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Communism in America – Obama’s Covert Partner For “Change”

For those of you duped by the mainstream American media, whose reprehensible bedroom exercises with Fuhrer Obama’s 4th Reich marks an historic low in journalistic ethics, here is a taste of our disingenuous leader’s bent toward a fresh new refurbishment of our old friend Communism. Continue reading

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Islamic Control of Egypt’s Military Insures Failure of Democracy

You are either certifiably blind or you are far worse in exercising complicit subversion in league with Fuhrer Obama’s subterfuge crime of covert establishment of Islamic fundamentalist control of Egypt. Continue reading

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Christians need to adopt a Christ-like position on abortion

Too many of you shallow Christians, sincerely, but erroneously believing you need to pronounce judgment, are blowing out knee-jerk reactions based on thoughtless, heartless, and oppressive religious party lines …. It is meritorious to take a stand for righteousness and preserve morality in our nation, but it is time to get realistic about what Jesus really wants …. Continue reading

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Refuting the Liberal bias against Newt Gingrich

Mr. Robinson you make Obama proud. I am certainly not enamored with Newt, but you trash him for being shallow, yet this article contains 8 major points of disagreement with Gingrich that are equal to or shallower than that of which you accuse him. Moreover, my main point is not to defend Newt, but to expose your detrimental leftist bias tainted with cutesy personal denigration. A point-by-point review: Continue reading

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America in Peril: immorality runs rampant while the church slumbers

America has a bigger problem than the exploding immorality. America has a church on nearly every corner, but when one considers the pathetic state of our society, what good have those churches done. There is obviously something wrong in that those pew warmers within those churches have done little to stem the tsunami of immorality flooding our nation. Continue reading

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