Global Warming, Fact or Fallacy?

Global warming, or global cooling? The science of Physics holds answers that the “warming” crusaders apparently ignore.

Try a good read: Michael Crichton’s, “State of Fear”. After extensive research on climate data as far back as records exist concerning the global warming issue, Crichton nails it. He weaves a clever, sensible, & riveting novel overflowing with more solid evidence against global warming than even a devout anti-warming zealot could digest. Crichton’s premise is that government, in a quest for control, creates “states of fear” that are sold with the promise that only government can solve the problem. That sales pitch leads to subversive legislation that establishes oppressive practices for growing government control over every aspect of our lives. Global warming is nothing more than a political ploy for liberal domination & ever-larger big brother government.

The planet is so incredibly huge and its cleansing system of weather actions so vast that the tiny footprint that Man makes has little effect on climate. Moreover, if one studies the physics of “entropy of the system” it will be clear that, without maintenance, all things deteriorate & hot things tend to cool. If you fail to water your plants, they will die; if you don’t feed your pets, they will die; if you don’t repaint your wood siding, it will wear out & rot away, and if you don’t heat your home in dead of winter, it will get colder & colder until you freeze to death.

Therefore, my point is that the earth is ever so slowly getting cooler because the original heat of core magma can never increase without an outside heat source applied. Its original temperature will slowly drop which means the entire surface of our planet will eventually cool without the inner core hot temperatures. It is just like building a fire in your wood stove, if you are remiss in adding more wood, the fire slowly dies to cold ashes.

Now, on the other hand, it is proper for Man to take care of the planet & use its resources wisely. It is smart to reduce auto & industrial emissions that cause choking pollution like I experienced in the Los Angeles area back in the late ‘50’s and the ‘60’s. Effecting solutions for human health protection within reasonably controllable areas such as cities is common sense and good policy, but to think we can control an entire planet as the liberal hawkers of Global warning scares desire, that is a fools dream, especially because it is not necessary.

In conclusion, will Man eventually freeze to death? I doubt it. The core magma is so vast that cooling takes nearly forever, but it certainly will not reheat itself. According to physics, there is only one action possible: a slow cool-down. However, if there truly is some warming effects of Man’s activities, it will serve as a deterrent to the cooling process; therefore, some greenhouse gasses and carbon emissions just might may prevent the ignominious demise of Mankind in the distant future.

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