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Another Independence Day & Another Step Closer To Tyranny

As I once again gazed upon last night’s dazzling pyrotechnic display, I was struck by the fact that most of those in the raucous crowd have no clue of how the booms and brilliant spark showers mask the disaster coming upon America. We are rapidly losing the cherished freedom those grandiose fireworks represent. Our government is out of control with maniacal spending, dishonesty, intrusive practices, and absurd policies that curb freedom and encourage debilitating socialism. These things are reprehensible; however, far more detrimental is the moral decay, loss of common sense, and historical ignorance of American citizens. Continue reading

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Preparation for the ‘Last Days’ – A Primer for Christian Commitment, Spiritual Warfare, & Political Involvement

The reality of war is a stark and horrifying historical tradition of Man. It is embraced by many and condemned by a similar number, but will likely haunt us forever. For those in arms, it is enduring the necessary, brutal, and arduous moments of terror laced with seemingly endless rigors or the boredom of a Spartan existence awaiting the next adrenalin rush. And each one of these warriors has his moment alone with the burning question, “Will tomorrow be my last day?”

And so it is with many Christians fascinated by the “last days” predictions of horror coming upon mankind with monstrous battles between nations interlaced with intervention by the supernatural. When will be the “last day” and the tribulation leading to it? What must a Christian do to be prepared? Continue reading

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Christians need to adopt a Christ-like position on abortion

Too many of you shallow Christians, sincerely, but erroneously believing you need to pronounce judgment, are blowing out knee-jerk reactions based on thoughtless, heartless, and oppressive religious party lines …. It is meritorious to take a stand for righteousness and preserve morality in our nation, but it is time to get realistic about what Jesus really wants …. Continue reading

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Who was, and is, Jesus? Heretical pontification for the mainstream church?

Who was, and is, Jesus? Why should we know exzctly who He is? What does He expect of us”We do have the power to be like Jesus; He showed us how, but most do not believe this because it appears that this view denies the deity of Christ, yet Jesus denied His own deity for the sake of bringing mankind to salvation… Continue reading

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