What Happened to Obama’s Promises For Change?

This is a response to Rick Moran’s, April 13, 2013 American Thinker article, “ What happened to all those Obama SOTU Speech Promises? Link: http://bit.ly/14ucEwW

Obama delivers “designer” speeches. They are specifically crafted for an illusion of meritorious goals; however, they are purely disingenuous exercises in expansive political rhetoric. In plain English, he’s a notorious and incurable liar. There is no intention to do anything other than to achieve the nefarious back-room agenda of his puppeteers – a socialist state leading to a police state, leading to America’s demise wherein the unethical power brokers can buy her for pennies on the dollar.

Moreover, as for the elections, I was in South Florida for the last fiasco. It appeared like an intentional program of reprehensibly sluggish voting procedure, but I cannot imagine why. If it is just a gross incompetence condition, that is difficult to believe because of the many years of voting technology improvement. If it was lack of funds for more voting machines at each polling place, that would signal an egregious mismanagement of tax dollars. No matter what the reason, it was totally unacceptable, not to mention unnecessary and absolutely ridiculous. We are hamstrung by a broken and unethical government that insists that it grow larger with more control so that it can theoretically provide more service and entitlements, but it will only create larger problems and possibly even new and “better” entanglements.

Moran claims that Obama has become impotent. Error, Obama is quite the opposite – he only appears that way to mask the devious subterfuge of his never defined “fundamental change”. Like Dennis Miller says, “The ship has left the dock – it’s over”. Unfortunately, America is doomed because of the immoral, atheistic, and ruinous liberal philosophies like those used to destroy Detroit and North Korea. Begin developing your plans for coping with terribly rough seas ahead!

Best regards,
The Word Guru

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