Blind and Inept Big-Brother Government Emasculates American Exceptionalism

Important note: prior to absorbing this post, I recommend perusing my introduction page for a proper preface of my diplomatic advocacy mission.

This is a response to Harold Meyerson’s 03 January 2012 Washington Post article, “No longer the land of opportunity”. Link:

Mr. Meyerson,

Your point that Europe’s countries are more merit based than the U.S. fails to be proven anywhere in your article. You may have attempted such with the comparison of the pay stats of Fathers & Sons in Europe and America, but that alleged glow of revelation.left me puzzled and no more enlightened.

Moreover, you are completely misunderstanding the thrust of Romney’s order of business. He wants America to be what She once was and to exercise the merit based principles upon which She was established. These essential American precepts of our national identity and exceptionalism have been emasculated by a progressive socialist agenda of the mutated Democratic party laced with the debilitating social handouts that we cannot pay for without over-taxing our population. Now Obama is moving towards a Communist hint of policy with his rants of class warfare and the resulting disingenuous tax the rich mantra for those romantics enamored by the classic Robin Hood adventures. For the last 40 years our over-sized and oppressive government has ruined private enterprise with ridiculous regulations and high taxes driving these companies offshore or forcing them to outsource their labor. Big-brother government has created a monster in that the majority of people are now depending on that institution for their welfare in too many aspects of their lives. In addition, in most municipalities, the government is the largest employer of those citizens. This is a recipe for disaster.

When the majority is depending on the American Santa Claus for their livelihood and welfare, if the absolutely necessary draconian spending cuts to save our economy are implemented, the skyrocketing unemployment rate would blast our nation into a tale-spin to abject depression. This dreary scenario prevents any serious government spending cuts which then perpetuates the corrosive budget deficit. Moreover, this whole calamity is compounded by the Democratic party’s penchant for buying votes for re-election through the continual promises of more social benefits paid for by either higher taxes or more irresponsible debt increases.

Maybe Germany and Scandinavia have wisely formulated their socialism with prudent budgetary restraints in league with a populace having responsible ethics geared toward a genuine nationalistic pride and sense of teamwork for the success of their society; however, that appears to be missing in the last few generations of the majority of Americans. We need to find a way to reverse that very unhealthy trend. Many civilizations have crumbled from within because of such a majority mentality coupled with government gridlock, elected official’s malfeasance, and a serious overall deterioration of honor, morals, and ethics in society that has been seriously evident. When that occurs, eventually the only way to solve the problem is a resort to some form of simplification of command such as a military coup or a dictator rising to power. It is much easier to make decisions when a few, or just one, are in control. Americans must roll back their selfish desires and take a hard look at our sad condition before it is too late. We need to pull together as a team to save our great nation or She will fade away or worse, be wrenched from our grasp by any number of tyrannical powers waiting in the wings for just such a lucrative opportunity.

Wake up America or lose your cherished freedom and all else this once proud beacon of light and hope stood for.

Jerry Clifford, the Word Guru
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