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American Founder’s quotes on God, Jesus, and Christianity

It is appalling to realize that a sizeable number of U.S. citizens are significantly ignorant of American history and our founding principles. Our great nation was established based on sound Biblical precepts of morality, freedom, & justice. However, these uniformed … Continue reading

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Scientific Reasoning in support of God’s creative Hand in the Universe and Humanity

Modern scientists and their ardent followers engage in clever and devious obfuscation of the facts to mislead those willing to be hooked and led by the nose. Supposedly learned & wise men wearing the white smock of science, have degenerated into black-cloaked folly while continuing to label it science. They make a mockery of their honorable predecessors like Newton, Copernicus, Galileo, Kelvin, Bacon, Kepler, Faraday, and Einstein. Therefore, … I will explore the different sciences and their relation to God’s plan.
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Indie Day Fireworks Blaze while American Freedom Erodes

As I gazed last night upon the bombastic display of the identical pyrotechnics I have watched for the last 30 years, I was struck by the fact that most of the viewers had no clue of how the dazzling light … Continue reading

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Preparation for the ‘Last Days’ – A Primer for Christian Commitment, Spiritual Warfare, & Political Involvement

The reality of war is a stark and horrifying historical tradition of Man. It is embraced by many and condemned by a similar number, but will likely haunt us forever. For those in arms, it is enduring the necessary, brutal, and arduous moments of terror laced with seemingly endless rigors or the boredom of a Spartan existence awaiting the next adrenalin rush. And each one of these warriors has his moment alone with the burning question, “Will tomorrow be my last day?”

And so it is with many Christians fascinated by the “last days” predictions of horror coming upon mankind with monstrous battles between nations interlaced with intervention by the supernatural. When will be the “last day” and the tribulation leading to it? What must a Christian do to be prepared? Continue reading

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Homosexual Moral Dilemma – Gays Wrestling With Christianity

The gay marriage issue is a monumental and complex issue for our age. It begs a solution that, so far, neither side of the debate seems willing to accept. I agree with the Apostle Paul’s Holy Spirit inspired words in Romans chapter one that Homosexuality is wrong, but I, and all Christians, must remember that all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God. We all had to ask for our sins to be forgiven to enter into God’s family. Therefore, because we all stand or fall on what we do in our personal relationship with Jesus, the spirit of understanding and compassion must be extended to homosexuals. Each of us must make our own decisions on what we will do, or not do, to please our Lord. Continue reading

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Christians need to adopt a Christ-like position on abortion

Too many of you shallow Christians, sincerely, but erroneously believing you need to pronounce judgment, are blowing out knee-jerk reactions based on thoughtless, heartless, and oppressive religious party lines …. It is meritorious to take a stand for righteousness and preserve morality in our nation, but it is time to get realistic about what Jesus really wants …. Continue reading

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America in Peril: immorality runs rampant while the church slumbers

America has a bigger problem than the exploding immorality. America has a church on nearly every corner, but when one considers the pathetic state of our society, what good have those churches done. There is obviously something wrong in that those pew warmers within those churches have done little to stem the tsunami of immorality flooding our nation. Continue reading

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