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Common Sense Evaporates and I.Q.s Drop in Akin Furor

It appears that the emotional drama of our political scenario is breeding blindness and erroneous accusations on yet another front. Both Michael Gerson and Kathleen Parker, in Washington Post articles, seem to be losing perspective in the guise of informed opinion. ….but the point is that Akin was not, at all, diminishing the brutality of rape, he was simply qualifying the origin and validity. Continue reading

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Christians need to adopt a Christ-like position on abortion

Too many of you shallow Christians, sincerely, but erroneously believing you need to pronounce judgment, are blowing out knee-jerk reactions based on thoughtless, heartless, and oppressive religious party lines …. It is meritorious to take a stand for righteousness and preserve morality in our nation, but it is time to get realistic about what Jesus really wants …. Continue reading

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