Common Sense Evaporates and I.Q.s Drop in Akin Furor

It appears that the emotional drama of our political scenario is breeding blindness and erroneous accusations on yet another front. Both Michael Gerson and Kathleen Parker, in Washington Post articles, seem to be losing perspective in the guise of informed opinion. I believe they are instigating further misconception concerning Todd Akin’s controversial statements. I am not a supporter of Akin, he has a communication problem that illuminates his lack of qualification for the Senate. However, because I champion common sense and the truth, I believe his claims have some merit and he does not deserve the severe criticism for the content of his statements.

Some are upset that he referred to rape as legitimate, but I intrerpret his intent as a reference to valid or ligitimate reporting of a rape. Was a woman’s report truthful? What is it truly a rape or a fabrication based on some discrepancy between the man and the woman, or was it a power play by the woman similar to cases like the Kobe Bryant situation? Of course, these cases are very difficult to decide because it is just one person’s word against another – not easy to prove.

Yes, I do know that most women are honest with their reporting, but the point is that Akin was not, at all, diminishing the brutality of rape, he was simply qualifying the origin and validity. Moreover, the issue of statutory rape between consenting couples as opposed to “forcible” rape clouds the origin as well. Therefore, Akin in a bold, but bumbling attempt at candid and open serious discussion of a difficult subject, was not violating any social protocol. We have far too many pundits who are just far too anxious to vilify candidates these days.

Now for the issue mistakenly counted as Akin’s total lack of scientific reason or evidence: the claim that “a woman’s body shuts down”. Akin did not present the theory well, but there have been studies on this concept that validate his comments. I will place a link to a doctor’s article on this that provides links to several case studies.

Moreover, the abortion skirmishing intensifies because of Akin’s stance as well. I believe that those who demand complete abortion prohibition are being unrealistic because it is necessary in some cases and should be the woman’s decision. She must stand or fall on her own before God by her own path. However, what should be banned is abortion as a means of birth control and the government funding for this murderous procedure. See my article on abortion on thisa site for more details.

Finally, Akin’s remarks have merit because the instances of pregnancies as a result of rape are extremely rare as you will see in this documentation:

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Jerry Clifford, the Word Guru

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    It’s not common these days to find this type of information. I’m glad I stumbled upon your website. Keep up the good work!

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