Homosexual Moral Dilemma – Gays Wrestling With Christianity

Important note: prior to absorbing this post, I recommend perusing my introduction page for a proper preface of my diplomatic advocacy mission.

A response to a 28 January 2011 Middletown Patch article by Carolann McLoughlin. Link: http://bit.ly/ymwNUC


You are, by faith in the shed blood of Jesus and His forgiveness, as you claim, a child of God. You are His by faith and not by any good intentions, attitudes, or deeds. In the safe haven that Jesus provides, we have incredible freedom; however, as the bible says we should not use that freedom to grieve the Lord by actions contrary to His moral guidelines. Therefore, because I understand your quest, I wish to attempt a compassionate, yet poignant commentary on your claim as a child of God in contrast to your path of homosexuality.

You said that no one has provided a satisfactory answer to your question. I have found that the few God believing gays that I have conversed with appear to have ignored the bible’s teaching or have rationalized it to a point of inconsequence in order to gloss over their struggle with their sexual preference. It seems that guilt is pushed aside by closing eyes and ears to the truth. In that scenario, no answer will likely be satisfactory.

The gay marriage issue is clearly a monumental and complex issue for our age. Though I often wonder how such a small minority has been able to generate such huge waves in our societal sea, the dilemma begs a solution that, so far, neither side of the debate seems willing to accept. I agree with the Apostle Paul’s Holy Spirit inspired words in the bible’s book of Romans where in chapter one, he proclaims that Homosexuality is egregiously immoral, but I, and all Christians, must remember that all of us have sinned and have fallen short of God’s standards. We all had to ask for our sins to be forgiven to enter into God’s family. Therefore, because we all stand or fall on what we do in our personal relationship with Jesus, the spirit of understanding and compassion must be extended to homosexuals. Each of us must make our own decisions on what we will do, or not do, to please Jesus.

One very important aspect in the discussion is that Women view homosexuality quite differently than Men. I even view Female gay behavior differently than the Male version. I have no idea if Jesus sees a difference, but I view lesbianism as a far lesser sin than gay male perversion. Now, using the word “perversion” allows most gays to accuse me of hatred, but I use the connotation purely to express my own personal revulsion to what gay Men do with each other. Anal sex, even for guys who do not have a faith in God or follow biblical principles, is extremely repulsive. When I was young and not really adhering closely to Jesus, when gays would just simply proposition me, it was a horrible feeling inside of distaste of sexual relations with a man. It is a natural law written in all men’s hearts, but ignored and pushed aside by those who have fallen to the strong temptation of homosexuality. Now, I realize that the “temptation” vs. the “born this way” dispute can be carried on at length here, but I know that the complex biology of humans can allow genes to be changed to produce a homosexual personality, but I also know that all sin is preceded by some sort of temptation. And the temptation toward sexual deviancy whether straight porn, marital infidelity, or homosexuality is terribly strong and laced with very deceptive logic that the devil is expert in delivering. Therefore, if you believe in God, you should also believe that Satan, the powerful rebellious angel cast out of heaven, roams the spiritual realm sparing no effort and charm to gather souls to accompany him in the future inevitable eternal torment.

I have had many discussions with Women about this. They invariably cannot, or refuse to, comprehend the nastiness of gay male sex. They paint me as the monster, not the actual perpetrators, because I present the sinful and sleazy image of anal sex. Women who love each other in a homosexual manner almost appear natural because I see straight gals dancing with each other and acting out innocent intimacies all the time. Though lesbians usually attempt natural vaginal sex by alternative methods, at least it is naturally vaginal. However, it remains that in the natural order of things when God originally created a Man and a Woman to be sexual partners, He made no provision for a departure from that tradition.

