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Another Independence Day & Another Step Closer To Tyranny

As I once again gazed upon last night’s dazzling pyrotechnic display, I was struck by the fact that most of those in the raucous crowd have no clue of how the booms and brilliant spark showers mask the disaster coming upon America. We are rapidly losing the cherished freedom those grandiose fireworks represent. Our government is out of control with maniacal spending, dishonesty, intrusive practices, and absurd policies that curb freedom and encourage debilitating socialism. These things are reprehensible; however, far more detrimental is the moral decay, loss of common sense, and historical ignorance of American citizens. Continue reading

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America’s Dangerous Romance With “Thought Police” Mentality

This is a response to a June 2nd Washington Post article by Amanda Bennett entitled, “Snapchat CEO’s e-mails show need to confront misogyny”. Link: Very good Amanda, you aptly said: “People have a right to think, and in fact … Continue reading

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The New Face of the Once Admirable American Racial Equality Crusade

Racial equality in America has taken on an ominous new meaning and method of achieving it. The once meritorious goal of leveling the field for all, has undergone a gruesome mutation; we have created a monster. Please prepare yourself. This … Continue reading

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Appalling Ignorance of American History

This reply to a May 2012 comment by Michael E. Herman concerning my introduction page content is so pathetically belated that it is nearly posthumous; however, guilty though I am, because this type of comment is in such unfortunate current … Continue reading

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