Christians A Danger to Society?

This is a Response to Brian Bridson, blogger on “Philosopher’s Haze” website who arrogantly pontificates on atheism, philosophy, religion, world issues and ethics. Read his “Dangerous Christians” article at:

Important note: prior to absorbing this post, I recommend perusing my introduction page for a proper preface of my diplomatic advocacy mission.

Warning: This article is a departure from my normal rule of clean and proper language. I have incorporated some possibly offensive terms here to specifically display the repulsive nature of the issue and counter the mindset of Brian Bridson.

To Brian Bridson:
By your arrogant assumptions, you claim superior logic and intelligence; however, the mere fact of missing the main point of Craig’s position, you display a serious lack of all you claim to be.

Craig, or any other true follower of Jesus, has no thought or intention of ever imposing a death penalty for gay behavior. Nor do they hate gay people. You fail to see that the death penalty for homosexual behavior was brought to light purely as an example of how terrible the gay sin is, not as a reason for persecution. You are so blinded by your own inflated ego and immorality that you cannot follow the logic of Christianity.

Yes, some false Christians use biblical excuses for hatred and harmful behavior, but Jesus taught love and forgiveness – even for gays who repent. Jesus does not approve of homosexuality and as many gays practice, flaunting their unnatural perversion publicly and demanding legality, government sanction, and legitimacy, He will not forgive them for that slap in God’s face. If gays don’t realize their sin and repent, they cannot have God’s love and forgiveness.

Moreover, what you call “dark ages” manipulation, scary shit, and devoid of reason is actually common sense protection of the essential moral fabric of our society. We are not in the dark ages anymore because modern Christianity has brought us out of it with good moral values. In the early American colonies, homosexuality was punishable by death, but God believing leaders like Thomas Jefferson fought hard against church oppression to rid us of ridiculous laws like that.

You must also realize that the New Testament is a “new” covenant between God and Man. Those temporary draconian rules of the Old Testament were swept away by Jesus with his compassion for all those lost in problems like homosexuality. Now, obviously, you don’t see a problem with men kissing each other in public and engaging in anal intercourse, but that in contrast to the long history of proper male/female relationships approved by 95% of society for centuries, is drastically unnatural and repulsive to any normal mind. Therefore, if you are not repulsed by some guy wanting to violate you, then you are the one dangerous to society and not Christians or alledged “radicals” like Craig who are simply attempting to protect the majority’s rear from deviant penetration.

In closing, I could care less what perverted people want to do in their bedroom or on the floor, they just don’t have a right to demand government sanction to force the moral majority to endure that open public blight on society. That would, along with many other unfortunate societal ills, lead to the collapse of our great nation just as other civilizations in history. They crumbled because of rampant immorality and corruption.

Jerry Clifford, the Word Guru

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