All Christians who truly love Jesus and have committed their lives to Him must strive daily to please Him, yet it is our faith in Him and His atonement that makes us righteous in God’s eyes, not any works that we accomplish. We all must work out our salvation in an intimate walk with Jesus and if we have problems or sin in our lives, He compassionately helps us deal with it. Sometimes it is a quick process, other times a long one, but the essential rule is that it must be an ongoing process leading to a solution or perfection of our faith in Him. Homosexuals claiming childhood status with our heavenly Father, the Creator of the universe must submit the issue sincerely to the Lord and make it an ongoing personal development between each other and no one on the outside looking in should condemn that process. If in fact that a homosexual was born that way, then he or she must commit that to the Lord and follow His direction whatever it may be. As long as one’s condition is placed under the Lord’s all-encompassing understanding, compassion, and care, and all effort is made to live according His direction directly concerning that condition, then we remain right in God’s eyes and no one else has the right to exercise condemnation. The scriptures support this freedom by proclaiming that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

Therefore, it is an intensely personal issue between you and God. However, on a broader social level, gay marriage has the potential of damaging the moral health of society because there is a deeply immoral and Godless attitude behind the scenes in the hearts of most homosexuals. I say this not because of some built-in prejudice or hatred, but after 40 years of increasing intimacy with Jesus, four years of study of the issue, and interaction with gays, it is an overwhelming observation of the reality. I am dismayed at the unchristian behavior of gay opponents that you displayed in the accounts in your article, but the opposition of gays to my statements in support of morality and opposition to gay marriage has been monstrously venomous, vulgar, and hateful. What this means is that there is a moral corrosion of our society that is leading to many different forms of immorality of which open homosexuality is just one. Though I state that the gay rights crusade may corrupt our nation, it is actually the growth of a God-rejecting, immoral mentality rapidly growing in our society that is the insidious germ, not homosexuality itself.

The gay marriage issue is a complex homogenization of several essential ingredients. It wrestles with American freedom, equality, religion, basic morality, and constitutional rights. It is a morass of significantly complex legal, traditional, social, and moral arguments that considerably strains the rational mind in contemplation of all the ramifications of implementing federal legal approval, or a 50 individual state’s legal sanction. The younger generation, because of ignorance of our founding precepts, liberal indoctrination in schools and in the media, and no biblical knowledge, see homosexuality as simply a natural and acceptable moral condition; they sincerely, but naïvely, view gay marriage as a necessary constitutional right. They claim that anyone should be able to love and marry anyone they choose. The subterfuge of innocent love and rights make it appear to many as a justifiable cause. Gay rights activists and their straight supporters have no concept of the older generation’s traditional views, or the beliefs of anyone else who bases their moral outlook on biblical principles, or on thousands of years of Male/Female marriage tradition, and the precepts of the American founding fathers who, though rejecting the tyranny of the oppressive Anglican church that strayed from God’s truth, built this nation on the moral principles found in the bible.

So we have a dichotomy. We have a personal issue between God and Man, and we have a societal issue in that because of the root attitude behind the homosexual freedom crusade, there is a danger of corrosion of the moral fabric of our nation. It is difficult for some to realize, but personal and private gay relationships will not in themselves ruin a nation. It is the blatant and public war of a minority to force legalized homosexuality upon the majority of our population that is the problem. Just like the revulsion I felt in a close encounter with a gay guy wanting my body, if the moral segment of our population is subjected to official government sanction of open and blatent homosexuality and the legalization of an abhorrent corruption of centuries of traditional marriage, they will experience a profound negative psychological effect that contributes to a significant diminishment of national pride and the personal security of living in a morally stable environment. That essential stability is part of the founding fathers goal of being able to freely pursue life, liberty, and happiness. Now, there may be happiness for minority gays if they achieve their goals, but there will be a detriment to the happiness of the straight majority having to endure the humiliation of living in a society that, by virtue of establishing legal sin by deception, basically condemns their version of morality and places a stigma upon them as enemies of freedom and equality because of their opposition to gay marriage. Most homosexuals cannot comprehend this concept because their minds are conditioned to grasping for their own selfish goal no matter what the cost to the majority.

I cannot here, present all of the other aspects of this issue, but if you are so inclined, you can explore my blog site for the several articles addressing the issue. Most gays accuse me of hypocrisy because I have advocated rights for gay couples, but yet opposed the marriage contract. God did not set up America as a theocracy and the founding fathers knew this, but many religious people ignore this important aspect. The rights of gay couples must be gained in a way that aligns with American freedom, yet does not violate our founding moral principles or the centuries old, God established, and overwhelmingly majority ratified tradition of Male/Female marriage.

I suggest reviewing the extensive list of many articles in the right hand column for advocacy on a wide range of issues.

