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Maryland U.S. Senate Seat for Sale?

Does the political candidate with the fattest wallet always win? Maryland Senator Ben Cardin appears to endorse that creed by boasting of a 7 to 1 fund raising advantage over Republican underdog new-comer Daniel Bongino. However, surprising statistics prove Cardin’s audacity erroneous and a detail accounting of his contribution record raises serious doubts about his credibility. Continue reading

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Daniel Bongino, U.S. Senate candidate – vital alternative for Maryland

Maryland career Senator Ben Cardin displays his inherent philosophical error shared with the majority of the Democratic Party and the Obama machine, that Americans are unable to guide their own lives and need the all-encompassing wisdom and benevolence of father government to solve their problems and create lucrative employment. In sharp contrast, Daniel Bongino passionately holds forth the founding principles of American free enterprise where every citizen has control over their own destiny abiding unshackled by government intrusion and hindrance for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Continue reading

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Obama Campaign’s Blatantly Deceptive Email Campaign

Obama campaign continues it’s bald-faced deception on the American public while the media stands duplicitously by winking and fidgeting, but shamefully silent. Continue reading

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Blind Washington Leadership Drags America to the Brink of Financial Disaster

For possibly 40 years, our elected officials have violated the public trust and have concentrated their disingenuous efforts on buying votes with outlandish spending beyond our means to build a socialist welfare state. So, guess what people? America is now so deep in debt that to implement a reasonable and equitable tax rate is impossible without draconian spending cuts which congress appears unable to do. How long can a nation survive spending 50% more annually than it earns? Continue reading

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Christians A Danger to Society?

Atheists, blinded by their own egos and immorality fail to grasp the logic of Christianity and the importance of protecting modern society from regressing to dark ages rampant immorality as super-minority homosexuals are attempting legislatively to force upon the majority. Continue reading

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