America’s Dangerous Romance With “Thought Police” Mentality

This is a response to a June 2nd Washington Post article by Amanda Bennett entitled, “Snapchat CEO’s e-mails show need to confront misogyny”. Link:

Very good Amanda, you aptly said: “People have a right to think, and in fact to say, whatever they want. People should be judged on their actions and not be penalized for what they say in their private conversations. I’ve read too much about China’s thought police not to be aware of the perils.”

Ms. Bennett was directing her salient remarks toward the Male elements of our society that hold women in contempt and use them as objects for quite less than honorable sexual exploits. However, the antithesis of the quoted mentality displays itself in other unjust social actions infecting our nation as well. It is unfortunate that Amanda’s quoted criteria was totally ignored in Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s case. Yes, he appears to be an old-school scumbag, but his only alleged crime was skirting around what sounded like racist remarks (coerced illegally) and according to voluminous broadcast testimony, he has never taken any actual illegal racist action against anyone. Sterling did not break the law, but he is being treated as a lawbreaker. It seems that in America we are moving further toward thought police arrests and unlawfully punishing acts that are not illegal. This is also like the Tom Cruise film, “Minority Report” where people are arrested for what they might do instead of any actual criminal acts.

Of course, America in its knee-jerk legislative remedies has been doing this since the drunk driving laws were passed. We are arresting people and ruining their financial lives for blood alcohol levels that often would never cause a problem, but we are imagining what they might do. We have created illegal behavior on a hunch of perceived possible criminal actions. This is a terrible undermining of traditional American freedom, but alas as the Germans accepted Hitler’s slowly freedom robbing remedies for social and political problems, we too are headed down that road. Now, maybe we should confiscate all kitchen knives immediately. Who knows when some angry spouse in a fit of anger might grab one and kill their partner. Wake up people before it is too late.

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For truth, justice, God’s morality, honor, and the original American way,
The Word Guru

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