Indie Day Fireworks Blaze while American Freedom Erodes

As I gazed last night upon the bombastic display of the identical pyrotechnics I have watched for the last 30 years, I was struck by the fact that most of the viewers had no clue of how the dazzling light show was masking the disaster coming upon America. We are rapidly losing the cherished freedom those grandiose fireworks represent. Our government is out of control with maniacal spending, dishonesty, intrusive practices, and absurd policies that curb freedom and encourage debilitating socialism. These things are reprehensible; however, far more detrimental is the moral decay, loss of common sense, and historical ignorance of American citizens. These grievous conditions will do more damage than government policies because without an intelligent and honest populace to curb government excess, we are doomed.

Freedom demands maintenance. It is like a garden, a home, or an automobile – it must be maintained in order to offer continuing service and benefit. Freedom requires intelligence and knowledge. Free people need to know what freedom is, its origin, and the means to maintain it. Modern Americans are significantly ignorant of those basics. A classic example is the segment of the Jay Leno Show where people on the street are challenged with inquiries that are essential for American citizens to know, such as: “Who was our first president?” or “Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?” These perplexed respondents display “deer in the headlights” expressions while consistently replying with the wrong answer or an “I don’t know.”

For the past four years, I have been studying this issue and working on Twitter to inform the public and obtain dialogue on these issues. It is appalling how much ignorance is spewed on Twitter and how many responses display that lack of historical knowledge or any adherence to morality. Everyone is creating their own standards which is a deadly recipe for societal decay.

Freedom requires morality and responsibility. Without a moral base of integrity and honor, a society cannot go the distance. Eventually it will decay and disappear like other great civilizations in history such as Rome, the Incas, the Mayans, and the Aztecs. This moral base has its roots in God’s precepts found in the bible. The American founding fathers, though not perfect Christians or as some accuse of being deists, knew history and were convinced of how important God’s moral precepts were for a healthy society. That is why the Declaration of Independence refers to our creator and why they crafted the Bill of rights based on biblical moral guidelines and gave God credit for American freedom.

Now, in an attempt to deny the above facts, I hear many ignorant souls retort that because God is not mentioned in the Bill of Rights, my statement is false. However, this mentality is proof of just how dumbed-down our citizenry has become. Of course, God is not specifically mentioned, but His precepts are interwoven in these first ten constitutional amendments. His name need not be displayed to be prove these as God inspired documents. Anyone with biblical knowledge will know. Common sense lost. Knowledge of our history, sadly missing. God and His morality is the creator and the tools that built us and they are the glue that will hold us together.

Further along the trail of morality demise is the gay rights crusade. This diabolical movement is a grand deception feigning human rights, civil rights, and equality claims, but it is purely a devious plot to remove God’s influence in our nation. Gays demand full acceptance as normal when the bible clearly condemns their immoral lifestyle as a perversion of normal and proper Male and Female sexual union and marriage. God loves these people, but He hates their sin. Jesus offers forgiveness and healing, but most gays selfishly dash headlong to their destruction by denying reality, demanding a new morality and government and societal sanction.

However, what is worse is that they are being heinously manipulated by dark, back-room forces behind this new morality that are playing them like helpless puppets. A new order is being built by any means possible. These forces use ignorance and misguided zeal to assist in this process, but once their goal is achieved, gays will be discarded and destroyed because their perceived rights and equality cause is actually counter to the new age philosophy. Homosexuals and their supporters will be hated by the new regime. They will be outlawed and killed to purge and cleanse society. That is the Communist method. That also is what Islamic tyranny would do. The new order will be either a mutated new version of Communism or Muslim oppression, or something even worse.

Many of the misinformed discount these claims as lunacy, but all the seeds of this revolution have been slowly sprouting in every area of our world for at least 50 years. Ayn Rand, in her magnificent and prophetic masterpiece, “Atlas Shrugged” granted us an ominous look at this future. She saw it coming in the ‘40’s; we are now dangerously near the new order.

Americans must wake up before it is too late to save what America was established by and for. In fact, though I hope not and diligently work to avoid, it may already be too late. It appears that we are on track for an inexorable march toward collapse. How long will this take? Who knows? But, if we cannot turn the tide, it will happen just as with other civilizations that ignored the writing on the wall.

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For truth, justice, God’s morality, honor, and the original American way,
The Word Guru

I desire rational and constructive comments and intelligent debate, for they are part of a necessary educational and enlightenment process. Please visit the comment section at the bottom of this page and follow the guidelines for legitimate response.

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One Response to Indie Day Fireworks Blaze while American Freedom Erodes

  1. just asking says:

    i think maybe you are gay with jebus?

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