Why are gay relationships harmful?

Important note: prior to absorbing this post, I recommend perusing my introduction page for a proper preface of my diplomatic advocacy mission.

The scenario vigorously promoted by the gay community of two adults absorbed in an allegedly honest and consensual same-sex relationship appears, on the surface, quite benign and even romantic. However, like a Venus Fly Trap that appears seductively attractive to an unsuspecting insect, the immorality of that gay relationship, if flaunted publicly and then coercively forced by that minority upon the majority through manipulated unethical legislation against all popular votes, is a visually mesmerizing snare that will lure in its victim for their frightful demise. If those two gay consenting adults keep it to themselves in the privacy of their own home, we can live with it, for no one can police people’s private lives and their hidden perversion is harmful only to themselves in the long term and in the eyes of God.

God created a man and a woman to enjoy beautiful, pleasurable, and moral sexual relations for their own enjoyment of each other, and to begin population of the Earth. He did not create two men to have unnatural, immoral, unhealthy, and perverted anal sex. Nor did the Creator intend women to exercise deviant lust for each other. The Bible is clear in its condemnation for homosexuality, yet it is equally clear that though Jesus loves all LGBT people, He hates their sin and offers forgiveness and healing if they will accept it. However, most of the homosexuals, and their brainwashed supporters, scoff at the idea of God’s existence. They deceptively explain away the scriptural prohibitions in desperate attempts for self-esteem. They claim there is no God as a convenient excuse to continue in sin with the hope that somehow if God doesn’t exist, they will not have to face the penalty for their immorality, They have allowed their minds to be twisted so that they foolishly ignore the evidence of God that is all around us found in the magnificent universe, the miracle of birth and life, our planet and it’s seasons, and our fantastically complex and wondrous human bodies. There is no excuse for their reprehensible sin, but there remains hope for them if they repent and let God heal them through Jesus.

Moreover, I mentioned “allegedly honest” consensual sex because when the smoke is cleared, the true motivation in most homosexual relationships is far from true traditional romantic love, it is a perverted lust, selfish gratification of lurid tendencies, and bondage to a dark and sinister master of their soul. This aspect is the most harmful of all, but the target is not society, but the “honest, loving couple” trapped in a deceptive web of corruption and complete loss of dignity and honor. Their disgrace is motivation for their intense attempt at gaining an “equality” or badge of legitimacy from the government in order to assuage their guilt. Of course, their sinful and debilitating affliction has blinded them from all truth and this reality – the terrible reward of their lifestyle choice. Yes, you might counter that it is not choice, but genetic, but that is only pure speculation given credence only by those desperate to find justification for their deviant path.

The gay crusade incorporates almost panic attempts at justification for their deviant lifestyle. They pathetically pander to those concerned about constitutional rights and claim that the LGBT cause is all about human rights or that it is the new civil rights movement, but those disingenuous claims are a terribly egregious stretch of our laws as well as a significant insult to Blacks who as a major segment of our population without perverted sexual preference as baggage, truly deserved civil rights. Read abhorrent misleading articles on this erroneous equation at: http://huff.to/sZOHr0 and http://wapo.st/m5ILuv. Gays as a small deviant minority far outside any intelligent definition of a people deserving civil rights, have no legitimate reason to seize such a position in society. In America they are free to be gay and can perform any distasteful act they want in private, but that is the extent of their freedom. The 14th amendment only affords them due process of law and protects them from physically harmful discrimination purely as citizens, not because they are gay. Moreover, there is no original constitutional intent to afford special protection for sexually deviant minorities. And there is especially no provision for same-sex marriage because in early America that scenario was unthinkable and unheard of. In fact, homosexuality was punishable by death until more sane minds like Thomas Jefferson’s brought about legislation to abolish that atrocity.

