Obama Attempts Repeat of 1800’s Japanese Gun-Boat Diplomacy Folly

This is a response to Eugene Robinson’s wayward Washington Post article, “The Syria question Congress must answer”. Article link: http://www.wapo.st/158nGGf

Get real Eugene, the Syrian rebels are violating the Geneva Convention with humiliating & grotesque executions of Syrian soldiers, so Assad, is punishing them “in kind”. Moreover, I am no fan of Assad, but in fighting the rebels, he is only doing what even the U.S. government would do if a contingent of its people revolted. This disingenuous media hype about Assad “killing his own people” as if they were innocents having coffee at a sidewalk café being blown away by a passing Syrian Army tank is reprehensible deception. Moreover, America has no business intervening in their civil war, especially since the obvious outcome, to anyone with a pulse, is Jihadist rule if Assad falls.

Lastly, consider the event of a rebel take-over by the non-Jihadist faction. Having no qualms about those abhorrent executions, is that the proper mentality of a new government that America can support? It would be a retribution blood bath like the French Revolution. If Assad is toppled, we are guaranteed another quagmire like Iraq, Libya & Egypt. Our administration foolishly and erroneously believes that the concept of free democratic governmental principles are understood by the rest of the world. This erroneous and terribly presumptuous theory continues to be proved seriously incorrect. The Mid-Eastern civilizations, steeped in centuries of non-democratic society have no clue what it’s all about. America cannot just fire a few missiles and demand democracy overnight or even a few hundred years. U.S. Navy Commodore Perry, in the 1800’s tried gun-boat diplomacy with Japan and we all saw the disastrous results of that policy blunder.

Best regards,
The Word Guru

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