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The New Face of the Once Admirable American Racial Equality Crusade

Racial equality in America has taken on an ominous new meaning and method of achieving it. The once meritorious goal of leveling the field for all, has undergone a gruesome mutation; we have created a monster. Please prepare yourself. This … Continue reading

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Tea Party Trips, Spills Its Bags in the Harbor

An April 26, 2014 Washington Post article by Matea Gold aggressively casts the Tea Party into Boston Harbor with an alarming disclosure of apparent mismanagement and wasteful spending that borders on cavalier misconduct. Article link: It sets a terrible example … Continue reading

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Donald Sterling, Racist or Victim of Irresponsible Media Manipulation?

The following piece is my “knee-jerk” reaction to an April 26, 2014 Washington Post article by Cindy Boren entitled, “Why Adam Silver and the NBA aren’t doing anything about Donald Sterling – – yet”.  Article link: This report along … Continue reading

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Global Warming, Fact or Fallacy?

Global warming, or global cooling? The science of Physics holds answers that the “warming” crusaders apparently ignore. Try a good read: Michael Crichton’s, “State of Fear”. After extensive research on climate data as far back as records exist concerning the … Continue reading

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