The New Face of the Once Admirable American Racial Equality Crusade

Racial equality in America has taken on an ominous new meaning and method of achieving it. The once meritorious goal of leveling the field for all, has undergone a gruesome mutation; we have created a monster. Please prepare yourself. This literary effort is not your usual politically correct softball approach or a one-sided bashing of one particular party. I attempt to speak the truth boldly and let the roulette ball fall where it may.

I grew up in California reared by parents who had nothing against Blacks or any minorities. They instilled within me a maxim that all people are equal. However, human nature is imperfect and we tend to act by our preferences wherein we associate with those we are attracted to and passively avoid those with which we are not fond of. I now live in a predominately Black Caribbean culture. I work with Blacks all the time. I like some and do not like others – it’s purely a personal preference based mainly on their personality, ethics, intelligence, and level of responsibility. I do not associate with them in my personal life because they usually do not participate in the things that I do. Am I a racist? Or am I just human?

I must admit that though I consider myself dedicated to equality, I find my philosophy to be a product of 40+ years of experience that has tainted my feelings toward Blacks overall. While in the Air Force, their abrasive and arrogant behavior was offensive and too many of them hold inverse racist attitudes against Whites that are a serious deterrent to cooperation and co-habitation. Is it right that so long after the civil rights act, we must continue allowing and condoning inverse racist behavior by Blacks? Is it proper that we have leaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton continually implementing the race card to foment class and ethnic antagonism and animosity?

Here where I live, overall, too many Blacks are arrogant, ignorant, unethical, irresponsible, loud, over-emotional, lazy, rude, and murderous. Now, because I describe them in that manner, many would say that I am a racist bigot for naming calling that allegedly displays my hatred for Blacks. However, an objective analysis and description based on observed conduct does not constitute childish name-calling or racism, it purely represents an impression derived from cultural behavior irresponsibly displayed without regard to what effect it might have on others in society. Blacks often cause their own problems by how they behave. Moreover, in many instances, they are victims of those in Black leadership that, utilizing inflammatory pontification, excuse, condone, and encourage antagonistic actions. I may describe them in a way offensive to some, but to the contrary, it is my behavior towards them that should be the defining factor, not my description of them, or one might say, my “freedom of speech”. I may feel that way about most Blacks, but my basic adherence to honor, proper ethics, equality, and basic humanity dictates how I work and interact with them.

I live by the teachings of Jesus, who was definitely not a racist. That is why I can set forth a negative assessment of the Blacks here, but interact with them individually without viewing them through the filter of the overall assessment. I deal with each person without a preconceived idea tainting my view. I allow a person to prove their value, integrity, or responsibility as we go along in the relationship. Jesus boldly & truthfully told people what He thought about their sin or shortcomings. He employed no political correctness, yet He loved them anyway and gave His life to pay their penalty and set them free if they chose to believe and have faith in Him. Therefore, like Jesus, I strive to treat them with respect just like any other person I work with. I speak with them in congenial and professional terms just like anyone else. I do not discriminate in any physical or psychological way. Many of them with whom I work, I truly like in my heart. That is what racial tolerance and equality is all about.

The Oxford American Dictionary defines racism: 1. belief in the superiority of a particular race. 2. antagonism between people of different races. 3. The theory that human abilities are determined by race. Note #2, antagonism “between” races. This suggests that one cannot hold one antagonistic side accountable or guilty, but not the other. Blacks need to admit and turn from their particular brand of racism as well as Whites must repent of theirs. Hatred and racism is a terrible blight on civilization and I pray that someday everyone can come to grips with accepting each other with intelligence, honor, and respect.

Additionally, I believe racism should not be defined by what a person has come to realize or believe by experience, nor by what he may say analytically based on that experience, or even what is uttered in private to a friend. Racism, rather, should be defined: 1. as any substantial act a person commits that causes realistic detriment to a differing ethnic person or group. 2. the refusal to do any realistic thing that equitable justice and humanity demands should be done to provide care, display genuine respect, conduct any interaction equitably, or protect a member of another race.

