatives have gone so far that even the Pythons couldn’t satirize them. If you’re truly a bigot and can’t see that the US has always had a problem with civil rights–slavery, Jim Crow, extermination of native Americans which rivals what Germany did in the Holocaust, now this–then I can’t help you.

    In defense of Babylon and Rome: They didn’t fall because of moral depravity. They fell because of overextension, lousy economic policies, terrible luck with leaders, and rivalry from other states. Fact is, empires fall. The Roman Empire lasted 400+ years in its unified form, and another 1000 years as Byzantium, the Eastern Roman Empire. Come to me whining about moral depravity sinking empires if the US is still around 3176 CE. Otherwise, please leave innocent ancient folk out of it.

    • Jerry Clifford says:

      Thank you for taking the time to respond. Homophobia is defined properly as a fear of homosexuals. I have no fear of them, but I am significantly concerned that the gay male’s passion for anal sex with another guy and the disingenuous crusade to establish legality and legitimacy for that depraved behavior will contribute heavily to the corruption of America which is already deteriorating from other forms of corrosion. I don’t care what they do in private, just keep it there and don’t violate the majority’s right to freedom from rampant and open sexual perversion.

      Bigot is defined as one who vehemently demands acceptance of their opinion and beliefs and has no tolerance for other’s opinion and beliefs. A bigot is not defined as one who hates, or supports, or practices any type of verbal or physical discriminatory abuse. I honorably, respectfully, and honestly state my opinion based on America freedom of speech and though possibly in disagreement, respect others opinions. I have found that most gays are deeply bigoted and based on current improper word use, they are extremely heterophobic as well. They spare no hateful response or personal insulting personal attack to defend and promote their deviant lifestyle as displayed by the hundreds of quotes in my blog, “The raw truth …” Those quotes are displayed purely to expose what really lies behind the gay crusade. It’s not about the goodness of equality, it’s all about promoting a vulgar & immoral behavior and attempting to legally excuse the deviancy.

      Yes, America has had a historical problem with civil rights; however, there is no comparison between gays in contrast blacks, Native Americans, or women who are natural, major racial or gender population segments who absolutely deserved rights. Gays are not a race or gender, they are a small, but highly vocal, minority, most are that way by pressure or choice. None are naturally or inherently gay, though many blindly adhere to the opposite opinion from desperate need to feel OK with their condition choosing to believe deceived psychologists selling the “born this way” subterfuge.

      Finally, though you choose to ignore immorality as a major cause of societal decay, it remains as such. Hiding your head in the sands of ignorance never has any effect on reality.

      Best regards, Jerry

      • Tapio says:

        I read through the list you had compiled of insulting responses and they were more polite than the words you use.

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