Islamic Control of Egypt’s Military Insures Failure of Democracy

A response to David J. Kramer’s 29 December 2011 Washington Post article, “Stomping on human rights in Egypt”. Link:

Important note: prior to absorbing this post, I recommend perusing my introduction page for a proper preface of my diplomatic advocacy mission.

Mr. Kramer,

You are either certifiably blind or you are far worse in exercising complicit subversion in league with Fuhrer Obama’s subterfuge crime of covert establishment of Islamic fundamentalist control of Egypt. The military is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, so wake up, of course they will suppress anything democratic. Get real. However, I really cannot believe that you are blind; therefore, how can you sleep at night or prevent an ulcer when you blatantly spew reprehensible and disingenuous 4th Reich/Muslim propaganda like this.

Jerry Clifford, the Word Guru

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