Scientific Reasoning in support of God’s creative Hand in the Universe and Humanity

I often debate with immoral people and those involved in the sciences who attempt using science as an excuse to justify their deviant behavior or disprove, the existence of God and His hand in creation. They stiflingly demand cold facts from moldy scientific studies published in science journals and allegedly confirmed by equally closed-minded contemporaries in their specific field of study. That is fine for clinical lab analysis of diseases, but those reports have no relevance to observing the physical reality of the workings of the universe in relation to its origin because they do not weigh the evidence in light of any possibility that God exists. If a study excludes any factor that may be essential to the outcome, it is biased and untrustworthy. What these clinical Nazis are actually attempting is a circumvention of scientific logic & common sense wherein one rationally examines scientific principles and subsequently questions how the universe and human life came about without the input of intelligent design and implementation.

Modern scientists and their ardent followers engage in clever and devious obfuscation of the facts to mislead those willing to be hooked and led by the nose. Supposedly learned and wise men wearing the white smock of science, have degenerated into black-cloaked folly while continuing to label it science. They make a mockery of their honorable predecessors like Newton, Copernicus, Galileo, Kelvin, Bacon, Kepler, Faraday, and Einstein. Therefore, wade through a few more warm-up paragraphs after which I will explore the different sciences and their relation to God’s plan.

All we know of human history clearly displays that not one thing that Man utilizes for his livelihood, conveyance, or convenience beyond earth, water, animals, plant life, and fire has been created without design and construction or fabrication by an intelligent being, I.E., Man himself. To believe that any of Man’s tools, equipment, transportation vehicles, communication devices, or personal items could possibly spontaneously generate or evolve from one form into another is ludicrous. As an example, if someone claimed that, if given enough time, a toothbrush could evolve into a hair dryer, he would be branded as a lunatic. No one would be that crazy and ignorant to claim such a preposterous theory.

However, modern scientists are doing just that. They are pontificating in adamant authoritarian terms that the complex and amazingly intricate universe, human body, and eco-system all had their origin in a huge cosmic explosion that set off an amazing evolution of soil bacteria finally and miraculously evolving into Man. A long process, of course, but knowing the infinitesimal evolutionary process recorded so far during Earth’s history, how long do you think it would take for an amoeba to become a Peyton Manning or a Claire Forlani? Probably a million years would go by and the amoeba might have evolved into a virus by then or possibly into a very small worm. If you think that miracles in the Bible or God’s periodically reported modern miracles are fantasies, then the miracle of quantum leap evolution should be considered far more incredible.

Yes, genetic defects can produce evolutionary changes but they are not significant enough and occur with such irregularity and infrequency, that they cannot in wise judgment have sufficient causality to produce evolution like that of amoeba to Man. It is only logical to surmise & deduce by scientific theory according to the evidence of our planet’s history of Man’s creation of all non-natural things, that there must be intelligent design behind the existence of all that we know. And if there is intelligent design behind it all, then the next step of the scientific process and logical inquiry would be the big question, who is it? The Bible provides the answer.

Many claim that the Bible’s creation account is only a fantastic and improbable theory introduced for deception and control of the masses. I admit that many religions strive for exactly that, but the true and honest scientific mind would ask, “Is the creation theory any more improbable than a massive explosion of gas and rock that eventually mutates into living beings of great intelligence and ability?” No. In fact, creation is far more plausible because it involves mechanics and theory that Man understands – creative thought, product and systems design, and then building, developing, or fabricating a product. It is simple common sense that eludes too many modern minds as they perform mental and verbal gymnastics attempting to deny God’s existence or bury themselves in the clamor & struggle for excessive head knowledge or the prestige of their own discoveries and ego building theories.

Let us examine a few relevant scientific disciplines and principles:

Entropy of the system
This is the physics of the natural order and life of matter – the processes that any object or thing undergoes in its life or existence. A garden withers and dies if Man, the intelligent manager does not continue proper maintenance. Left alone, the flowers, fruits and vegetables will wither and die or be ravaged by birds and pests. Your lawn will grow long, gangly, and ugly with weeds if the intelligent caretaker shirks his maintenance duty.
Entropy also includes temperature dynamics. If heat is not applied, any object or area left to itself will grow cold. Usually it is Man, the caretaker, who must apply the heat. God placed in Man the responsibility for protection, care, and preservation of the Earth and its resources, but God is the caretaker for all things not under Man’s jurisdiction and control.

Mass and velocity in a space vacuum
This is an important factor in discrediting the big bang theory because science has proved that once objects in space are set in motion, they do not stop or slow down. They will continue in the exact same direction and speed. The relevancy of this is that our solar system somehow arranged itself in its current order and configuration in complete violation of the velocity/speed in space vacuum rules. In addition, the Earth somehow managed to set itself at the optimum distance from the Sun, and then established the proper revolutions for the essential night and day cycle to maintain overall planet temperature, and furthermore it miraculously set about tilting itself in the proper cycles for summer and winter hemispherical equilibrium. All this is for the benefit of Man? Yes. What a strange coincidence that it amazingly works for our specific welfare. Oh, but it all happened by chance, right?