In addition, the LGBT crowd has launched more deceptive propaganda in a spoof of the “**** for dummies” books by producing a considerably sophomoric primer called “Gay marriage for Idiots” in which a grammar school format is used to sell the foolishness and immorality of same-sex marriage along with irresponsible claims that it will not lead to marrying one’s toaster. GM for Idiots link: http://bit.ly/ucdS8d Another foolish and disingenuous ploy is an irrelevant cartoon that creates a fiction of an inter-racial married couple that allegedly and erroneously equates Black and White marriage equality with the gay marriage rights quest. See this deceptive piece at: http://bit.ly/AfZukA

Further reprehensible brainwashing occurs in tear-jerking videos of how gay couples are shamefully treated when applying for marriage licenses or the alleged injustice of married gays unable to help their spouse in times of sickness or death and other scenarios. Example at: http://bit.ly/nqWyRu Or then there is the crying towel story about this poor distraught gay man who dies awaiting enactment of a gay marriage law. Yes, these situations are sad, but they dishonestly hide the real truth of homosexuality and its serious threat to the moral health of our society. They also attempt terribly false claims that gay men are healthier if allowed to marry: http://yhoo.it/zizwI1 and http://bit.ly/A1C7d4. The next phase was the ploy to sell the apparently moral “commitment” idea so that the gullible will be sidetracked from the sick reality of gay life; see this reprehensible distortion at: http://bit.ly/umo5T7 and http://bit.ly/wR0A66. Then, to really scrape from the bottom of the swamp, these demented sexual scavengers claim that because there is alleged homosexuality evident in the animal kingdom, of course, it then proves that it is appropriate for humans. Oh please, get real; lowering ourselves to the plane of amoral, lower-wrung creatures is a mature, sensible, and intelligent position to sell a sexual preference?

The bottom line is that no matter how beautiful or emotionally moving these hit pieces are, the reality is that they are but sinister cover-ups to win the war against morality and gain there selfish and ungodly goals to implement an agenda of full equality for a sexual perversion that for centuries has been rejected by the majority of nearly every modern civilized nation in the world.

Moreover, the most significant problem for society, other than legal bondage of the majority who must live in the despair of openly rampant perversion, is that the gay crusaders are savagely evangelistic and dishonorable in their tactics for spreading their contagious “religion”. This contagion, if legitimized by government, will be a Trojan horse within our walls as another threat to facilitate the destruction of America along with Islamic subversion and the general decay of wisdom, common sense, and honor among our leaders and the overall decline of civility, morality, education, and intelligence of our population.

The LGBT community is tragically caught in a stranglehold of selfishness for their own personal, but skewed vision of freedom no matter what the cost to the majority of society. They demand special and non-traditional rights that can only be attained at the loss of the legitimate rights of the moral, or at least attempting to be moral, majority. Most honest and moral people are repulsed by the thought of existing under an oppression of public homosexuality that has been ordained by coerced legislative fiat and legitimized and sanctioned by a government intimidated by the scorched-earth campaign of vulgar and abusive LGBT crusaders. They abuse American freedom by demanding that freedom no longer be tied to personal responsibility and respect for others. They claim that they should be able to do whatever they want, no matter when they want – a dangerous recipe for anarchy and corrosion of traditional American values. Freedom was won by high risk and death, and it is maintained by intelligence, diligence, honor, morality, responsibility, common sense, and possibly more bloodshed. It is long past time for moral people and Christians to grab their wits and set aside materialism, overcome the debilitating daily cares of life, and take a stand against this red tide of evil or we will surely lose America as our honorable and wise founding fathers designed.

I suggest reviewing the extensive list of many articles in the right hand column for advocacy on a wide range of issues.

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For truth, justice, God’s morality, honor, and the original American way,
The Word Guru

I desire rational and constructive comments and intelligent debate, for they are part of a necessary educational and enlightenment process. Please visit the comment section at the bottom of this page and follow the guidelines for legitimate response or send an email at the address link displayed under my avatar.

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33 Responses to Why are gay relationships harmful?

  1. just asking says:

    Would you say you’re gay for jebus?

  2. Nancy says:

    What does Jesus say in the Bible about people who are assholes?

    • Jesus clearly said in Matthew 19:3-9 that marriage is exclusively & specifically Male/Female. But He would definitely add that those who are too ignorant and immoral to offer intelligent and respectful rebuttal to reasoned opposition such as the Word Guru’s, desperately need forgiveness and healing that is available upon sincere request. Your sophomoric & vulgar response proves your immorality and your path to the grave. Turn from your perversion before it’s too late.

      • No, Jesus didn’t. He was actually discouraging men from marrying at all, as the context of Matthew 19 makes quite clear.

        Do you live like a eunuch because of the reign of the heavens? Or…are you just about denying for others what you allow for yourself?

      • Not to mention that denigrating the relationships of a minority population as you did is very racist.

  3. I just want to tell you that I’m newbie to blogs and truly liked your blog. More than likely I’m likely to bookmark your blog post . You surely come with fantastic articles and reviews. Many thanks for sharing your blog site.

