Liberal Whining & Hand-wringing Over Perceived Redskin’s Insult

This in response to the general uproar over this trite issue and specifically a reply to an 08 October 2013 Washington Post article by Neil Irwin, “Obama thinks the Redskins should think about changing their name. Here’s how they could do it.” Link:

Good grief, Charley Brown, let’s get real here. Yes, approximately 200 years ago some bigots spit out the word “Redskin” in a disparaging manner. Not good, but so what? Poor word usage. The Native American skin was perceived as red, so they are “Redskins” or Red Men – intrinsically not a racial slur. We have no problem tagging African-Americans as Black because, you guessed it, they have Black skin. Would it be a racial slur to call them Blackskins? No. Alternatively, how many Caucasians are offended by “whitey”? Or if there was a “Whiteskins” team? Would Whites complain? I doubt very many, we let it run off our backs – no big deal.

A suggested Fox News headline: “American majority held hostage by offended minority”. Can we tolerate the “Racist” Washington Redskin’s callous treatment of Native American’s sensitive feelings? Spare me, please. This ridiculous name change crusade is nothing more than limp-wrist liberal foolishness. From the team’s inception, the “Redskin” name was never meant as a racially derisive term and for 81 years it never has been considered as ridicule by any of the fans or the general public. The logo accurately and fairly portrays a noble Native American. It is actually a tribute to our Native Americans even though Obama, the minority Oneida Nation representatives, and an obscure tribe on the Pine Ridge Reservation take offense. Moreover, America is a nation based on majority rule, not to be coerced by minority tantrums. Many do not like Obamacare and feel it extremely offensive, but will Obama and the liberals recognize that minority that is far larger than the Native Americans? Hell will freeze over first. That proves the disingenuous nature of this bogus “hurt feelings” campaign.

It is the usual subterfuge of the race card and the doctrine of “appearance over substance”. This is the standard gambit that liberals employ to preserve their undeserved reputation as the ambassadors of fairness, good-will, compassion, and social consciousness. There are many things in life that we don’t like and find offensive that, in the long run, just don’t matter. If America is to ignore or revoke our founding principles of majority governance, then we open ourselves up to endless anarchy and extortion from every lunatic fringe with loud voices whining about every little problem. It would be mass confusion. So what? A few people get offended. Get real and grow up. To quote Don Henley in the Eagles tune: “GET OVER IT”.

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3 Responses to Liberal Whining & Hand-wringing Over Perceived Redskin’s Insult

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  2. get smart says:

    There is a pejorative for every minority group, sometimes several. If redskin is not the pejorative for American Indians, what is?

    • I understand that it appears to be a pejorative to you; however, consider the case of references to African-Americans, they were called Negroes, then Colored, then Blacks which could easily be “Blackskins” as well, but the only true pejorative has been the offensive tag: “nigger”. Sorry to actually have to use that derogatory term, but it was necessary to make the point that I seriously doubt that using the name “Redskin” comes nowhere near the disdain expressed when hurling the “N” bomb. So let’s get real here.

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