America in Peril: immorality runs rampant while the church slumbers

A response to the World Net Daily article, “Pastors charged after telling ‘gays’ about sin”. 02 December 2011 by Bob Unruh. Link:

Important note: prior to absorbing this post, I recommend perusing my introduction page for a proper preface of my diplomatic advocacy mission.

Of course, this police state tactic is a brazen 1st amendment violation. And all informed Christians as well as other knowledgable citizens know just how far America has fallen from God’s moral standards. This decline has been going on so long that it may be irreversible, yet I hang in there with daily prayer and social media warfare against the insidious tide of gay perversion, Islamic subversion, & Christian complacency.

America has a bigger problem than the exploding immorality. America has a church on nearly every corner, but when one considers the pathetic state of our society, what good have those churches done. There is obviously something wrong in that those pew warmers within those churches have done little to stem the tsunami of immorality flooding our nation. These Houston street preachers are doing what millions of other Christians should have been doing for the last 100 years and should be doing now. I am not saying that they should be necessarily camped on a street corner appearing like religious fanatics because there are many ways that believers can realistically stand against sin in their daily lives at work, play, in their circle of friends & at home. This has not been done. Why not?

First of all, the American church leadership is twisted in its priorities. It has built a system based on money and control. It is thought that as long as one believes there is a God, maintains church attendance, pays a tithe, learns to say the appropriate “praise God” once-in-awhile that they are right with God and nothing more needs to be done. This is an over-simplification of course, but the main issue is that getting to know Jesus intimately and submitting to His program for life and discipline has overall been forgotten. Most churches imply a concept that it’s all about what God can do for us rather than what we should do for Him. They concentrate on this life expecting God to provide us comfort when Jesus is attempting to get us to concentrate on preparedness for His return and eternity instead. And part of that prep is learning spiritual warfare and fighting the evil in this world – fighting the battle in the heart, as well as out in our society.

The church overall has chosen to be isolationist in the social struggle which is against the wishes of our Lord. If we are to love others as ourselves and do what is right, then we are to be engaged in fighting for our country’s founding principles that God set up. It’s a fight we ought to make for the sake of others who do not want to live under the oppression of a sexually perverted society or one of tyranny by Islam or the fascist left, but have yet to come to our faith. We need to make this fight for the sake of loved ones and friends who have not the realization of an America in peril.

We need to dig in with total commitment to Jesus and knowing His every desire for us. That is the only way to know how to fight the battle. Forget the allure of this world, learn to sidestep the constant oppression of daily cares of life and get with the Lord’s 24/7 training program for righteousness and responsibility to America, the land He specifically established to keep the light of truth shining brightly to the world. That light is growing tragically dim. Let’s not let it go out.

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For truth, justice, God’s morality, honor, and the original American way,
The Word Guru

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