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If Corporations can be classified as “People”, can people be corporations?

Ms. Rampell takes a seemingly ludicrous position that if the court considers that corporations are “people” and as a result, certain rights should be afforded them that she appears to believe is inappropriate, then individual “people” should be granted the latest liberal rage of disingenuous “equality” by allowing them the identical rights that corporations enjoy. Continue reading

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American Founder’s quotes on God, Jesus, and Christianity

It is appalling to realize that a sizeable number of U.S. citizens are significantly ignorant of American history and our founding principles. Our great nation was established based on sound Biblical precepts of morality, freedom, & justice. However, these uniformed … Continue reading

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Appalling Ignorance of American History

This reply to a May 2012 comment by Michael E. Herman concerning my introduction page content is so pathetically belated that it is nearly posthumous; however, guilty though I am, because this type of comment is in such unfortunate current … Continue reading

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