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If Corporations can be classified as “People”, can people be corporations?

Ms. Rampell takes a seemingly ludicrous position that if the court considers that corporations are “people” and as a result, certain rights should be afforded them that she appears to believe is inappropriate, then individual “people” should be granted the latest liberal rage of disingenuous “equality” by allowing them the identical rights that corporations enjoy. Continue reading

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Another Independence Day & Another Step Closer To Tyranny

As I once again gazed upon last night’s dazzling pyrotechnic display, I was struck by the fact that most of those in the raucous crowd have no clue of how the booms and brilliant spark showers mask the disaster coming upon America. We are rapidly losing the cherished freedom those grandiose fireworks represent. Our government is out of control with maniacal spending, dishonesty, intrusive practices, and absurd policies that curb freedom and encourage debilitating socialism. These things are reprehensible; however, far more detrimental is the moral decay, loss of common sense, and historical ignorance of American citizens. Continue reading

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