Lunatics Advocate Backing Disastrous Syrian Strikes

This is a response to Michael Gerson’s absurd Washington Post article, “A stand for Syria — and Obama”. Article link:

Michael, your argument is patently absurd and totally erroneous. For congress to approve of Obama’s planned disastrous Syrian caper simply to save presidential “face” would be winning a skirmish, but losing the war. Obama’s thoughtless saber-rattling must not be rewarded. In addition, it would reinforce inept and reprehensible foreign policy. On the contrary, if Congress repudiates the Liar/bumbler-in-Chief, it will show the world that at least someone in our government has some common sense. Moreover, the will of the American people would finally be considered and realized. At some point, we may be able to elect a leader who actually is presidential. Someone with true dignity, honorable statesmanship, street-smart ethical intelligence, & steeped in proper American founding tradition. Likely a miracle, but those do occur periodically.

Best regards,
The Word Guru

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