Liberal Deception Strikes Again, Now Romney Despises Civil Servants

This is my response to a typically irresponsible and deceptive article by the notorious die-hard liberal, Eugene Robinson in the Washington Post opinions section. I am basically not a Romney fan because I side with JFK liberalism and I believe Romney to be a spoiled rich kid who is out of touch with the poor and the middle class. However, I believe he is, at least, a representative of the free-enterprise system that made America great. He is the common sense alternative to Obama fascism, Islamic sympathizing, and dismantling of American exceptionalism. Peruse Robinson’s subterfuge at:

As often occurs Mr. Robinson, your soul sell-out to liberalism seriously taints your common sense. Moreover, it actually paints you as quite ignorant or is it rather, a possibly significant diabolical ploy?. Romney’s statement concerning the bus driver and the DMV clerk has nothing to do with your invented disdain for public servants. It was purely a relative comparison in a legitimate and appropriate repudiation of Obama’s irresponsible fascist proclamation. Romney could have referenced the inanimate school bus instead of its driver and you would have vilified him for his disdain of school buses.

How ridiculous it is to fabricate senseless false accusations solely for partisan politics. Ah, but that is American politics isn’t it? Even the immortal icon of American philosophy, Thomas Jefferson, was viciously smeared by opponents as if he was the devil incarnate. However, what is worse, the diabolical alternate, is that you likely know your attack is groundless and deceptive, but it is what you must do to fight the battle to establish Obama fascism. Your dishonesty will eventually return karmically upon you for a much-needed wake up lesson. America is in trouble because of rampant dishonor and immorality. Why contribute to that tragic tide? Wake up before it is too late.

Jerry Clifford, the Word Guru

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