In America, however, we now see a society that has evolved in an alarming manner that equates to egregious, myopic, and religion-like extremist zealotry for causes célèbres. We have reverted to the days of the Salem witch hunts and the Wild West lynch mobs taking “justice into their own hands. It is more like reprehensible animal instinct of sharks in the water crazy for blood. Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, may be a scumbag and he may not like Black people, but let us be realistic, that does not equate to the legal definition of racism. He has not committed any acts that the American civil rights law prohibits. Sterling expressed inner thoughts in private based on something his girlfriend did that offended him and on something going on behind the scenes, hinted at, but not disclosed in the illegally obtained audio tapes aired on the media networks. Moreover, Sterling expressed more negative emotion concerning Instagram and the girlfriend’s motives than he displayed against Blacks specifically. If he had said, “…F***ing Black ***hole Magic…” rather than “…F***ing Instagram…”, then he would truly be displaying racism, but Sterling did not. His specific animosity was directed at the girlfriend’s questionable motives and her flaunting herself with Magic on Instagram.

I believe that there might be more to this saga than meets the eye. It sounds like his girlfriend did not like Blacks and Sterling knew this. She was simply using associative photos with Magic for prestige and some quest unknown to us for personal gain. What if Sterling was on her case because she was being a hypocrite in her Instagram fling with Magic – just using him. It would then mean that Sterling’s reference to Blacks was in the context of telling his girlfriend not to do this with Blacks because of the hypocrisy, and not said for racist hatred. Moreover, Sterling’s ignorance of proper language skills allow a listener to misunderstand his true meaning much easier. In addition, in a form of support for that theory, Kareem Abdul-Jabaar revealed in a TV interview on Fox that Sterling had invited him to his wedding. I do not think that is the behavior of a true racist.

I have heard reporters quip that this cacophony of attacks upon Sterling does not fall within the parameters of court procedure and evidence; therefore, anything goes. Ridiculous. If that is true and ethical, why do we even have a judicial system? We can try Sterling in the court of public opinion and find him guilty. We can have a vindictive NBA commissioner, void of common sense, sound management principles, and humanitarian consideration, spewing out a punishment far out of proportion to the alleged crime. Silver is trapped in his own incompetence, unethical nature, and wayward sense of justice. He is also caught in a cross-fire of pressure from back room collusion with big money plotters attempting a take-over of the Clippers, and an over-zealous public and media in a feeding frenzy itching for a public hanging. Then, of course, heavy on his head, are all the NBA players engaging in Kabuki theatre and eager to speak their inversely bigoted minds to get their names and faces on TV. I wager that every one of Sterling’s bloodthirsty accusers would be screaming for mercy and proper justice if they were caught in a similar deceptive situation and received such extreme punishment. What is wrong with this picture?

What it boils down to is that we have a situation not unlike the Muslims who riot and resort to violence all because of a cartoon or motion picture insult. We, like the Muslims, are so weak-kneed that the slightest offense sprouts tantrums, public outrage overkill, and frivolous litigation. The punishment dispensed by Commissioner Silver is akin to a petty thief sentenced to life in prison with no parole. The public outcry and attack on Sterling is like the famous cartoon of Elmer Fudd attempting to eradicate a fly by ludicrously and fruitlessly blasting a thousand holes in the walls of his house. It is as an army tank running down a man on a bike who flipped the “bird”. We have become what we Americans originally sought to overcome. The attack on Sterling is a hateful attack on private free speech. Even worse, it equates to action such as police entrapment where a criminal is illegally tricked into a situation that can be used as evidence against him, but is deemed inadmissible by the court. However, Sterling’s case is worse than that, for the entrapment was apparently set up as a devious extortion plot to wrest the Clippers team away from Sterling for huge financial gain. What is wrong with this picture?

Please do not misinterpret my intent; I am not specifically defending the scumbag Sterling, I am aggrieved by the outrageously over-zealous, radical behavior of supposed intelligent, freedom and justice loving Americans. It is a frightening scenario when it is deemed proper to throw justice under the bus for the sake of racial equality extremism. Consider this: we are constrained by a very difficult catch 22 situation. If one speaks out against the lynch mob, he will likely be lynched for being a hateful racial bigot, but if one joins the mob for vigilante injustice, he contributes to the long-term corruption of justice in our society.

