Redskins Controversy Harbors Deeper Threat to American Liberties

This a response to a reader’s recent comment on my blog site article concerning the American Liberal’s ridiculous fetish for alleged ethnic insults resulting from sports team names such as the Redskins. Article link:

My reply triggers a farther reaching treatise on the assault on the essential American founding principles and our unique basic liberties.

Dear Commenter,

I understand that, to you, the term “Redskin” appears to be a pejorative; however, let us consider references to African-Americans. They were tagged Negroes, then Colored, then Blacks which could easily be “Blackskins” as well, but the only true pejorative has been the offensive tag: “nigger”. Sorry for the need to use that derogatory term, but it was necessary to make a point: I seriously doubt that using the name “Redskin” comes anywhere near the disdain expressed when hurling the “N” bomb. So let’s get real here, especially because there are truly important issues to solve in our society. But wait, those are too difficult and require far more intelligence, common sense, honor, boldness, bravery, and creativity than modern politicians can muster.

America was built upon those meritorious traits listed above. It became a respected world power because of those timeless principles. From my apparently minority perspective, I cannot fathom why the liberal machine insists on a quantum departure from that which created and matured our great nation in order to further their nefarious politically correct nanny-state agenda. Could it be that the reason is for pure power & control? Oh yes, I’m not introducing new and cutting edge headlines here; however, the Paul Revere message of danger must be continually broadcast so that retain a pulse in soldiers of the battle against the liberal crusade that parallels communist philosophy. Their leadership spews lofty, but disingenuous utopian dogma that establishes visions of the masses living in the hope of a happy and comfortable life that never achieves reality. Only the preachers benefit from the scheme.

Again, it is no news that the liberal, progressive entitlement society does more to produce votes for the product barkers than it does to provide the good life for their constituents. My point is that the only way to reverse the deterioration of original founding ideals is to hammer incessantly upon the need to do so. Never give up. If we, “who hold these truths to be self-evident…” grow weary of the fight for our country’s vital initial ideals, we will ultimately lose them. President Reagan said, (paraphrased) “each generation must struggle to preserve our cherished American freedom…” or it will succumb to all the evil forces aligned against it.

Maintenance on our all-important liberty is similar to the law of physics (Entropy of the System) that states, “Whatever is left to itself, will deteriorate” and if heat is not continually applied, an object will grow cold. Our muscles atrophy if we don’t exercise. We starve if we don’t eat. We get sick if we neglect proper nutrition and rest. Our dirty dishes will not wash themselves. The garden will die if it lacks sufficient water and it will choke from weeds if no control effort is performed. The car engine will blow if you forget to maintain the proper oil level. Well, you get the point, unless you are one of the far too many ignorant soles being bred by our liberal establishment for the last 50 years.

We are facing three major problems and each are related to a common root. First, we have a huge segment of our society that is totally clueless to our founding concepts and the basis of our bill of rights. There is no way to preserve our constitutionally protected way of life when the citizens have no idea what that means and why or have been misled concerning proper interpretation of the constitution.

The second problem is that the same wayward group does not understand the close tie between God’s biblical precepts and all the identical principles incorporated, by benevolent subtlety, in our bill of rights and our basic statutory laws. Opponents argue that our constitution does not mention God. Well, duhhh, there is no need to obviously drop His name when all the content is right out of the bible. Oh yes, the detractors have conveniently failed to read the bible or when they do, their agenda prevents an honest interpretation.

The third significant issue: We need a citizenry that remains true to the God that empowered America. We need to live by the creed, “In God we trust.” The modern liberal interpretation that allows repression and bans on nativity scenes or prayers at a school or public function is totally the antithesis of the founder’s intent. No, I do not recommend establishing a theocracy, that concept was anathema to the founders. I simply stand by the first amendment’s proper interpretation that government has no business establishing, controlling, or preventing anyone’s spiritual creed, expression, or harmless actions, nothing more or less. Moreover, I do not believe that a nation crowded with churches is either the ideal or an answer. America now sports nearly a church on every corner, yet immorality maintains an ever-increasing march toward dominance.

The sole reason behind these fascist crusades is purely one of a banishment of God and His moral codes from our society that will lead to rampant and corruptive perversion. The fight for homosexual legitimacy and gay marriage is one example. They want to erase the “In God we trust” statement and establish an atheist state. An atheist state is what is highly conducive to immoral practices and oppressive ideologies such as communism, socialism, and fascism. The first amendment was crafted specifically to prevent religious oppression like that of the Catholic Church before Luther’s influence, the Church of England’s heavy hand that prompted the Pilgrim’s flight, or the Anglican Church’s fanaticism during the American colonial period.

The first amendment freedom of religion provision did not mean exclusion of religion and certainly NOT exclusion of morality. That vital morality is born from biblical principles. The liberals want freedom FROM religion, but that is not the original American ideal. However, I realize that too many wayward religious leaders have publicly weighed in on this subject with skewed ideas that do not properly reflect what the bible states. These blind leaders of the blind are creating an atmosphere of resentment against anything Godly. That is dangerous precedent because America needs to remain “One nation under God” rightly defining God’s truth, not relying on fabricated religious dogma that deceives the sheep and blackens the reputation of God and the bible. Atheists are a rapidly growing cancer in our country largely because of the misinformation and questionable actions of these errant religious leaders.

Now, about laws, I believe, along with a sizeable contingent of patriots, that we are burdened with a massively voluminous and often unethical special interest-serving law code. It is such an intractable behemoth, that nearly everyone violates a law at some time in their life. Law enforcement officials crudely spout the scolding remark, “Ignorance is no excuse for not knowing the law.” Oh, spare me, please. Wake up people, there is no way we citizens can even come close to staying abreast of our colossal legal labyrinth.

In conclusion, let the Redskins retain their long-time tradition name that was never seen as offensive by the majority. So what, if a few PC radicals or some over-sensitive minorities cannot handle it – they need to get a life. Oh, and bytheway, the last time I checked, America is a majority rule system, so you cry babies need to get over it. But far more important, conservatives, Republicans, and Tea Party adherents need to abandon all the divisive rhetoric and actions to form a united front against the insidious corrosion of liberal policy. If not, the enemy will win. America will be stripped and raped. She will lose her vital and essential exceptionalism. She will ignominiously fade into oblivion like so many other world civilizations in history that disintegrated because of ignorance, corruption, and immorality. It is our choice. Can we put our hands to the plow like the wise and courageous founding fathers did? At times, it appears that it is too late for recovery from 50 years of corrosion; however, we must follow the example of Thomas Jefferson and his esteemed colleagues or the consequences could be catastrophic. We patriots must stick together under a banner emblazoned with the immortal words of Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty or give me death!”

I suggest reviewing the extensive list of many articles in the right hand column for advocacy on a wide range of issues.

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For truth, justice, God’s morality, honor, and the original American way,
The Word Guru

I desire rational and constructive comments and intelligent debate, for they are part of a necessary educational and enlightenment process. Please visit the comment section at the bottom of this page and follow the guidelines for legitimate response or send an email at the address link displayed under my avatar.

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2 Responses to Redskins Controversy Harbors Deeper Threat to American Liberties

  1. WordPress is hopelessly flawed in its comment functionality. Please switch (import your existing pages) to Blogger and you will get some traffic. Guaranteed!

    • Hey Doc,
      I have tried to reset the comment parameters, but they seemed already to be allowing comments without moderation. I agree that WordPress has problems, but I am reluctant to move to another site.

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