Obama’s Messianic Quest: The Futile Attempt For American-Islamic Peaceful Co-existence

This is a comment in response to an August 18, 2011 Washington Post article by Stephen J. Hadley. Read the article: http://wapo.st/rp21Js

Mr. Hadley,

Your point is excellent. Prior administrations possessed the world view of American leadership excellence that provided good soil for planting Democracy; however, President Obama having been reared in Islamic and Communist tradition holds a frighteningly opposite internationalist world view of fading American supremacy. Obama’s aggressive, yet publicly hidden, messianic quest is a deluded vision of bringing the West into harmony with Islam which because of the basic Muslim creed of Western subjugation, will never happen. Obama, whether unknowingly or covertly, is laying the groundwork for repressive Muslim subversion, infiltration, and dominance of Islam in America.

This view is deceptively tagged right-wing extremist “Islamophobia”; however, that is precisely the cunning strategy for Muslim victory. If those of intelligence and common sense, and in full cognizance of the danger of Shariah rule are officially categorized as wacko’s violating American tolerance, and are therefore prevented from exercising the freedom to speak out against the danger, then Islamic evangelists are free to continue their subterfuge of the “religion of peace” as they abuse the first amendment. They are counting on naïve Americans bent on adhering to the Bill of Rights to protect their freedom of overt religion while they covertly sabotage our government and social fabric with their insidious cancer-like invasion for dominance and subjugation. The essential issue is that Islam is not a religion, it is an aggressive and dangerous ideology like Communism whose singular goal is world power and domination. They use the false god, Allah, and the Quran as a front for their subterfuge, thereby seriously abusing American freedom.

We must not be so myopic about first amendment rights that we allow a diabolical enemy to dupe us into defeat by a catch-22 trap of our own cherished rules. This hideous deception must be unmasked and halted soon or it will be too late.

Jerry Clifford, the Word Guru

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