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If Corporations can be classified as “People”, can people be corporations?

Ms. Rampell takes a seemingly ludicrous position that if the court considers that corporations are “people” and as a result, certain rights should be afforded them that she appears to believe is inappropriate, then individual “people” should be granted the latest liberal rage of disingenuous “equality” by allowing them the identical rights that corporations enjoy. Continue reading

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Sympathy for Jailed Marine vs. Quest for Truth

…the last thing I want is one our brave Marines enduring the humiliation of Mexican jail time. However, though my emotions and sympathy is strong for Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, I cannot ignore my equal dedication to truth and honor. The Fox news coverage of this sad saga is terribly distorted and borders on brash and deliberate deception. I can well understand a media blitz to build support for Andrew’s release and I usually support Fox News, but there is far too much reality omitted and ignored, while only a narrow range of deceptive facts are being sold on the cable line. Continue reading

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Donald Sterling, Racist or Victim of Irresponsible Media Manipulation?

The following piece is my “knee-jerk” reaction to an April 26, 2014 Washington Post article by Cindy Boren entitled, “Why Adam Silver and the NBA aren’t doing anything about Donald Sterling – – yet”.  Article link: This report along … Continue reading

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