Black Leadership perpetuates American Racism Problems

A bare-knuckle, brutally honest response to Katrina vanden Heuvel’s 16 December Washington Post article entitled, “Fixing a broken justice system”. Article link:

Beware, if you cannot face reality, then forget perusing this piece.

Wake up Katrina, it’s NOT the justice system that is broken, it is the Black community. They are callously blinded and led astray by leadership like that of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who refuse to acknowledge reality that the original racism against Blacks was abandoned by the American majority long ago. MLK’s reputable and honorable civil rights activism brought about positive change that began ages ago with Thomas Jefferson’s legislative attempts to abolish slavery 60 years prior to the Civil War. However, the negative activism of the dynamic, but devious Jackson & Sharpton is diametrically opposed to the honor of Martin Luther King.

We now have a reprehensible crusade fomenting reverse racism and class warfare that will only bring chaos & social disease rather than welcome change. We are witnessing a Black leadership whose operational method is based on promoting their own welfare and political power, not the welfare of the Black community. Moreover, we have an African-American president who has done nothing to advance the welfare of his people other than spew class warfare rhetoric and magnanimously burden his people (as well as everyone else) with a health care disaster that has doubled, and in some cases, tripled the monthly health insurance premiums for most of those who seriously need financial relief.

In addition, this post MLK era has become a scenario where any backlash against Blacks is primarily based upon their statistical behavior, not the history of slavery and its ignominious resultant hatreds. We now have Jackson & Sharpton promoting a head-in-the-sand attitude of denial. The Black community, overall, is reaping what they have sowed since the MLK & JFK racial revolution of the ‘60’s. They have earned the modern era bias against them because of their high crime rate and tendency toward violence instead of peace like their ignored hero, Martin Luther King. Black poverty and hardship IS NOT the result of White repression, it is the direct result of the breakdown of Black families and irresponsible and anti-social behavior by many of them, especially the young men.

The Policemen are forced to react to a war-time scenario whenever they enter Black communities. It is a seriously threatening environment of hatred and racism. Overall, these officers are human beings with concerns and fear like everyone else. They need to act with concern for their own families and self-preservation. Death in the line-of duty is a continual brutal fact of life when dealing with Blacks. Society cannot over-react to police response in this hostile arena. They must acct according to fear of statistical possible harm to their person when confronting Black offenders. It’s time for Blacks to “man-up” to their faults and finally adhere to reality, face the blatant, honest truth of their self-made crisis, abandon their racism against Whites, and return to productive activism in the spirit of the honorable Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy. Marching in the streets of New York chanting “death to police” is not the path to racial equality.

Just like drug addicts or alcoholics must own up to their self-abuse reality before healing can occur, Blacks must forsake the “blame-it-all-on-the whites” propaganda and the broken justice system subterfuge before real change can occur. They must begin the long process of restructuring their own household to rebuild the respect of society that other races like Asians have successfully done. The childish blame game must end in order for the Black community to mature and become productive citizens for the good of America. Many Blacks have done so, but for their honorable efforts, they have been denigrated as “Uncle Toms” or sell-outs to the Whites. These ridiculous and counter-productive excuses for rebellion only exacerbate the problems. Like the sarcastic, but salient phrase, “Get over it!” that Don Henley croons in the opening cut on the Eagles, “Hell freezes over” album, African Americans need to apply those telling words to themselves when crying and weeping about a racism that remains alive only by the cavalier revivalism of Jackson and Sharpton. To the outrageous degrading detriment to the Black community, they diligently, but criminally perpetuate their self-interest and sham leadership by the never-ending flogging of the proverbial “dead horse” of colonial slavery prejudice. When can we finally reverse this sad American tragedy?

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For truth, justice, God’s morality, honor, and the original American way,
The Word Guru

I desire rational and constructive comments and intelligent debate, for they are part of a necessary educational and enlightenment process. Please visit the comment section at the bottom of this page and follow the guidelines for legitimate response.

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