  4. Sigh.

    Get treatment for it, son: both the homophobia and the constipated prose. You could also learn how to embed URLs properly.

    • all you have done is mount a momentary bushwhacker attack with nothing intelligent or helpful to the issue at hand.

      While the tone of my comment was deliberate flippant, nevertheless your appalling writing (and sorry, but it is badly written) has nothing in common with either diplomacy or reality.

      You are, quite simply, a blinkered, hate-mongering fool. Hate often comes from fear: so what is it you fear? That you yourself are gay? 4 out of 5 homophobes probably are, and the more virulent they are, the more likely it is. Get out of your self-imposed isolation and go talk to real people, who may or may not be gay. It’s not they who’re trying to destroy you; with a mindset like yours you’re doing that fine all by yourself.

      • Your attempt at intimidating platitudes is pathetic – runs like water off a duck’s back. Moreover, your lame attack concerning Freudian logic on gay latency is absolutely ludicrous. It’s nothing more than another sorry excuse to justify your own immorality. It isn’t working. May Jesus open your darkened and confused mind.

    • Thank you for the comment; however, your intense immoral bias taints your memo with the poison of contempt – quite the opposite of my blog material which simply, directly, comprehensively, and diplomatically lays out reality and solutions. You may not subscribe to its poignancy, but that is your problem, not mine. Moreover, all you have done is mount a momentary bushwhacker attack with nothing intelligent or helpful to the issue at hand.

      Now, I might consider treatment if you learn to utilize words appropriately. Homophobia, properly defined, means a fear of, or a dislike of, homosexuals, not hatred or harmful bigotry as so many are attempting to rewrite as dictionary nouveau. I have no fear of them. I like some of them. It’s not an issue of disliking a person, it is all about an aversion to their deviant behavior. There is a huge difference. My advocacy is purely an exercise in raising the issue of corruption of good morals by gays bent on legalizing and legitimizing their practices of perversion, held to be so by the majority of the civilized world for 5,000 years.

      It is unfortunate, but America is rapidly succumbing to societal moral corrosion and dilution of our founding principles because of irresponsible citizens like you.

      The Word Guru

  5. NO WHERE does Jesus say he condemns gays. Quit re-writing the Bible.

    • Jerry Clifford says:

      Thank you for taking the time for a comment even though it arrogantly displays true ignorance of history and truth.

      I never quoted Jesus concerning gays, but the Apostle Paul whom Jesus taught directly at length, condemns homosexuality in the book of Romans ch. 1, vs 1:26-29 & 1Corinthians 6:9.

      One would have to be either blind, ignorant, or deliberately dishonest to assume and claim that Jesus, who clearly stood against anything immoral, would approve of homosexuality. Only modern liberals, atheists, & those vacant minds corrupted by the former would claim that gay perversion is normal and acceptable. It is not. And though it has been lingering in the shadows for centuries, it has never been socially acceptable by the majority of any society except for Sodom & Gomorrah, and we know what God (Jesus) thought of those cities over-run by the corruption of gay sexual deviancy.

      Best regards, Jerry

      J. W. Clifford Professional Renovation Consultant Fort Lauderdale, Florida 340-690-3459 Web site: http://prorenovationconsulting.wordpress.com/

      • Jesus was dead when Paul started out, and even Paul doesn’t claim Jesus taught him “directly at length”, whatever that’s supposed to mean in proper English.

        Paul was quite clearly homophobic. Given current scientific knowledge it is very likely he himself was a closet case. 80% of homophobes probably are, and the more vocal, the more likely it is. You should maybe rethink your “let everybody be miserable because I am” campaign.

      • Well, lazy Jay, you have been terribly lazy in learning the truth about Jesus. He rose from the dead on the 3rd day after His crucifiction and proved it to hundreds of witnesses at the time as well as provinng it to anyone who honestly seeks Him which I have and forund Him very real.

        The book of Acts clearly teaches that Jesus taught Paul directly.

        Now, I realize that the Freudian concept of “homophobes” being closet gays is a clever ploy, and that it is comforting to you, and that it assuages the guilt of yopur sin; however, it was just an ill-conceived theory of Freud’s that has been proved quite erroneous. To rid ypurself of the guilt, only offering yourself to Jesus for foregiveness and healing will remedy your condition. if you rebel against that solution employing all the typical lame excuses that gays make, you will lose out on a true freedom and you will buy your own ticket into everlasting hell that Jesus is trying diligently to prevent for you.

