Time for Truth – American Democratic Process is Failing

This is a response to an article on a website entitled, “Gulag Bound”. I discovered this site through reading an inspiring patriotic article by Ann Barnhardt that is included on Gulag Bound. Link: http://bit.ly/1ja94JL

The “Gulag” authors are conducting a crusade for returning America to its original founding principles. That of course is meritorious and the solution to reverse and heal the tragic state of our nation; however, the methods advocated are worn-out and ineffective. We need a solution that works. Link to Gulag Bound: http://bit.ly/1kIQLzS


I agree with your principles and of course, the original American precepts established by Jefferson and all his contemporaries; however, the steps you advocate have been in progress for the last 30 years and we are suffering serious losses in the battle. We will lose the war at this rate. I have personally been involved with the political game for that period and the tide of evil is unstoppable utilizing all current tactics. Our founders saw this similar terrible condition and finally surmised that the only solution was armed conflict.

They risked all in a monumental gamble against heavy odds and if necessary, we must be willing to do the same; however, that is absolutely the last resort. What we face is far more formidable than the early Americans could ever imagine. Our government could easily massacre rebels and massively crush any organized insurrection or secession. We now face four choices:

1. Continue to carry on the current worthless and feeble political tactics with the only results being tarnished reputations inflicted by an enemy blessed by powers of darkness and who possesses financial power, and the ultimate sophistry skills.

2. Bowing in total submission as Jesus did before His captors.

3. Radically restructure our political process to enable ruthless engagement with the enemy. Play to win, because our lives and the lives of our children depend on it. Use the court system for harassing & debilitating lawsuits. Jesus made a whip of cords and ruthlessly drove the greedy sellers out of the temple. We need to take up a “whip” and drive out all enemies of our American founding principles!

4. Engineer the wisest guerilla warfare campaign and underground support network ever imagined by the mind of Man.

The Tea Party, as Sarah Palin intended, owned the correct philosophy to promote and sustain our original founding precepts. However, I believe the Tea Party has sustained serious damage caused by enemies of far wiser, but devious methods as well as some internal misconduct. The current political, journalistic, and legal system is so corrupt that it is beyond correction utilizing the current democratic governmental methods. We must somehow find a new path to restore America. It is actually not new – just not attempted since the first American Revolution. That conflict was a structured struggle against an invader with certain disadvantages in our favor. Now we face a situation in some ways like that of the Syrian revolt. Our government continues a deceptive attack upon Assad with accusations of brutally “killing his own people”; however, our government would react in the same merciless manner as Assad by slaughtering any American in righteous and patriotic revolt.

There are many individuals in our government and society that warrant enemy status. We must identify these cancers in our body and somehow neutralize them, possibly by “Mission Impossible” methods of traps or set-ups to ruin their careers or possibly something better. Who knows, but we must establish and implement an effective solution.

If it comes down to alternate #4, resistance to the current tyranny must be by systematic and intelligent small group hit & run attacks never allowing a situation of a vulnerable bastion like the Waco compound. Throughout history, any central compound, fortress, or walled city is ripe for siege and conquest. There should be necessary involvement by highly trained ex-seals, secret service, or police for training, planning, and leadership. Moreover, one or more psychologists trained in lie detection must be on the team to weed out infiltrators from the government or other antagonistic entities.

The thought of attempting such a long-term covert operation is absolutely terrifying; however, if shrewd and ruthless political or legal action fails, there may not be any other way. The situation is so alarming and disheartening that it is tempting to give up and hide, but like Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, & Thomas Jefferson who persevered and risked their lives to overthrow the yoke of tyranny, if the conditions require it, so must we. For the last four years in my blogs and on Twitter, I have been vigorously advocating against our government’s crimes as well as other immoral and unethical capers & crusades in our society, but like blogger, Ann Barnhardt saliently established, a lot of anti-government rhetoric may in reality be doing “nothing”. I hate to think such might be the case for my efforts. Unfortunately many of us are pinned-down by the heat and stress of modern existence – the struggle to survive, pay the bills, please the boss, get the kids to school, get to the dentist, spend time with the kids, spouse, & friends. There are not enough hours in the day or days in the week. Therefore, when mired in that quicksand, finding some moments for passionate engagement in doing “nothing” is far better than doing the usual true “nothing” as practiced by the slothful element.

Lame excuses? Perhaps. Nevertheless, it truly is tough to establish an environment or control circumstances that enable or allows the essential and necessary radical action. Oh yes, I am outraged by what I’ve seen in the last 10 years and lack the adequate descriptive words to express my feelings for the rampant abuse of power and the monstrously unethical exploits of our nefarious Obamanation in the last few years. The current administration is the monumental disgrace of the American era and possibly on a par with Rome’s Nero and his rule of opprobrium. If from my relatively educated analysis and media savvy perch on the watch deck, things appear ominous, one could safely wager that it’s only the famous, or in this instance, the infamous tip of the iceberg – a massive hulk of rapacious evil lurking in the shadows waiting for the kill moment.

My research findings lead me to realize that our nation is under attack from all quarters. Socialists, Communists, One-world zealots, and Muslims are conducting infiltration and covert take-over of all facets of our government and society. Moreover, efforts by homosexuals, atheists, and abortion crusaders are undermining the basic moral foundations that built this great nation. In addition, to top it off, our Communist/Muslim bred chief executive is the figurehead puppet leading the dark forces of “change”. He is the consummate anti-Christ, not to mention his utter lack of qualifications and experience to assume leadership of the free world. Now, I am not claiming that he is the Anti-Christ of the Bible, but he may well be that dark knight’s predecessor.