I believe that many in that lynch mob hide their own thoughts and beliefs that, if made public, would be considered racist by the Nazi brown-shirt activists. Many of these people prefer association with their own kind and do not socialize with Blacks. Do we brand them as racist because they only hang with Whites? Does the civil rights law require that we must share personal time with Blacks to prove our belief in equality? Is the intent of the law expressly for prohibiting actual negative action against Blacks or any minority? Are we free to associate with whomever we want and free to avoid anyone we want? Must we be subjected to social extremism tyranny that could unethically stretch the meaning of the law to require a portion of our time be allotted to association with Blacks or any other ethnic group? That is a possibility in our future if the current bizarre atmosphere continues unabated.

I can imagine that there is considerable pressure for people to aggressively display animosity toward Sterling simply because they are bent on proving their adherence to racial equality. They feel that simply living a quiet life accepting Blacks as equals is not enough. They think it demands extremism to prove their position of nouveau American tolerance and civil rights promotion. Sorry people, that is absurd. Their aggression, while often hiding inner thoughts contrary to their open claims, is nothing more than hypocrisy. The public hostility against the slightest appearance of racism is a similar condition to that which brought about the crimes committed by out-of-control religious idiots in early America when they “cleansed” the alleged evil witches from New England. If the current trend continues, citizens could be arrested not only for what they physically do illegally, but for what they think. Technology elves could soon provide the means to read our thoughts and I guarantee that the mind police will be just around the corner.

We Americans claim to be on the cutting edge of positive societal evolution, but we are rapidly succumbing to a regression into ignorance and dark-ages fervor for relentless oppressive action such as the infamous Spanish Inquisition where the same attitude we see now caused murderous results then. Overall, in America, for all races and classes, we have a declining level of morality, ethical behavior, intelligence, and education. Honor is a lost art. Far too many of the younger generations have no clue concerning American history or the principles and morality our wise and illustrious founding fathers utilized to establish this great nation. That condition is extremely dangerous for our future. Moreover, I have found that many do not even appear to care about our history or moral values. We are hamstrung by a self-absorbed citizenship caught up in video games, addicted to asinine and vulgar TV shows and films, absorbed in mindless, time wasting social media babbling, and reasonless ranting about things they know nothing about. We are in bondage to hedonism and anarchy seething below the surface as a few honorable souls diligently struggle to hold the union together. Our government is in disarray and gridlock because the issues have become so intractable, polarizing, and partisan that proper constitutional compromise for progress is nearly impossible. The wise and street-smart Roman historian, Publius, observed that historical evidence instructs us that when this condition occurs in governments, they are ripe for dictatorship or monarchy to allow decisions to move forward. However, we know how that ends. The well-known maxim is appropriate: absolute power corrupts absolutely. Do we want that in America? If we do not wake up soon and act responsibly for the good of all, it will happen to us.

I also suggest reviewing the extensive list of many articles in the right hand column for advocacy on a wide range of issues.

For truth, justice, God’s morality, honor, and the original American way,
The Word Guru

I desire rational and constructive comments and intelligent debate, for they are part of a necessary educational and enlightenment process. Please visit the comment section at the bottom of this page and follow the guidelines for legitimate response.

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One Response to The New Face of the Once Admirable American Racial Equality Crusade

  1. You of course an honorable man, whom I consider to be my friend, having spent a number of hours on the water covering each other’s backs. So respect, I would have preferred this para (in which the word ‘objective’ is used twice) to have been written this way:

    Here where I live, overall, too many people are arrogant, ignorant, unethical, irresponsible, loud, over-emotional, lazy, rude, and murderous. Now, because I describe them in that manner, many would say that I am a racist bigot for naming calling that allegedly displays my hatred for some people. However, an objective analysis and description does not constitute racism, it represents an impression that is derived from cultural behavior irresponsibly displayed without regard to what effect that it has on others in society. People often cause their own problems by how they behave, but to be fair that is true of any group or any individual. I may describe them in a way offensive to some, but my behavior towards them is the defining factor, not my description of them, or one might say, my “freedom of speech”. I may feel that way about most people, but my basic adherence to honor, proper ethics, and equality dictate how I work and interact with them. I treat them with respect like any other person I work with. I speak with them in warm and friendly terms just like anyone else. I do not discriminate in any physical or psychological way. Most of them with whom I work, I truly like in my heart. That is what racial tolerance and equality is all about. It is not what a person has come to realize by experience and may say as objective analysis or even what one might say in private to a friend.

    I could say more on this matter, but you get my drift, Sailor!

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