        The truth will set you free, and Jesus is the truth.

        Best regards,
        Jerry, the Word Guru

  6. Jack says:

    Pretty interesting except for the parts where you contradicted yourself as well as preached hate.
    Definitely swayed my opinion on this issue.

  7. Ivelisse says:

    Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You obviously know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your weblog when you could be giving us something informative to read?

  8. hyip says:

    Wow, marvelous blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site is fantastic, as well as the content!. Thanks For Your article about Why are gay relationships harmful? | The Word Guru .

  9. Spitball of Fury says:


    As a liberal, atheist, heterosexual male living in today’s society, I would like the opportunity to respond to your argument piece-by-piece.

    In your first paragraph you denounce the idea of gay marriage being ” coercively forced by that minority upon the majority through manipulated unethical legislation against all popular votes” – perhaps this is a reference to the NY state legislation. Please correct me if I’m wrong. However, I would question how the legislation passes unethically? Do you mean against the rules of government? If you simply mean “against the will of the majority” then the answer is simple, the public has the ability to vote for different legislators in the next election cycle. To suggest that the legislature is acting improperly, as long as they are acting within the law, is futile. If an unpopular law is enacted, then the legislators are voted out. That is how laws change in our system.

    In your second paragraph you argue the “true” motivation of homosexual relationships. I argue that you are not qualified to make that claim. You cannot claim that a couple which commits their lives to each other is doing so out of “perverted lust.” I assume you mean this to be long term relationships. If by “relationships” you simply mean “sexual interactions” then I would argue a majority of ALL sexual interactions, hetero-, homo-, bi-, trans-, group, etc. are committed out of lust. Now, if you wish to argue that this should or should not be the case, that is different.

    Additionally, you claim homosexuality is a choice. My question then is, did you choose to be straight? I know I did not choose to be straight. It was hard-wired into my brain. If you feel you chose to be straight, then I can understand that opinion. However, as I have never felt sexual attraction to the same sex, I do not understand why the “majority” of gay people in the world choose to be attracted to the same sex, if it is something I cannot do. What makes them different?

    Last, an most importantly; how exactly will legalizing gay marriage “destroy” America? I fail to see how legal benefits being accorded to two people who enter into a civil contract with one another destroys this country. Can you please elaborate on the kind of destruction that will take place? I’m guessing this is based on your idea of how America was “designed” by our founding fathers. I’m curious as to how you think the founding fathers “designed” America, because I believe you may be greatly mistaken about their actual intentions/motivations/views on several subjects concerning the nature of the country, based on your Christian worldview.

    Please let me know your thoughts.

    – Spitball of Fury

    • Jerry Clifford says:


      I very much appreciate your diplomatic and reasoned approach to your dissent and I will respond in detail at a more appropriate moment. You are unique because most who support gay marriage & rights and disagree with my opinion, do so in a highly vulgar and abusive manner that basically nullifies any credibility for their position and demeans the gay cause. See my blog: http://wp.me/pXvyI-6I

      Best regards, Jerry

      Jerry Clifford Professional Management Solutions Southwestern America 340-690-3459

    • Tapio says:

      Dear Spitball of fury – you have hit the nail on the head – well said and I commend you on your restraint. I am a Christian and find it hard not to do some name calling. Your absolutely right to question how gay marriage will destroy America…….. because it won’t, if you recall the church opposed the abolition of slavery for the much the same reasons.

      I am unable to show the same restraint as our atheist friend here – the reason people respond aggressively to your opinions Jerry, is because your writing is extremely and I repeat extremely aggressive and hateful. I know people don’t respond well to name calling but I can’t help it……you are homophobe and yes you are a bigot! Is it OK if I say sorry afterwards?……sorry

      For an atheist you make a mighty fine Christian keep up the good work Spitball. Or maybe I make a mighty fine atheist :)


      • Jerry Clifford says:


        I pray that Jesus will clear your head of your ignorance of history and heal your deranged mind.

        Best regards, Jerry

        Jerry Clifford, the Word Guru Powerful persuasive business promotion, special interests advocacy, & social commentary Southeastern America 340-690-3459 Word Guru blog site: http://bit.ly/mUQaty Social & spiritual commentary, short stories, and poetry. Word Guru Advertising & Political/Social Advocacy: http://bit.ly/iAEKzt Click here: https://twitter.com/#!/WordGuru Facebook Click here: http://on.fb.me/pKJkUe

      • Tapio says:

        O how quickly we forget history, look it up Jerry.