For truth, justice, God’s morality, honor, and the original American way,
The Word Guru

I desire rational and constructive comments and intelligent debate, for they are part of a necessary educational and enlightenment process. Please visit the comment section at the bottom of this page and follow the guidelines for legitimate response.

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9 Responses to Homosexual Moral Dilemma – Gays Wrestling With Christianity

  1. This excellent posting, “Homosexual Moral Dilemma – Gays Wrestling With Christianity
    | The Word Guru” illustrates the fact that u actually comprehend just what exactly
    you are talking about! I really definitely am in agreement.
    Thanks -Dylan

  2. justsid says:

    Gay Christian Network, Gay Christian Europe, “The Children are Free”, “The Bed Keeper”, and the list goes on and on. Jesus did not die and make you the sole proprietor of Christendom. There is a great many biblical scholars and extremely learned people who do not agree that Homosexuality is condemned by the scripture. They in fact, have said, it condemns a type of idolatry, pederasty, and heterosexual married men sleeping with same sex to perceptively avoid cheating or to sacrifice semen to a false god of fertility. I think it’s incredibly fool hardy of some to assume if someone don’t agree with you then they must be attempting to subvert the true scripture which of course you solely are privy to beyond all others. How immensely convenient. No one may ever challenge your perception of scripture because you are always right and they are always wrong of course speaking with the forked tongue of the devil. With that spin I could win every argument as I rush to become Judge and prosecutor of the world.

    • Justsid,

      May I also point out that Jesus did not die and make you a proprietor of judgment upon those He has raised up to speak His truth. The Lord and Creator also made it clear that only a few would grasp His truth and find the narrow path to life with Him and that MANY will come to deceive; among those your precious group of false biblical scholars and extremely learned people who do not agree that Homosexuality is condemned by the scripture. Anyone claiming such subterfuge has lost their moral compass, forgotten the proper understanding of written English, and consigned themselves to derailing God’s purposes for Mankind. The scripture in Romans chapter one clearly condemns homosexuality; it leaves no room for the honest, educated mind to twist its meaning as your alleged learned men have grievously done.

      However, God, though condemning homosexuality, loves the homosexual person and offers them forgiveness and healing if they so desire. Unfortunately, most of those people are too busy attempting, by any devious means, to justify and excuse their chosen sin. Yes, a few people are born with a genetic defect rendering gay tendencies, but most choose that lifestyle because of temptation. Homosexuality is a temptation like straight porn, hatred, murder, thievery, lying, etc.

      All your preposterous arguments for justification just dig your hole deeper and drive you further from God and His healing. May Jesus grant you release from your dangerous delusion.

      Oh, and by-the-way, if you read the New Testament, you will find it clearly stated that many even accused Jesus of being of the devil, so your accusation against me rings quite hollow.

      The Word Guru

  3. Kel says:

    Lots of big words but lacking in understanding. See bradfordsoulspace.org for the flip side. A church that is inclusive ad affirming of lgbt Christians. See http://affirmingchristianity.wordpress.com/ for the other side

  4. Tapio says:

    No the accusations are not misguided or malicious, Neil is merely pointing out that what you did was a poor decision – and posting pornography is wrong.
    As for your views on homosexuality, they are also wrong – I notice you didn’t argue Neil’s exegesis on the above mentioned Bible verses, rather than use words you thought it more appropriate to post pornographic images. No matter how you flower it up your argument is based on fear – (our society is in danger) The same fear that the church has/had when faced with Galileos views on the positioning of the earth, the same fear they had on inter-racial marriage, the same fear they had on the abolition of slavery, the same fear they have with the empowerment of women, the same stuff that fueled the crusades and witch hunts. Your fear is as old as the hills mate and it is based on bigotry/prejudice. There is a lot of sexual immorality and shit around that is repulsive – I don’t argue with you there, but the bible does not share your hatred of homosexuality. Homosexuality is not synonomous with all the crap. I know you feel repulsed by anal sex and have obviously had some kind of negative experiences in the past but you can not use your feelings to make a judgement on this issue. The church has a long history of making bad choices based on feelings. Your way of making an argument is to use emotive words and concepts to keep the fear alive, even your tactics of posting explicit images followed the same thinking. Unfortunately for you the bible does not back up your opinion, there is a feeling of safety in numbers, but at the end of the day you stand alone. Believe it or not the status quo can be wrong. I hope you don’t remove this post like you did my last one – and in the interest of freedom I recommend http://www.lcamyopinion.worpress.com to readers of your blog.

