The GOP a Danger to Democracy?

This is a response to Anne Applebaum’s  03 October 2013 Washington Post Opinion article, “The GOP endangers democracy”. Article link:

Ms. Applebaum dismisses the GOP as an angry minority threatening the foundations of democracy. Please spare me. I recall that our founding fathers also bore the stigma of an angry minority. I thank God that they were. I am sure that many a Tory sneeringly dismissed them right up until the trapped British oppressors surrendered at Yorktown. However, I will grant that today’s America is not what those illustrious founding gentlemen envisioned or desired; therefore, I am in the minority, though not angry, just disillusioned by the American public’s and the politician’s (both sides of the isle) rampant loss of honorable conduct, historical perspective, and common sense necessary for a healthy republic.

Ms. Applebaum sets forth an apparently reasonable argument for the legitimacy of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). She points out its passage by the House and the Senate, that it sports the president’s John Hancock, and that it found approval in the Supreme Court. Of course, that three-pronged process has the ring of the exemplary American system. Constitutionalists should approve of it and we, as a law abiding society, should accept and comply with it. However, just as a clever attorney could make Jesus appear criminal, the ACA sales pitch and legislative process has been corrupted by diabolical legal minds. Moreover, the nearly immediate involvement of the Supreme Court, with Obama’s signature ink not even dry, smacks of something afoul in the barnyard. That is unusual. Just like the early colonist’s subjugation to England’s rule of law that became corrupt, we are now subject to an unjust law born of legal fornication in smoke-filled, Georgetown back rooms and then imperialistically crammed down millions of unrepresented throats.

The republicans have definitely erred in many of their actions. However, they can hardly be branded as a threat to our democracy that blossomed from our nation’s progress (originally a benevolent oligarchy of the educated and landed). The GOP running a minority ploy for their cause traces the footsteps of our founders who fought as a belligerent minority against the existing authority who ruled with a disregard for justice and a proclivity for use of the heavy hand. Our current administration is aggressively operating on the ever-widening map of bureaucratic control. It has diverged from the main road established by our constitution and slinks along the dark path of King George who, in disdain for the colonial “rabble”, exercised total disregard for proper law and procedure. Moreover, the Obama crusade would win the King’s special admiration because of the street-smart, but dishonorable bum’s rush of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) through Congress without any serious examination of the enormous complexity of the bill. It was tantamount to morons buying a very old, huge, expensive home sight unseen without reading the disclosures, CC&R’s, and the contract – a reasonable, prudent man would define that as insanity.

The colonial rebel’s crusade against English “taxation without representation”, and other transgressions, has its parallel today in the GOP’s rebellion against the ACA because the deplorable shady path it blazed through congress smells of modern day taxation without representation. A whirl-wind coercion whipped the legislative process into nothing more than Chicago gang land extortion for protection. There was no true representation of the American people for intelligent and thoughtful consideration of this policy behemoth comprised of a bottomless stomach for societal control and a ravenous hunger for revenue hustling. The president’s prestige was on the line for his perceived sole résumé asset of value for a targeted legacy; therefore, according to liberal policy, the end always justifies the means. If it is rationalized to be necessary that one man die for the overall good of society, then that man shall die, and an agonizing, ignominious demise it will be.

Heavy-handed because, no matter what the Supreme Court was coerced to rule, the ACA’s penalty, uh, er… sorry, tax, for not submitting to the extortion of the utopian health care fantasy constitutes a gross travesty of traditional American justice and freedom. To be forced beneath the guillotine of reprehensibly inefficient and demeaning socialist healthcare or punished for refusal of such madness is not a hallmark of democracy, it is the disease of dictatorship, plain and simple. Now, that is evil enough, but what is far worse is the disingenuous carnival barker pitch that the ACA is all about compassionate and affordable health care. It is not. It is a nefarious subterfuge for government to gain more control of the “rabble”. The government knows best what is good for us. Well, the rabble needs to wake up, re-create Yorktown, and drive the “British” out of Washington before it is too late and liberal big brother has an intractable strangle hold on us.

Best regards,
The Word Guru

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