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Homosexual Moral Dilemma – Gays Wrestling With Christianity

The gay marriage issue is a monumental and complex issue for our age. It begs a solution that, so far, neither side of the debate seems willing to accept. I agree with the Apostle Paul’s Holy Spirit inspired words in Romans chapter one that Homosexuality is wrong, but I, and all Christians, must remember that all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God. We all had to ask for our sins to be forgiven to enter into God’s family. Therefore, because we all stand or fall on what we do in our personal relationship with Jesus, the spirit of understanding and compassion must be extended to homosexuals. Each of us must make our own decisions on what we will do, or not do, to please our Lord. Continue reading

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Obama Continues War on America – Attacks Arizona Sheriff’s Rights

The most important aspect here is that the constitutional powers of Congress or the Executive branch do not include any specific regulation of immigration and border control. The only power similar is the duty of Congress to deal with naturalization, … Continue reading

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Wanted, a Governmental System that Works – the Siren Call of Fatal Totalitarianism

It is a significant warning sign when people look to a totalitarian state for a system that works. There have been those who have admired China for its ability to render swift and comprehensive decisions in difficult situations. However, as most intelligent students of history know, it is a fatal attraction leading to ignominious subjugation. Continue reading

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Blind and Inept Big-Brother Government Emasculates American Exceptionalism

… Romney’s order of business. He wants America to be what She once was and to exercise the merit based principles upon which She was established. These essential American precepts of our national identity and exceptionalism have been emasculated by a progressive socialist agenda of the mutated Democratic party… Maybe Germany and Scandinavia have wisely formulated their socialism with prudent budgetary restraints in league with a populace having responsible ethics geared toward a genuine nationalistic pride and sense of teamwork for the success of their society; however, that appears to be missing in the last few generations of the majority of Americans …. We need to pull together as a team to save our great nation or She will fade away or worse, be wrenched from our grasp by any number of tyrannical powers waiting in the wings for just such a lucrative opportunity …. Continue reading

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Obama Polls Cast Gloom on Re-election? Consider the Tragic Alternative.

If Fuhrer Obama wins re-election with so much opinion against him, you can bet he will react to this miracle and move on an assumed monster mandate and aggressively seize the day with a tyrannical power-play to complete his 4th Reich. Morality will crumble, Robin Hood economics will reign …. Continue reading

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