Donald Sterling, Racist or Victim of Irresponsible Media Manipulation?

The following piece is my “knee-jerk” reaction to an April 26, 2014 Washington Post article by Cindy Boren entitled, “Why Adam Silver and the NBA aren’t doing anything about Donald Sterling – – yet”.  Article link:

This report along with the segment on Fox News last night, 26 April, is a prime example of journalism gone awry. This trigger-happy departure from the essential basic rules of reporting should properly include details and facts. I find myself among other readers and viewers held hostage to hyperbole accusations, speculative interpretations, and reckless commentary presented expressly for high impact effect without offering a clue of what Sterling actually said or in what context.

We should not be victims of yapping heads demanding that we mindlessly embrace their view of the situation. We instead, should be afforded verbatim disclosure of the tape or an accurate transcript, so we can evaluate Sterling’s words & motives for ourselves. Are we readers/viewers just too damned ignorant to understand? Are we in desperate need of those in the media to act as our mentors & interpreters?

Now, add to this mire, the inflammatory comments of league players condemning these alleged repugnant racist remarks and we have a pungent witch’s brew perfuming the kitchen. Therefore, the majority of the public ferociously jumps on the attack vehicle while a few reasoned souls stand shaking their collective heads wondering why we must bear the repression of facts that would allow our own responsible and prudent contemplation. This media and NBA carnival ride boils down to nothing more than good old Wild West lynch mob instigation & compliance.

Moreover, we then add the remaining caustic spices to the smoking cauldron contaminating the kitchen: an illegally obtained recording by an enemy of Sterling. This seriously mitigating information does not even register with the lynch mob. Whoa boys, what is wrong with this picture? Our society is losing common sense, decency, & the rule of law. Please understand. I fully oppose racism and I submit that if due process is followed, Sterling could possibly be found guilty; however, to provocatively try him in the public arena based totally on anecdotal evidence without factual disclosure is a travesty of justice that would make our American founding fathers cry out in anguish to see how far we have fallen.

Our society has evolved, To be branded a “racist” is now a terrible and damaging stigma. Too often, the “magic” race card is brandished as a devious vehicle for antagonism based on a shadowy agenda; therefore, a responsible citizenry and ethical leadership should be very careful to resist cavalier accusations and action that could ruin someone’s reputation and livelihood.

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