Sympathy for Jailed Marine vs. Quest for Truth

I am a staunch supporter of our military. Moreover, the last thing I want is one our brave Marines enduring the humiliation of Mexican jail time. However, though my emotions and sympathy is strong for Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, I cannot ignore my equal dedication to truth and honor. The Fox news coverage of this sad saga is terribly distorted and borders on brash and deliberate deception. I can well understand a media blitz to build support for Andrew’s release and I usually support Fox News, but there is far too much reality omitted and ignored, while only a narrow range of deceptive facts are being sold on the cable line.

Original news reports stated that Tahmooressi traveled from San Diego to San Ysidro to visit friends, but made a wrong turn trapping him in a funnel into the arms of the Mexican border guards. This “mistake” and the resultant weapons possession arrest makes great fodder for heartstrings sympathy for our Marine and outrage against alleged mistreatment by Mexican officials, not to mention the American Dollars earned by the networks through such emotional extortion coverage. However, examine the common sense facts of how one travels from San Diego to San Ysidro and then returns to San Diego, and a completely different scenario unfolds. The “mistake” theory unravels like a worn-out baseball with the cover blown off by a Barry Bonds center field home run blast.

TV media is only showing the last problematic 1/4 mile of freeway leading to the border. The line is that Tahmooressi came from an on-ramp out of san Ysidro at that ¼-mile point and headed south. That on-ramp is the last one before the border and it is difficult to make a U-turn, but if he came from San Diego to visit friends in San Ysidro, he would have taken the off-ramp that is approximately 1-1/4 miles north of the border – no chance for wrong turn. If he missed that ramp, there is that same one, 1/4 mile North of border where Fox News says that he exited San Ysidro heading South. The cable news eliminates the “arrival” in San Ysidro and covers an exit for there. Fox, as well, should address the issue of a proper arrival. If our Marine, coming from San Diego, missed both off-ramps to San Ysidro, there is something seriously wrong with the story.

If Tahmooressi, like anyone else visiting San Ysidro from points north, took the Northern off-ramp to meet his friends, he would logically leave San Ysidro by the same route with no chance for a wrong turn. Both the Northern and the Southern ramps are clearly marked with standard California signs indicating unmistakable directions. In the unlikely event that he used the Southern ramp to leave San Ysidro, there is no chance for a wrong turn there either. It is only after one heads south for approximately ¼ mile from the Southern ramp that the signs become less clear and the situation becomes difficult.

The media is ignoring those facts and concentrating on the most unlikely scenario that our Marine would have taken if he were on a legitimate trip. Reporters like Greta Van Susteren, say that it was late at night when Andrew approached the border, was stuck in the barricaded far right lane, and could not get through traffic from that lane to make the poorly marked last U-turn. Broadcast videos deceptively show heavy mid-day traffic jammed in between many barricaded lanes for a misleading description of circumstances. Late at night, few cars would have been there and anyone truly worried about entrapment, would slow down enough to see the U-turn opportunity and be able to get across the area without barricades to that exit.

Moreover, the media keeps plugging that he possessed properly U.S. registered weapons. That is irrelevant. Mexican gun laws are brutal with no regard for U.S. registry, and that is a fact well known among gun owners, especially Marines. Tahmooressi clearly broke their laws. Should we condone and excuse law-breaking for the sake of sympathy for our own citizens? In one regard, I desire to follow the rule of law and honor, yet in another way, I feel like we need to do what it takes, even deception, to obtain his release because of a long-standing grudge against Mexican policy.

In addition, if the Sergeant truly declared a mistake and disclosed his weapons immediately, I believe that common sense and honor should dictate that Mexican officials should simply escort him in a U-turn back to America with a “Your guns are not welcome here” admonition. However, because of alleged rampant corruption south of the border, I am certain that the Mexican officials saw an opportunity for financial gain and a way to vent their own bias and grudges against America.

I do not believe that Tahmooressi deserves to be languishing as a political hostage in the malicious Mexican judicial system; however, the story of how he ended up there smells so foul that I cannot help but feel in some way, the Marine is reaping what he sowed. To an intelligent viewer, refusing media manipulation, it appears as if he was either stupid, too drunk, or on some alleged devious mission. Nevertheless, I believe that our government should leverage him out of their greasy clutches for a safe return to U.S. soil and that our brave Marine will learn an essential lesson from this debacle.

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For truth, justice, God’s morality, honor, and the original American way,
The Word Guru

I desire rational and constructive comments and intelligent debate, for they are part of a necessary educational and enlightenment process. Please visit the comment section at the bottom of this page and follow the guidelines for legitimate response.

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