      • Jerry Clifford says:

        What history is forgotten & what is to be looked up?

        Best regards, Jerry

        Jerry Clifford, the Word Guru Powerful persuasive business promotion, special interests advocacy, & social commentary Southeastern America 340-690-3459 Word Guru blog site: http://bit.ly/mUQaty Social & spiritual commentary, short stories, and poetry. Word Guru Advertising & Political/Social Advocacy: http://bit.ly/iAEKzt Click here: https://twitter.com/#!/WordGuru Facebook Click here: http://on.fb.me/pKJkUe

      • Tapio says:

        What history is there to look up? The church in general opposed the abolition of slavery in the fear that it was against God’s will and would destroy the fabric of society. I am suggesting that your fear is similar to this. CFW Walther the first President of the Missouri Synod writes

        “We therefore hold that abolitionism, which deems slavery a sin and therefore considers every slave holder a criminal and strives for its eradication, is the result of unbelief… Together with the emancipation of women it is the rehabilitation of the flesh…
        Therefore, a Christian abolitionist, who finds himself in the company of such as these, should become aware of the wrong path he has chosen… these enemies of Christianity and religion per se, all those who are intent on doing away with the existing religious, political, and economical order of things to realize their humanistic utopia.
        Can a Christian accept that now, in the 19th century, Christ’s word has come to naught through progress, enlightenment, and civilization? “Can grapes be harvested from thorns, or figs from the thistle tree? A rotten tree does not bear fruit.” We can only pity those Christians who have forgotten all this and with best intentions, in the desire to work for a Christian-humane purpose, have allied themselves with the enemies of Christendom, and have come under the banner of anti-Christian humanism and philanthropy, thus having lent themselves as mediums of the spirit of the times.”

        The Bible clearly upheld the churches view at the time and it was morally right to own and sell slaves. That is the history I was talking about. The church – as I pointed out has an uncanny knack of fight against things tooth and nail, finding out they were wrong and then forgetting about it.

  10. greg says:

    You identify yourself as a Christiian, but your bigoted, sectarian views would suggest that you are more closely identified with the Romans who crucified Christ or the Nazis who gasses Jews and Homosexuals.Your ability to present a rational argument is hopeless – anyone who compares homosexuality to abortion really needs a basic education. You talk with knowledge about demonic lust in which I sure you are very experienced – but your particular depravations are far far worst – you really need to get over yourself – Only a absolute moron who was completely ignorant of all of human history would identify them selves as a Christian Jihadist – please read something, talk to someone – test some ideas on a rational enlightened populous (if you happen to know of anyone in your sectarian community who fits that description) before publishing your contaminated filth on the internet

    • Greg,
      I really appreciate the time you took to make a legitimate comment; however, I am not sure what basis you have for some of the extreme accusations.

      First, before one levels accusations, it is wise to employ appropriate words. To claim that I am a bigot is incorrect because the dictionary definition of bigot is: “A prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own.” I appreciate all opinion, even those of dissent; therefore, I suggest choosing a different label. It would appear that most gays are true bigots because they have proved by their responses that they are extremely intolerant of mine and other opponent”s opinions. See an example of scores of vulgar replies in my special article on that aspect of the gay crusade: http://wp.me/pXvyI-8k

      Next, my alleged sectarianism is an erroneous assumption because I work on my own with my own belief system based on what I learn from Jesus in the bible, not any church or political organization.

      Third, to include me on a black list of Roman and Nazi murderers is an absurd stretch likely born from your animosity springing from bigotry. None of my articles come within a 1,000 miles of even hinting at thought or action of discrimination or violence against gays. In fact, the site introduction carefully explains the compassion that I have for those practicing immorality.

      Fourth, my rational arguments only appear irrational to those who vehemently oppose my position and any thoughtful, intelligent, and fair-minded person would acknowledge such even though they have a dissenting opinion.,

      Further, nowhere on my site do I equate homosexuality with abortion. Introducing this unrelated issue brings into question your rational ability to establish a cohesive argument.

      Fifth, you know nothing of the workings of demonic lust, but nonetheless appear to practice such. To accuse someone of these lurid things without any proof other than your skewed assessment of an article expressing beliefs in contrast to your own, suggests that you are farther along with demonic control than you realize. Jesus offers serious and real help for this for anyone willing to turn from sin and accept the assistance.