This is where God’s design and handiwork really shines. The human body is absolutely amazing because of what it does and what we can make it do. You must close your eyes and seriously think about all the parts of our bodies and consider the details, specialties, and functions of each to truly appreciate the wonder of our anatomy. There are so many systems within us that it is mind-boggling to examine them all and understand how they work. Our bodies are so complex and the systems so effective that only a fool or a mind dedicated to ignoring the facts for the sake of rebelling against God can deny the fantastic design, function, and beauty of a being that can perform so many things from astrophysics to incredible toe-tapping touch downs to win a super bowl.

There is no way that such a prime being that can reproduce itself with tiny offspring that can, over and over again, like clockwork, nearly flawlessly, develop all the collaborating systems of flesh, muscle, nerves, organs, and brain could ever have developed by chance or quantum leap haphazard evolution from some one-celled creature floundering aimlessly in primordial ooze. Even evolving from an ape is a leap far too extensive for common sense. Besides, why would Man even want to think he was once an ape. What good does that do? It makes no sense except in the minds of men determined to discount God. God made the animals and then finished with the crown jewels – a man and a woman, to set in motion the population of Earth. It was not a man and a man or a woman and a woman, it was Male and Female, the natural, common sense moral order of things.

Plant and animal life shares much of the amazing systems and processes with man except, of course, that plants obviously don’t appear to have a brain and cannot communicate. Nevertheless, animals and plants are the unwitting servants of man and the whole eco-system works for the benefit of Mankind.

Oceanography and geology
Man depends on what the Earth and its oceans provide in the way of raw materials for an endless array of products and the obviously essential foods and the necessary weather that brings rain to quench the thirst of all living things. God created the Earth and oceans in a balance that provides all that we need. Sure, the weather gets a bit unruly at times, but that is just the way raw nature is and it is up to the ingenuity of Man to deal with it. The essential weather processes could not occur unless the balance allowed periodic severe weather.

This wonderful feature of physics is actually unexplainable and even somewhat illogical, but absolutely essential for human life. In one aspect the rotation of the Earth with its great centrifugal force should throw us off the planet yet we stay on. God created an invisible force field to hold us in place and it also holds an atmosphere within which God mixed breathable gases that contribute to our existence. Otherwise, if there was no gravity, there would be no atmosphere. Without atmosphere, there would be just a space vacuum void with no oxygen to breath. Moreover, the atmosphere creates a very effective ambient light that allows comfortable living and working. Without it the scene would be very stark like the moon.

Have you ever wondered why you see the same stars at night all year long? There are some slight seasonal variations, but it is basically the same star field. You say OK, so? Well, consider that if at one point in the orbit around the Sun you view the night sky and see Orion. Then 6 months later you view the night sky again and, voila, there is Orion again. He might be in a bit different spot, but he is there. Now you again say, so what? Think about it. The last view was at 180 degrees away from your first view and at the last point you were looking in totally the opposite direction than the first view. How is it possible to do that? It is equal to standing in your yard and looking at your house and then you turn 180 degrees and see your neighbor’s house or the freeway, or whatever. That second 180 degree view does not include your house. So why would all night views in the 360 degree orbit of the Earth include the same star field? This is a mystery of God.

In conclusion, all of the above is logical proof based on scientific principles that an intelligent creator, I.E., God was, and is, the mastermind behind all that we know or hope to know. You can know Him as well. Jesus promised that if anyone sincerely and diligently seeks Him, He will touch your heart and invite you into His exclusive family and establish you as an heir to all that He is and has. In contrast to what many religions erroneously claim, there is no heaven for Man. God plans a new and perfect physical Earth where there is no more pestilence, disasters, hatred, thievery, murder, and war.

The new Earth will be a paradise for honor, healthy living, endless creativity, energy, spirituality, and adventure. And it is specifically earmarked ONLY for those who dedicate themselves to faith and trust in Jesus. All others who refuse that gift, purchase themselves tickets to eternal misery out in the cold darkness or others in searing heat of punishment for the evil they perpetrated in their devious lives. God cringes at the thought of what can happen to people and He continues calling out for reason, asking all to come to the banquet, but most spurn his invitation and even mock Him for His kindness. You might retort, “How can a loving God do that to people?” God does not condemn anyone to the coming punishment. Men choose it themselves by their rebellion and immoral lives. They reap what they sow.

You might say, “I’m a good person”, but you don’t understand. God’s concept of “good” goes far beyond any fact that you might have a nice personality, or that you don’t smoke or do drugs, or that you aren’t biased against minorities, or that you don’t lie, cheat. or steal. That IS NOT the criteria for entry to God’s family. Doing good or refraining from the bad is meritorious and that is what people of God, I.E., Christians, should observe, but those observances can only be relevant if one first commits to a sincere repentance and sets out to fully have faith and trust in Jesus and His death and resurrection. Jesus paid your penalty for sin and then rose from the dead to prove His reality and grant you everlasting life on that new Earth. It is NOT performance of good deeds or the abstinence from the wrong that is the criteria. It is ONLY the faith and trust in Jesus and what He did for us, and what He will do. When that prerequisite is established, then the good deeds and abstinence is expected by, and accredited to us, by the Lord.

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For truth, justice, God’s morality, honor, and the original American way,
The Word Guru

I desire rational and constructive comments and intelligent debate, for they are part of a necessary educational and enlightenment process. Please visit the comment section at the bottom of this page and follow the guidelines for legitimate response.

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