Please do not misinterpret my intent. I am a non-violent guy – a life-long Christian, political & social activist advocating for a wake-up on several fronts: the comatose American church system and calling for a sincere and fervent return to God’s morality, honor, & our American freedom and founding values. I finally became aware of the Islamic Jihad threat in 2010 and launched a diligent blogging & Tweeting campaign concerning this egregious scourge as well as the deceptive and coercive gay crusade for legitimizing sexual perversion to be forced upon the majority, and our government’s vile corruption and ineptitude. However, I want to do more. I want to connect with others with similar goals and formulate solutions for winning the war for American freedom and values.

I fervently desire to solve our national and foreign problems through legal, moral, and professional methods however, when they are ineffective, what shall we do? Stand by and watch the ship sink while we wring our hands in confusion and paralysis? As the founding fathers did, those of us who are gripped with serious patriotic passion for healing our nation must gather together for in-depth discussions of our options – a modern continental congress. Armed conflict should be the absolute last resort, but like our founders, we may find that it is the only path.

Therefore, because little progress has been achieved in the last 30 years to return to the American founding principles, the trumpet must sound and the horses must ride. There are thousands of bloggers spewing warnings, untold numbers of armchair patriots tweeting their alarmist 140’s, and nearly a church on every corner yet the rising tide of immorality, government corruption, and erosion of our cherished freedom continues unabated. We need to get out from behind our anonymity and comfort at the computer and commit to the same high risk action that our founding fathers took to gain their freedom and ours. Every day that lacks physical action as we sit tweeting or blogging, though that is part of patriotism, we come closer to the fall of America. Our founders wrote and spoke until blue in the face before they realized the futility of change in that manner. We need to plan, organize, and act before it is too late for action.

Are you willing to admit that the current political methods are useless and that radical new tactics are necessary? Will you accompany me, and those who can free themselves for such a struggle, to gather as a clandestine assembly for remedy troubleshooting? Would you be willing to take up the political “whip” or the last recourse, conduct armed guerrilla warfare against the plethora of nefarious insurgents and those who facilitate their crimes? You might self-righteously argue that we should not abandon the rule of law in this struggle, but I ask you, did not the founding fathers abandon the colonial rule of law in order to establish another rule of law? A better one? We might institute a better one; however, just returning to our original concepts should be all that is necessary.

You must realize that all the current opponents of common sense, morality, honor, and freedom do not play by the rules. We need to play their game to win. Our founders finally realized that and with God’s help risked all to gain our cherished freedom and establish the rule of equitable law. Unfortunately, that equitable rule of law (ERL) is now being brutally abused and ignored while too many remain fighting that battle of futility using the ERL which is exasperatingly ineffective against our unethical adversaries. One cannot win this war by conventional means. It is the height of folly to play by a set of self-imposed rules when your enemy plays by none whatsoever.” Moreover, like a common axiom we hear often: (paraphrased) “It is insanity to continue trying the same flawed/failed efforts expecting different and positive results”. Our founders finally saw the light concerning this concept and so must we. Our current system has failed. We need a new approach that will return us to the ERL.

That is what we face. The overall script in America reminds me somewhat of the film, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” – widespread, frightful subversion of everything honorable, lawful, and moral. The war on terror is a perfect example; we cannot win that conflict utilizing mainstream methods. It certainly may mean promoting the second American Revolution laced with incredibly stacked odds against winning; however, the Bible says that with God all things are possible for those who trust Him with all their heart. God was instrumental in establishing our great nation; I believe he wants us to go the extra mile to save America. I believe He will assist us in doing so, but without commitment and action, He will not. He will only work through us as we take the steps. Whether you believe in God or not, it is essential to believe or at least assent to the fact that our founders utilized Biblical principles in establishing America. Though they were adamantly against a theocracy, God & our nation’s heritage are solidly intertwined and always should be because America is the main bastion of God’s morality and freedom in  the world. So, Islam abounds with Holy warriors, perhaps we can as well.

I also suggest reviewing the extensive list of many articles in the right hand column for advocacy on a wide range of issues.

For truth, justice, God’s morality, honor, and the original American way,
The Word Guru

I desire rational and constructive comments and intelligent debate, for they are part of a necessary educational and enlightenment process. Please visit the comment section at the bottom of this page and follow the guidelines for legitimate response.

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3 Responses to Time for Truth – American Democratic Process is Failing

  1. J. E. Stephens says:

    Excellent article….well written and full of truths. I know exactly how you feel and I believe you are right – our situation is dire. Very tragic that it’s come to this with so many Americans still unaware.

    Let me come directly to the point on my situation. My connection …and hopefully, contribution, to our “state of affairs” is Twitter. My husband and I are practically hermits in the woods, retired, trying to hang on to our health and make ends meet. The best I could do would be to encourage others to get involved in whatever venture is undertaken to save our country. We are physically not able to do more.

    I think you are brave and have a great love for our country…your words should recruit many like minded. I’d love to be kept informed of your progress…I just wish I were 10 or 20 years younger…what it will take to charge up that hill.

    To you and all who believe in this cause – don’t give up. We’re made of tough stuff…just as our founders were…and we must fight to keep America from the destruction already well under way.

    • Mrs. Stephens,

      I greatly appreciate your response, compliments, and encouragement, it helps immensely. Moreover, I completely understand your situation and so does God – at your point in this era, you can only do so much. I am 67 and at times feel like I might not be able to handle an effort more than literary advocacy, but the Lord has granted me excellent health & physical fitness, so I will charge the hill as long as I can.

      Please be relentless in your Twitter advocacy. It seems at times to be falling upon deaf ears, but we must be faithful and diligent to continue the effort to wake up all our slumbering citizens. The upcoming generations need our help whether they realize it or not.

      Best regards,
      J.W. Clifford, the Word Guru

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