Daniel Bongino, U.S. Senate candidate – vital alternative for Maryland

A serious sea change is necessary in Chesapeake Bay area politics as well as our entire great nation. Daniel Bongino, the relatively unknown Republican challenger to Maryland Democratic Senator Benjamin Cardin is creating a stimulating wave of hope for legislative common sense and diligent responsibility in economic growth, balancing the current spend-aholic budget, reformation of a grotesquely mutated tax code, and implementation of a health care system within reach of working-class Americans. However, because the Oct, 2011 Gonzales Poll reports that 62% of Maryland voters confirm the nation-wide monumental concern for the struggling economy, our strategic target will be that one essential issue.

Daniel Bongino, the ex-secret service agent with razor-sharp public consciousness, respects Senator Cardin’s admirable personal qualities and dedicated public service, but so long entrenched in the ever-increasing big government embracing Democratic machine as a career politician, he lacks the insight for the reality of life and careers of middle-class citizens. Cardin is adamant in his support for the President’s American Jobs Act. Highly touted as the economic panacea, its surface appearance is meritorious, but after the over-optimistic political rhetoric fades, the rational mind discovers the truth that it is nothing more than a dismal reprise of the failed stimulus initiative of the early Obama administration now seen to have wasted vast sums of hard-earned taxpayer dollars. In supporting such excessive and wasteful spending, Senator Cardin displays his inherent philosophical error shared with the majority of the Democratic Party and the Obama machine, that Americans are unable to guide their own lives and need the all-encompassing wisdom and benevolence of father government to solve their problems and create lucrative employment. In sharp contrast, Daniel Bongino passionately holds forth the founding principles of American free enterprise where every citizen has control over their own destiny abiding unshackled by government intrusion and hindrance for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

One might question how an “ex-cop” can bring such desperately needed, yet seemingly impossible change to a system widely viewed as severely crippled. Bongino claims no messianic quest; however, listening to his common sense discussions, one gains a solid sense of his unique earnest presence, essential knowledge of the issues, a reassuring strength of personal fortitude for political battle endurance, and an unwavering conviction for traditional American ethics in public service. There are those who scoff at his apparent lack of legislative experience. However, all any intelligent observer of our congressional system has to do is look at the appalling current financial crisis to know that all those long-term experienced politicians have failed their sacred public trust. Moreover, they are essentially responsible for dragging all of us unwillingly to the brink of national bankruptcy and humiliation. Moreover, if Herman Cain, owning no political office credentials whatsoever, can garner enough support to gain the lead in the current struggle for the Republican Presidential bid, then Daniel Bongino deserves equal respect. He is the only one so far with the guts to challenge Cardin’s alleged impregnable bastion of funding that is 70% comprised of out-of-state big money supporters and political action committees. (1)

Possessing an impressive education in psychology and business administration, in tandem with the personal attributes listed above, Daniel Bongino has, in valuable addition, the formidable secret service asset of acute discernment and awareness of all that is of prime importance for safeguarding and developing America’s productive and prosperous future. His cutting-edge experience honed by Presidential protection assignments has bred a unique capability to cut through the smokescreens of political chicanery to grasp the heart of an issue for street-smart solutions long evasive to most career politicians and consultants lacking such seasoned ability. I urge all those seriously concerned for intelligence, responsibility, and ethical activity in our government to join Daniel Bongino to ride his new wave of honorable and decisive legislative action in accord with the cherished traditions of America’s Founding Fathers.

.(1) See http://wp.me/pXvyI-at for detailed accounting of Ben Cardin’s 3rd Qtr 2011 FEC contribution report.

Jerry Clifford, the Word Guru

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  1. Duncan says:

    I think your opinions are quite interesting, I enjoy reading what you write. Hope to hear more from you. Subscribed.

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