Addressing the wearying perpetual dubious drama of Obama and the fabled non-existent birth certificate

This is a response to a 02 September letter by Jim Black addressed to Roseanne Catalano,
Director of the Florida Division of Elections reprinted on the WordPress blog by “rogersdaughter”
Mr. Black contends that Obama is ineligible for the presidency because of the possibility that no birth certificate exists to prove natural-born U.S. citizenship.

Important note: prior to absorbing this post, I recommend perusing my introduction page for a proper preface of my diplomatic advocacy mission.

Obama is a dangerous force for the corrosion of American supremacy and prestige, and I would not be surprised if a concerted subversive effort by nefarious operatives created a false birth certificate or conspired to conceal the lack thereof. However, this dubious “birther” pathway toward the global-view, Islamic sympathizer president’s necessary demise is terribly inefficient and inconsequential in the light of his seriously inept political and economic leadership, gross misdeeds and gaffes in foreign affairs, and covert treasonous activities in promoting America’s subjugation to international law upon taking office.

Review this article concerning Obama’s birth certificate with testimony from the 2008 Hawaiian Health Commissioner Dr. Chiyome Fukino, appointed by Republican Governor Laura Lingle, stating that his long form certificate exists on official record and is legitimate:

Therefore, until it is factually and unequivocally proved in contradiction to Dr. Fukino’s affirmation of first-hand knowledge in viewing the long-form cert, the attempted scandal discovery is a futile endeavor which could eventually be an embarrassment to the anti-Obama camp. Until actual first-hand proof is uncovered to the contrary, Obama is a natural-born citizen of the U.S. and according to the U.S. Constitution – Article 2 Section 1, the issue of his parentage is of no regard and is not part of the requirements for eligibility.

In addition, to employ former elections clerk, Tim Adams’s statement of hearsay evidence is irresponsible activism harmful to our cause. Mr. Adams, a temporary employee of the department, swore he would testify in court about the alleged scam; however, that claim rings hollow when one considers how a judge would view a low-level official’s “someone else told me so” testimony. It would be disallowed according to routine court rules pertaining to hearsay evidence as inadmissible.

Furthermore, references to others such as Michelle Obama and Kenyan officials airing their personal sentimental ruminations and symbolic references, or an elderly person’s erroneous recollections are hardly substantial grounds for corroboration of a conspiracy theory that is riddled with reasonable doubt and rife with over-zealous partisan vilification.

I am dedicated to the removal of Obama’s corruptive, fascist role in government, but we must not allow ourselves to be deceived by smokescreens and mirages that appear legitimate, but on close scrutiny are but misleading bunny trails. We must concentrate our energies on the problems of most importance and the issues that have the most reasonable chance of toppling the anti-American president.

Jerry Clifford, the Word Guru

I need and desire constructive comments of any kind, for they are a necessary educational and enlightenment process. Please visit the comment section at the bottom of this page and follow the guidelines for legitimate response or Please contact me by email:

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4 Responses to Addressing the wearying perpetual dubious drama of Obama and the fabled non-existent birth certificate

  1. heya I’m jenny I’m such a blonde but I still particularly loved your writing

  2. Denna says:

    Hey there! I’ve been following your website for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Huffman Texas! Just wanted to mention keep up the good job!

  3. I appreciate Wordguru’s comment on this post, and I agree there are many trails on the subject of Obama’s corruptive, fascist role in government…but I guess I feel all issues are fair game. I join with those who explore every issue and trail in their own way – some with doubts and others totally convinced even without absolute proof. Many people devote hours and hours to research and then post their opinions. They risk embarrassment if proven wrong, but feel the story must be told. Where there are smokescreens there’s usually a fire. We may never have definitive proof that would hold up in a courtroom since Obama has spent millions to seal (and probably destroy) evidence that could convict him of crimes against America. I probably am one of those over-zealous partisan patriots who relies on instinct and circumstantial evidence as much as hard evidence. For all the Judges who have refused to hear or dismissed charges of Obama’s crimes and violations of our Constitution there are even more of us who know the reason is not simply a matter of guilt or innocence, rather the Judges’ strict adherence to the Constitution, our system of Justice and the Rule of Law. I admire them as well.

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