  5. lcamyopinion says:

    I see you keep taking this down.
    So much for free speech…
    Thats why i keep putting it up Jerry. Not harrassment but i testament to free speech as you have outlined in your cpmment policy
    “I hold quite dear our American freedom of speech; therefore, no censorship of dissenting opinion occurs on my blog site.”
    I quite agree with this concept.
    I am challenging the ethics and morality bethind publishing pornography in order to further a moral case. I believe it to be hypocricy. The only time people challenge free speech is when they are threatened by it in some way. I propose that you are embarrased or threatened by what occured on my blog when you forwarded the pornographic images.
    So, how much DO you value free speech. This is the test i believe. I am challenging one of your ideals (the publication of pornography) and the consequences of that publication. I believe that you are embarrassed by your actions and don’t want your readers to know what you have done?
    Anyway Jerry… I’ll try again.
    here is my letter that outlines what you have done. I am interested in your readers response to this tactic of publication of pornography to further a your cause. I think it is indefensible. What say others?
    Dear Jerry.
    Your comment on my post included a link to a page with certain images. The images contained erect penises and penetration. You placed this link, i would assume for shock value, as if people would follow the link, see the images and suddenly realize how terrible all this homosexual sex stuff is. I guess that is why you did not provide any warning of the content.

    We have a problem Jerry. My 13 yo Granddaughter follows my blog and was shocked when she stumbled across those images this morning. Did you really think that was an appropriate thing to do?
In you post above you said…

    “In America they (homosexual people) are free to be gay and can perform any distasteful act they want in private, but that is the extent of their freedom.”

    Well, Jerry, it seems that you have performed YOUR particularly distasteful act in public.and you were NOT free to do so. None of my gay friends would even consider doing what you did in posting those pictures. But then again, they are decent, moral and law abiding citizens.

    The real problem is that you have broken the Law (both US and Australian) by publishing pornographic images to minors and you have seriously contravened the terms and conditions of use of WordPress Blog Sites.

    At the moment i am still decidedly upset and concerned for my granddaughter. I am tempted to ask that wordpress remove your Blog but i guess i should calm down before i do anything rash. I would , however, ask that you publish this note together with an apology to my granddaughter which would, for me, settle the matter.

    I’m sure that your Christian humility and willingness for honest self examination and repentance will assist you as you think about my request.


    lcamyopinion says:

    oh…luckily, Sarah who posted earlier to express her abhorrence at what you had done, took a screen shot of your response where you defended you actions thereby admitting that you had sent the image. The fact that you have taken all that down shows that you are worried. 

    It also shows your “free speech” stand up for the sham it is. 
But… i am awaiting wordpresses advice. We will see where it goes. 

    All you really need to do is leave this letter up and apologize. 
Your pride getting in the way?

    Jerry Clifford says: 
6 February 2012 at 8:17 pm 

If your comments had merit, intelligence, realistic substance, educated opinion, or spiritual relevance, I would post them to the site. Even it was honest and poignant criticism, I would leave them on. However, your accusations are totally misguided and malicious; moreover, you are blind to the fact that I directed my comment & links specifically to you and your immoral support of a sin clearly condemned in Romans ch 1, not to anyone else. If you are going to publicly air your opinion on a controversial issue, you must be willing to handle the response and police your sight. If something would be offensive to others, you need to remove it. It’s your responsibility to handle whatever ends up on YOUR site. I have no idea that you are going to have minors monitoring your site, nevertheless, I am not held responsible for what you cannot control on your own site. WP clearly has a process for reviewing and deleting any comments you don’t like; therefore, you need to responsibly monitor and control the content. 
Best regards, Jerry 
Jerry Clifford Professional Management Solutions Southwestern America 340-690-3459

    lcamyopinion says: 
6 February 2012 at 8:26 pm 

As I said, I await Word Presses response. I guess they will let you know. but thanks again for confirming that you did actually forward the offending material.

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