Black Leadership Perpetuates Racial Inequality

This is a response to Eugene Robinson’s July 16, 2013 Washington Post article, “Black boys denied the right to be young”. Link:

Mr. Robinson, you speak out against racism; however, your disingenuous article displays flagrant bias and racism by defending people who, overall, continue to cling to the “oh poor me” philosophy and anti-social conduct. Your leaders such as Jackson and Sharpton wage a never-ending crusade to maintain Black dependency and second-class citizenship for unethical political purposes. They deceptively influence Blacks who then follow their irresponsible advocacy to perpetuate the racism you allege in this article.

There is no reason that Blacks cannot rise to equality such as the Asians have. There is enough legislation and enough color-blind people in America to allow this. Fire the enablers and encouragers like Jackson, Sharpton, and others in order for the rise to equality and independence to begin. Because of their hypocritical leadership, Blacks have kept the stigma alive by leading the nation in ignorance and crime. Eugene, it is long past the time to get your head straight and end the blame directed at someone else. It is your own people stoking and maintaining the race card fires. You must police yourselves. Take responsibility for your philosophy and action. Then Blacks can achieve equality they deserve as an integral part of humanity, but are denied because they behave in a manner that appears to many that they do not deserve it.

Who is to blame for that? It is certainly not modern society. Blacks foolishly adhere to an American colonial backlash that is tantamount to foolishly and torturously beating a dead horse. It is time to grow up and gain independence in an ethical, responsible, and honest manner by proper leadership and Black community integrity. Those like Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Susan Rice, Clarence Thomas, and many others have proved this by their actions and results. No one gets what they want by simply blaming and hating others; they take control of their own lives and make it happen. Blacks need to develop that ideal and implement it. It is not easy overcoming the unfortunate stigma built by irresponsible Black behavior and unproductive and corrosive retribution-based hatred toward Whites exhibited since emancipation, but it must be done. No one can do it for them. They must do it themselves. American culture will allow it, but will the self-serving, political agenda driven demagogues like Sharpton and Jackson allow it?

Now of course, many political-correctness junkies will maliciously accuse me of bigotry because of my blunt, objective honesty. This signifies a more serious problem. America is in ethical and moral decline when the mere statement, “he looks black” can be construed as racism or detrimental profiling. Even worse is the fact that a television network will subversively edit a 911 tape to emphasize that statement for the express purpose of fomenting racial tension. This is an outrage far worse than Mr. Zimmerman being suspicious of a young Black wandering at night in a neighborhood that has been the victim of chronic crime perpetrated by Blacks. Wake up America before it is too late. This once great nation is marching on a slippery path to its ignominious demise because of these racial conditions coupled with many other immoral and dishonest governmental and societal practices. Who will step up with the courage our founding fathers displayed to reverse this apparent inexorable trend?

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For truth, justice, God’s morality, honor, and the original American way,
The Word Guru

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