Christians need to adopt a Christ-like position on abortion

This a response to an 18 December 2011 World Net Daily article that finds fault with the Salvation Army’s (SA) recent published position on abortion. Article link:

Important note: prior to absorbing this post, I recommend perusing my introduction page for a proper preface of my diplomatic advocacy mission.

Too many of you shallow Christians, sincerely, but erroneously believing you need to pronounce judgment, are blowing out knee-jerk reactions based on thoughtless, heartless, and oppressive religious party lines. You are not considering that the SA’s position actually backing abortion in the first 2 instances of the Mother’s life protection and serious mortal defect of the fetal child is a sensitive, caring, and Godly approach, not a corrosive liberal influenced dilution of moral values. Yes, abortion as a radical form of birth control would be considered murder by the Lord, but Jesus has full compassion on the murdered little ones and in both supported circumstances, He takes them into His eternal family and really, that is the most important aspect here.

There is no way that Jesus would choose the death of the Mother to save the child because if for some reason the Mother was unsaved, her continued life allows her a chance for salvation whereas the baby is definitely saved if it dies, but may be lost if it lives. No matter what, these decisions should be between Jesus and the Mother or the Mother and Father. We all live or die based on our relationship with the Lord. The State or other people who do not, and cannot, feel the pain or anguish of these situations have no business interfering.

Now, for the third instance of SA’s position, they are not advocating abortion here. They are only advising serious consideration by the parties involved. This is an important deference to the fact that these stressful conditions are monitored closely by the Lord and it is only to be decided between Him and the Mother/Father. It is no one else’s business. Yes, we as Christians should be concerned about how these actions will affect the overall health of society. Unbridled and legal abortion for selfish and immoral birth control purposes would certainly be significantly detrimental to society; however, the very few instances of abortions such as supported by the SA being quite private and hopefully decided upon with fervent and sincere consultation with Jesus, are not going to have any more detrimental effect upon our society than any other sin that individual Christians commit daily by mistake, selfishness, or misguided zeal resulting in thoughtless and tyrannical condemnation of other peoples actions.

It is meritorious to take a stand for righteousness and preserve morality in our nation, but it is time to get realistic about what Jesus really wants. Too many Christians play churchianity and have no deep and intimate relationship with the Lord. They run off without proper training as the Lord’s disciples had and attempt ministries without substance or Elijah-like crusades that burn people, not save or heal them. I have made those serious mistakes in the past and urge other Christians to heed good advice gained from 40 years of learning from Jesus.

Jerry Clifford, the Word Guru

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