      Moreover, to classify me, a History Major and one that any intelligent discriminating reader would count as knowledgeable and articulate, as a moron and devoid of historical knowledge only strengthens the case for your irrelevance in reasoned debate.

      The bottom line is, even though I value your bravery and input, your ignorance and incoherence disqualifies you from any significant impact that a common sense comment could have. You have squandered a good opportunity to further your cause, but like many before you, only a continued negative view of homosexuality remains.

      Jerry Clifford, the Word Guru

      • greg says:

        Thank you for the verbose response Jerry. I must apologies as the comment I left was targeted at the ‘Christian Jihadist’ who had left a response to your article not your article – apologies for the confusion.

  11. Gay, lesbian, and other words to describe homosexuality are much the same as abortion. They are used to hide the real issue and even make it sound as if their practices were OK. The bottom line is that those words, and homosexuality itself try to hide the fact that what underlies them is acts of sexual perversion. No moral code or religion permits sexual deviancy. None provide support for sexual perverts. That is the underlying issue. Their practices are acts of sexual perversion. They go against nature itself. Nature itself bears witness to the need for mating pairs and homosexuality perverts that because they can never mate with each other. Mating is not the same as sexual intercourse. Mating is the act of procreation. Homosexuals pervert that act because their actions are not meant for mating but for the satisfaction of demonic lusts.

    • fearfully anonomous says:

      I find it a perversion of Christianity to talk about someone in such a cold and hateful way, Your name “Christian Jihadist” says a lot. Would you talk like this to my face or are you just hiding behind a brave facebook persona? I’m hiding behind my computer screen, I’d shit myself talking with some one so full of Jesus love as you obviously are.

      Jesus loves Gays – this I know.

      • Jerry Clifford says:

        Jesus loves gays, but He clearly hates their sin. Read Romans Ch. 1: 18 – 32. If you swiggle your way out of that with claims of misinterpretation or any other flimsy excuse gays use to justify their sin, then you’ll just have to hear the Lord condemn you at judgment day when it is too late to accept His forgiveness & mercy for your perversion. May the Lord Jesus open your eyes and heart to set you free.

        Best regards, Jerry

        Jerry Clifford, the Word Guru Powerful persuasive business promotion, special interests advocacy, & social commentary Southeastern America 340-690-3459 Word Guru blog site: http://bit.ly/mUQaty Social & spiritual commentary, short stories, and poetry. Word Guru Advertising & Political/Social Advocacy: http://bit.ly/iAEKzt Click here: https://twitter.com/#!/WordGuru Facebook Click here: http://on.fb.me/pKJkUe

      • fearfully anonomous says:

        No swiggling required – it is the traditional interpretation of Romans 1 that is swiggled. I am not going to waste my time arguing the point with you, as your mind is set in concrete. However I will point out that Paul was writing to a group of people who would have immediately recognized the idolatry and sexual acts that he is referring to – I know in your heart you wish he was talking about homosexuality but he is not. The verses make sense only when you realise he is talking about the idolatrous cultic practises of the time which involved all sorts of sexual worship and gender swapping. You can still disagree with homosexuality if you wish but these verses do not back you up. My brother who became a Christian before adolescence is Gay, born Gay. These verses talk about God handing them over to perversity because of their idolatry and sinful desires of their hearts. It is strikingly apparent that he is not talking about my brother or homosexuality but the cultic practices of the Gentile world of his time. I believe it is called eisegesis when you interpret the bible with your own preconceived ideas, exegesis looks at the context that the bible was written in. Believe what you like about my brother but don’t swiggle Romans 1 to back up your twisted opinions.

      • Jerry Clifford says:

        It’s amazing the extent that you gay supporters will go in your devious and convoluted biblical interpretations to justify sin. I pray that Jesus will heal your terribly corrupt mind.

        Best regards, Jerry

        Jerry Clifford, the Word Guru Powerful persuasive business promotion, special interests advocacy, & social commentary Southeastern America 340-690-3459 Word Guru blog site: http://bit.ly/mUQaty Social & spiritual commentary, short stories, and poetry. Word Guru Advertising & Political/Social Advocacy: http://bit.ly/iAEKzt Click here: https://twitter.com/#!/WordGuru Facebook Click here: http://on.fb.me/pKJkUe

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