If Corporations can be classified as “People”, can people be corporations?

This is a response to a July 24, 2014 Washington Post article, “Corporations are people. So what if people were corporations?” by Catherine Rampell. Link: http://wapo.st/1pRwTdo

Ms. Rampell takes the seemingly ludicrous position that if the court considers that corporations are “people” and as a result, certain rights should be afforded them that she appears to believe is inappropriate, then individual “people” should be granted the latest liberal rage of disingenuous “equality” by allowing them the identical rights that corporations enjoy.

My letter in response:

This article is totally a spoof, right? If not, Ms. Rampell, I suggest that you seek professional help or a serious education in economics and law. Corporations arepeople” because attorneys (people) performed the legal procedures to form them, principals (people) carried out all the effort to establish & fund them, people take on the day-to-day management of them, and amazingly enough, other “people” work to achieve the goals of the enterprise and produce its goods or services.

Without these unique people” there can be no corporation because a corporation is merely a legal organization of people gathered together to achieve a specific goal. A corporation is not a “thing” like a building or an SUV, it is purely a group of “people” working together. It is similar to Church. Most regard a church as a “thing” – a building, but it is actually just a formal gathering of “people” for a specific purpose.

In contrast, first & foremost, individual people cannot become corporations because according to the law (the last tine I checked) the requirement is that it takes at least three people to form such a legal entity; therefore individuals cannot reap any corporate benefits. Moreover, individuals have not invested the huge amounts of time and money it takes to form, finance, and operate  the average corporation, nor have they undertaken the substantial inherent risks associated with such ventures, especially in the few start-up years. In light of these weighty prerequisites, individuals have no right to any corporate benefits. If you truly do not understand this basic outline, then I assume that you are yet another helpless victim of debilitating liberal philosophy.

Ms. Rampell is supposedly turning out economic opinion; however, unless this piece is actually a parody, I have no idea why she can spew this type of economic nonsense. But yet I do have an idea. It’s the new age progressive liberal doctrine of socialist distribution of wealth and property that leads to class warfare and a terribly detrimental lack of initiative for self advancement for a better “quality” of life. This modern “equality” concept is an ominous symptom of a malignant tumor that is significantly undermining the wise and sensible American founding principles and that will ultimately cause the death of the patient.

In addition, I believe that this article is a veiled attack on the “Hobby Lobby” decision in which the court deemed that the people that are, in essence, “Hobby Lobby” may rightly decide what is in the best interests of the corporation and that they can reserve the right to abstain from doing anything that runs counter to the basic ethical principles of the organization. This is basic American freedom. It also represents the salient question, “Do corporations exist for the benefit of the company and its owners or does it exist for the benefit of the employees?”

Our American founding precepts established the free enterprise system that fully supports the capitalist view that businesses are formed for the benefit of the owners, not the employees who are fortunate to accumulate income by the existence of the company. Many progressives will counter with disingenuous arguments about worker oppression or rights violations. Yes, that has happened, but the initial American business concept that I subscribe to, was equitable treatment of employees. But no matter what, if workers don’t like their pay rate or working conditions, the real life, common sense solution is ask for more/better or find another job. Yes, in our complex and expensive society, that is easier said than done, it is the mature alternative.

On a parallel note, the liberals are in a frenzy over the specifics of Hobby Lobby’s quest for freedom which is the refusal to pay for 4 types of birth control (out of 12 types) that have been classified even by our government’s regulatory agency as abortive medicines, not fertilization prevention. Hobby Lobby is against abortion. Simple. They should have the freedom to such a standard in their business health insurance policy. However, liberals are deceptively claiming that Hobby Lobby is following suit with the ludicrously alleged conservative “war on Women” in that they are denying essential health benefits to female employees. This, of course, is an outlandish subterfuge to further their devious immoral agenda. Women are NOT being denied anything they cannot easily and inexpensively purchase on their own anytime and anywhere they choose. They have the right of “choice”.

Another aspect that elevates liberal blood pressure is the religious ingredient in the mix. Religious beliefs are a sacrilege in the temple of liberalism; therefore, anything concerning religious freedom will be fought with great intensity and abject deception. However, what these immoral crusaders ignore or fail to acknowledge, is that it is not a specifically “religious” issue. It is primarily a moral and ethical argument that is supported by our American founding concepts. I suppose it simply boils down to the fact that liberals, not content with the often reprehensible misinterpretation of our constitution, are in reality, dedicated to a complete remodeling of that essential model of proper societal function.

For advanced enlightenment on these issues, I recommend reading Ayn Rand’s excellent and prescient novel, “Atlas Shrugged” for a startling view of the tragic scenario that these liberal progressive philosophies would create. I also highly advise studying some very accurate American history found in the inexpensive paperback biography by Fawn M. Brody, “Thomas Jefferson, an Intimate History”. Jefferson was a prolific writer and Ms. Brodie employs many of his well preserved letters to paint a precise and elaborate portrait of the true patriot and prime architect of the American establishment.  Both of these fine works can be purchased on-line at Alibris Books. The link for the Jefferson treatise is: http://bit.ly/wc7DiW

I also suggest reviewing the extensive list of many articles in the right hand column for advocacy on a wide range of issues.

For truth, justice, God’s morality, honor, and the original American way,
The Word Guru

I desire rational and constructive comments and intelligent debate, for they are part of a necessary educational and enlightenment process. Please visit the comment section at the bottom of this page and follow the guidelines for legitimate response.


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