Appalling Ignorance of American History

This reply to a May 2012 comment by Michael E. Herman concerning my introduction page content is so pathetically belated that it is nearly posthumous; however, guilty though I am, because this type of comment is in such unfortunate current popularity, and for the sake of enlightening future readers, I shall address this wayward soul’s ignorant drivel. It is almost comical that Mr. Herman really believes he has a solid handle on American history. He either has been duped by revisionist historians, or he has ignored the original. Moreover, his flawed critique displays a failure to apply reasonable care while reading my work.

He claims that Christianity and American founding tradition are opposed to each other. Apparently, Mr. Herman lacks basic English language skills or he conveniently employs blinders to avoid any content that contradicts his erroneous agenda. My article clearly explains why and how Christianity and American founding tradition are closely intertwined. In fact, if one studies Jefferson’s life through his hundreds of existing letter archives, it would be clear that America’s establishment was totally based on the Christian precepts of Jesus of which Mr. Herman obviously has no clue. An excellent paperback that defines Jefferson’s life through his letters is “Thomas Jefferson, an Intimate History” by Fawn Brodie, available on-line for $1.00.

Herman then levels a preposterous accusation that I “push” my “biblical delusion” that constitutes a first amendment violation. This is a classic I.Q. gap. Excuse me, but the first amendment protects and encourages my right to express my opinion on this blog site. I encourage adherence to honor and ethical Christian conduct, not establishment of a theocracy. I am sure that Mr. Herman, if he had an opportunity to wield heavy-handed power as a government official, would set aside that right to quash my voice. Hmmmm, his version of freedom sounds an awful lot like communism.

In conclusion, Mr. Herman is typical of far too many modern Americans possessing no clue of American founding history or having proper knowledge of Christianity. Jay Leno incorporates a poignant segment on his program where he interviews random people on the street employing questions about our history. Most of these American citizens cannot correctly answer simple questions about our history or government. Likewise, I believe Mr. Herman is a pawn in the game of liberal media brainwashing, an unwitting student of an errant education system, and a victim of reprehensible examples of pseudo-Christianity as displayed by the wayward Catholic Church that places ostentatious ceremony over practical truth. That extremely influential cult departed from the teachings of Jesus 1,500 years ago. Overall, the church system in America, Protestants included, has lost its way. Its god is money, power, & control, not truth and ethical, proper conduct as Jesus intended.

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