Liberal Hand-wringing over Armed School Security

This is reactionary post is a necessary balancing response to a 01 January 2013 Washington Post opinion article by Aaron Kupchik, an associate professor of sociology and criminal justice at the University of Delaware.

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This façade of legitimate journalism is pure and creative liberal limp-wrist subterfuge. It is far better to implement on-site physical measures to prevent another Newtown disaster than delay such tactics speculating about the results of frivolous and specious studies attempting to discredit the only proper way to defend against lunatics.

Moreover, even more ineffective is wrangling endlessly over useless knee-jerk legislation for more gun control procedures that only serve an appearance of problem solving to bolster the images of vote-hungry lawmakers. The rabble cries, “Do something!” Do what? Anything – just anything to appear to be caring and responsible legislators. Right. How foolish and irresponsible? Properly instituted, staffed, and designed facility security is the only chance for effective deterrent to tragedy.

I believe the reason that Columbine and Virginia Tech had a problem was that there was incorrect control of the facilities. These, and other institutions, need a similar configuration like that of airport security where there is a only one access & exit point. That is not easy to attain in existing schools designed in wide-open access mode, but can and should be done. Nevertheless, an armed guard at schools is essential in this bizarre modern era.

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Jerry Clifford, the Word Guru

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One Response to Liberal Hand-wringing over Armed School Security

  1. Lorie Crane says:

    Those who know the world of school security are already predicting what comes next: A strong reaction — maybe an overreaction — by parents, schools and legislators who want to take action. Politicians will be elected on platforms of school safety. Vendors will turn up with technology and security plans to sell. Schools will rewrite their crisis plans and run extra drills.

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