Herman Cain demonized as Bigot over Muslim views

This is letter is a response to a provocative article in the 18 July 2011 edition of the Washington Post by Eugene Robinson who irresponsibly demonizes Presidential candidate Herman Cain for his candid, sincere, and outspoken view on the threat of Islamic dominance.

Mr. Robinson,

I respect your intelligence and literary ability; however, though I believe your sincerity in observing America’s religious freedom, you are myopically falling into a modern ideological trap. You have cited compelling examples of your point in opposition to Herman Cain’s alleged bigotry, but in your nearly “religious” fervor to extol first amendment protections, you have missed equally significant points in support of candidate Cain’s apparently conspiratorial ranting against Islam.

Your first shot at Mr. Cain was a serious low blow in fantasizing that he would oppose appointments for Jews or Mormons. Reckless speculation like this is irresponsible journalism that is nothing less than inflammatory rhetoric bordering on slander. There is no rational argument that could prove that Cain would show prejudice against Jews by virtue of his opposition to Islam. In fact, his alleged bias against Muslims would likely bolster his affinity for Israel and their plight under the chronic threat from Islam. Your thoughtless attack displays your terribly shallow understanding of the depth of these issues. It is far more than a simple exercise in first amendment interpretation as we shall discover.

Your analogy with prior fears of Black men as sexual predators was, of course, an egregious hate-mongering attitude, but it has no relationship to the Muslim issue because the Black race had no basic creed that seeks and aggressively promotes world domination as does Islam. Too many blind adherents to our constitution choose to ignore the foundational life-blood of the Muslim ideology of intolerance and jihad against all other peoples not embracing their world vision. This concept is eternally set in stone for all Quran readers to absorb and practice as we see on a global scale of Islamic violence.

Moreover, when one examines Islam from a deeply spiritual aspect as Jesus taught, it will become readily apparent that the Muslim religion is far from a religion as defined by biblical principles. Yes, it is highly “religious” in its rituals and fanatical practices in a manner that any devotee to any type of passion or endeavor like that of top sports figures who are “religious” in their rigorous training and lifestyle; however, Islam is purely another dangerous ideology like Communism or Fascism. Muslims, by Muhammad’s instigation, and being diametrically opposed to the pacifism of Jesus, built this scheme by violence and war on the tribes of Mecca in the 17th century. Islam’s warrior founder invented the false god, “Allah”, and deceptively proclaimed his dynasty as the true “religion” to which the world must submit or be assimilated, oppressed, or killed for the glory of Allah. There are those uninformed who erroneously believe that Allah is just another name for the one true God and creator of the universe; however, everything in the Quran attributed to Allah contradicts the God of the bible; therefore the conclusion of Allah’s false deity.

In addition, you want us to believe that America’s founding fathers are stewing in their collective graves over this “demonizing” of these poor innocent Muslim’s. On the contrary sir, you should be mindful that those like Jefferson fought hard against the oppression of organized religion or any group that sought domination over others. Therefore, Jefferson and his friends would never have included a so-called religion of aggressive behavior to be included in first amendment rights because he would have counted them an enemy of the state, not a benign religious group purely seeking freedom to worship where and how they please. That was the criteria of the fathers for religious freedom; the definition did not include a war-like sect seeking world domination like Islam.

Now, you might counter that most American Muslims are far from jihadists and that they are respected members of society. Of course, there are many like that who have bought the deception of Islamic leaders. These gullible and innocent faithful have no concept of the core of Islam. its aggressive nature, and murderous policies, but when the subversion of America is completed through the foolishness of our government’s leaders who bend to every whimper or extortion ploy of Muslim evangelists and apologists, they will experience the terrible reality of totalitarian rule and loss of freedom that exists in Islamic nations around the world. Women must be especially aware of their vulnerable position to Islam’s degradation, repression, and sexual violation of the feminine mind and body.

Mr. Robinson, I urge you to educate yourself according to what is really happening, and what the true ideology of the Islamic scourge represents. Please abandon your apparently innocent, but tragically wayward attempt at guarding our religious freedom. It actually constitutes aiding and abetting a devious enemy in their disingenuous use of God’s name as a front for their reprehensible false religion scheme to take stark advantage of American freedom. This is not a “James Bond” fantasy. We need to awake from the dream world, lose the convenient and lazy resort to accusations of bigotry towards those of us avid and sincere patriots who recognize the serious threat to our nation. We must diligently and knowledgably resist the grim reality of Islamic subversion and likely domination if we fail in the crucial awareness of this hideous covert plague.


Jerry Clifford, the Word Guru

I need and desire constructive comments of any kind, for they are a necessary educational and enlightenment process. Please visit the comment section at the bottom of this page and follow the guidelines for legitimate response or Please contact me by email: wordguru.jc@gmail.com

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