Common Sense Justice for Military Sex Offenses

Let’s keep this simple. Sex cases are purely difficult “he said, she said” affairs, usually with no way to prove the accusations except for the statements of each party. Therefore, establish a procedure with two civilian judges experienced in sex cases, one man & one woman to conduct a hearing – civilian because sex offenses are not inherently military. The plaintiff & the defendant appears before them in private with a bailiff present. NO ATTORNEYS!!! The two judges will thoroughly grill them for the facts and when satisfied that all pertinent testimony has been heard & all evidence has been presented, the two must come to a mutual decision. All of this should be completed within a one week time span. If the judges cannot mutually agree, then the case is closed unless the plaintiff files an appeal. The appeal should be heard by two different civilian judges of differing gender within 2 weeks. The appeal decision will be final even if the judges cannot agree on a mutual decision.

This keeps the system uncluttered & streamlined. It also must only be two judges or there could be accusations of gender bias; moreover, the judges cannot be military to prevent bias from that arena. Worthy judges should be able to discern the truth & arrive at a just decision. If they cannot, then the case is likely weak. Of course, some will decry this proposal, but when it is one person’s word against another, the only way to find the truth is having the parties face each other without hiding behind an attorney. However, if this fails, then the parties must just live with the outcome. Life is inherently unfair & we often must just “get over it”. It is more unjust to force a decision that may be incorrect than to close a case because the case was too weak to reach a mutual verdict.

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